Wood and Resin Table

Wood and Resin Table Which is Beautiful

You like a unique and elegant table, so you can choose wood and resin tables. 

The types of wood and resin colors that you can choose vary widely. It’s not only good in terms of aesthetics, but you can still use it as it should. 

There are even some wood and resin tables that can be used as dining tables. You can find out several types of wood and resin tables here.

Black Epoxy Coffee Table

You like dark colors for a coffee table and still want a natural impression, so you can buy a black epoxy coffee table. The combination of these two components forms a very beautiful aesthetic. 

You will be able to see natural-looking wood grain streaks combined with modernity in the form of epoxy resin. 

This table still has a bottom made of steel, so it is sturdy and corrosion-resistant. The type of wood used is olive wood.

Clear Epoxy Wood Table

Epoxy resin basically has no color, aka transparency. There are also many enthusiasts of the combination of wooden tables with clear colored epoxy. 

This table can give a spacious impression to the room, because there are parts that are transparent, thus creating an optical illusion. 

The wood parts can be oak, maple, walnut, and olive tree. Regarding wood usually depends on consumer interest. 

The table legs are also usually made of steel or metal which has been coated with anti-corrosion. You can get most of these types of tables for over US $ 3000.

Epoxy Table Color Variations

Wood and Resin Table can be either oval or round. This can give a different impression aesthetically. 

It’s just that it involves more complicated manufacturing techniques than normal shapes in the form of rectangles or squares. That is what makes the selling price expensive.