Wood tones matching: mixing light and dark wood

How to combine different types of wood tones at home

The advantage of wood species fits into every living style and every house.

Therefore, it is not surprising that wood is one of the most popular materials in your interior. Wood comes in many different types, From dark tropical hardwood to light birch wood.

Wood gives the room more warmth, a natural atmosphere, and a robust look, especially unfinished. In addition, wood is solid and can last a lifetime.

What material can be used anywhere in the house?

There is a wooden dining table in the living room or kitchen, a wooden desk in the study, a wooden bed frame in the bedroom, a wooden staircase in the hall, wooden decking in the garden, and a wooden floor.

Mix match Wood tones in the house

It gives a nice, warm, and above all-natural base. Moreover, it can take a beating, it is inviting, and it lasts a long time. Wood on wood can also be gorgeous! We will tell you how you can combine other types of wood.

The types of wood

There are two categories of wood: hardwood (wood from deciduous trees) and softwood. Hardwood grows more slowly than conifers and is therefore not only harder but also more durable.

1. Oak wood

Oak wood consists of various shades, from dark brown to yellow-brown.

Oak is easy to work with and can be stained, lacquered, oiled, and smoked. It does not rot easily, so the oak is also suitable for outdoors and furniture and floors.

2. Elm wood

Elm wood is tougher, firmer, and lighter than oak.

This type of wood is usually dark brown or light brown. It is easy to work with and is often used for interior furniture.

By processing elm wood with oil, the different color nuances come to the fore.

3. Ash wood

This is a tough, strong type of wood and has a light brown to brown color.

Ash wood is often used for floors and furniture.

4. Mahogany

This wood gives your interior a warm look. It often has a salmon pink or reddish-brown with golden hues.

That is why mahogany is often used for furniture. Mahogany is heavy, firm, and soft.

5. Wenge wood

The strong wood is light brown when freshly cut, and It gets darker after that.

Wenge is suitable for floors and furniture.

Types of coniferous wood

1. Pine wood

Pine wood with a fine grain and is very soft, making it easy to work with.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It is affordable but not very durable.

2. Spruce

It is one of the most commonly used types of wood, and this wood comes from Norway spruce, a tree in the pine family.

The wood is light in color and does not weigh much. It can be easily worked and easily oiled, painted, or stained.

When treated, spruce lasts longer. It is also very affordable.

What makes wooden furniture and floors stay beautiful for longer

By properly maintaining your wooden furniture and floors, they will last longer.

Which type of maintenance product you need depends on the type of wood and how the wood has been treated, such as oil, paint, or stain.

How to make wooden items look good for longer?

Wooden floor

Regular sweeping and vacuuming are the first step. Choose a vacuum cleaner with soft wheels and a soft suction head.

This will not damage the floor. Stick felt pads under the table and chair legs to prevent them from scratching the floor.

Clean the floor with a mop, a little water, and possibly a suitable cleaning agent.

Wooden furniture

Wood species react differently to factors such as moisture, heat, and sunlight. Is the room in your house too dry? Then place containers of water on the radiator.

What if the room is too humid?

Then place moisture absorbers. Keep the temperature in the house as constant as possible and avoid too much sunlight shining on the wood. This can discolor wood.

Slightly wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly afterward.

When you treat the wooden furniture with linseed oil, you protect it against moisture and prevent it from drying out.

You can wipe stained furniture with beeswax for a beautiful, natural shine.

Mix & match different types of wood with each other

You don’t have to choose the same kind of wood. It’s fun to combine different shades of wood with each other.

Many people with a wooden floor do not dare to choose wooden furniture because they are afraid it will become too much wood.

But you don’t have to be afraid of that at all. Different types of wood combined to bring an elegant, natural atmosphere to your home, which, depending on your interior, can look modern, sleek, or classic.

Let the undertone of the woods match

The different types of wood must match each other in terms of undertone. It doesn’t matter if one type of wood is untreated and the other sanded.

The important thing is that they blend well in the undertone.

For example, wooden furniture with a warm tone does not fit well with a light wooden floor. This is because a light floor often has a cool character.

It is nice to combine a light wooden floor with dark, weathered wooden furniture. This gives a nice contrasting effect.

You can also combine types of wood that are finished differently, for example, lacquered and stained. This creates an elegant contrast.

Balance the wood species

You can balance different types of wood by placing a rug on the floor that matches the colors of the interior. The carpet ensures that the types of wood flow into each other nicely.

Note the wood grains

Each wood has a different grain structure. Choose woods that are similar in grain structure and try to match them. Place the grains side by side to see if they match.

Choose three types of finishes

Too many different finishes of wood make your interior untidy and cluttered. Therefore, choose a maximum of three types of wood finishes; this ensures that your interior remains in balance.

Keep your color palette calm

If you have several wooden items in your house, you must have a quiet base. For example, go for neutral, light tones on the wall.

To enhance the natural effect of wood, you can combine wooden furniture with other natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, and sisal.

Do you want it a little more daring? Then choose bright color curtains, cushions, plaids, and home accessories. Wood combines well with all colors.

Make it exciting with other materials

Wood goes with all kinds of materials. A wooden floor, for example, matches nicely with a steel door or an item made of metal or concrete; it gives the room an industrial character.

Do you want to give the room more softness?

Then choose soft materials such as wool, felt, cotton and linen. For example, put a sheepskin on the floor.

Provide a calm base

Make sure that the colors you choose appear in different places next to the wood.

This way, you can have the color of the cushions reflected in the carpet or the chairs. This way, you form a whole.

Do you have the feeling that the two types of wood don’t go well together?

Then choose to paint one of the two. A white wooden dining table or sideboard is also beautiful!

The most popular wooden furniture

Side tables: Instead of a large wooden coffee table, place several small wooden tables, such as a stool, bench, and round table.

This is how you apply the rule of three: it looks playful and gives a casual wink to your interior.

Tree trunks: A thick variant tree trunk is nice as a stool or plant table, while a tree trunk disc is also very nice to display vases or candles.

Pallets: pallets that you attach so that you can turn them into a bed frame, table, or sofa. The wooden pallets give your interior a raw and robust character.

Doors: A door made of wood creates unity with the floor and wall.

Floor: A wooden floor is beautiful and has many advantages because it is timeless and durable (lasts a very long time and only becomes more beautiful with age), provides warmth and atmosphere in the room, and is easy to maintain.

Combine Industrial style wood tones

For an industrial style of living, you choose robust, raw woods.

Unfinished or with visible user sports, it doesn’t matter because it emphasizes the rugged style.

To enhance the robust atmosphere, you use materials such as metal and leather.

Scandinavian style with white tones

A light wooden floor (hello, herringbone) combined with white and light pastel shades provide a beautiful basis in Scandinavian style.

Make it cozy with soft furs, chunky throws, and simple accessories.

Rural style with original wood color tones

In the rural living style, you see different types of wood.

The classic wooden sideboard in the kitchen, a wooden dining table bench, a dining table made of wood, a wooden bed, or an elegant wooden cabinet all fit with a rural interior.

Keep the furniture in its original wood color or paint it white.

Do you want more wood in your interior?

Be inspired by these warm, atmospheric wooden items and look at other trend materials such as cardboard, recycled plastic, linen, and plush.

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