Wood Types

Varieties of Maple Lumber

The Varieties of Maple Lumber Maple trees are some of my favorite wood for Woodworking. You probably even have one in your front yard, maybe in your neighborhood. The prevalent ornamental trees are very slow growing can get very large. So I wanted to talk about other types of variation that you can see in …

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Reclaimed Wood Style

The Applications On Reclaimed Wood Style Furnitures You Need To Know Whispers and echoes of the past make reclaimed lumber (or reclaimed woods) look beautifully aged and unique.  People all over the world have used these high-quality “upcycled” woods for furnitures in their houses. In this article, we’re going to look at the applications of …

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Beech Wood

10 Facts about Beech Wood Furniture You Have to Know! Nowadays, wood furniture becomes very popular and trending, including beech wood furniture.  People choose wood furniture because of its natural beauty of each type of wood that makes a different look for your home.  Moreover, it is a perfect choice for you who want to …

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Acacia Woods

All About Acacia Woods You Need To Know Wondering if Acacia woods are also suitable for furnitures?  Check this article out along with the definitions, strengths, and many other more of the Acacia woods: • The Definition Of Acacia Woods Acacia woods belong to the hardwood species that are derived from the tree families in …

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