concept of minimalism

What Is the Minimalist Style Design Principles : Concept Of Minimalism We can all appreciate every design style for the art form that it is. Talking all about minimalism, why it’s popular, how to get it, concepts for incorporating it into your home no matter your style. What is minimalism? What are the concepts behind …

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Small Space Mistakes

Solving Small Space Mistakes In Easy Ways What are the typical big mistakes in tiny spaces? It starts with furniture, the wrong scale, insufficient lighting, or dismal lighting, not maximizing your vertical surfaces. How heavy or dark window treatments are The wrong color palette, and the last is tiny carpets. Dealing in a tiny space, …

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Varieties of Maple Lumber

The Varieties of Maple Lumber Maple trees are some of my favorite wood for Woodworking. You probably even have one in your front yard, maybe in your neighborhood. The prevalent ornamental trees are very slow growing can get very large. So I wanted to talk about other types of variation that you can see in …

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Types of Storage Benches

Types of Storage Benches that Fit With Different Locations at Home Storage benches are one of the most important elements at your home that will help you to arrange and store things neatly.  There are several types of storage benches that you can employ in different locations at home.  Generally, different things need to be …

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