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As a leading furniture manufacturer, Adinata Furniture is highly experienced in manufacturing and distributing high-quality solid wood industrial furniture domestically and overseas.  Stick tight to minimalism and practicality which becomes the characteristics of solid wood industrial furniture style, you can find a wide range of furniture here starting from home furniture to arts for decoration. 

With years of experience in this industry, we cope with trend shifts and provide furniture design that not goes out of style. With years of experience in this industry, we cope with trend shifts and provide furniture design that not goes out of style.

Solid Wood Industrial furniture

The uniqueness of industrial furniture we have is actually because it is made from the best quality of solid wood materials offering long-lasting use. The furniture is made from a few single pieces of wood which are glued together to form panels. Then, the wood panels are combined with specific materials like metal or iron to achieve the industrial look.

Suar Wood Slab With Resin Epoxy

We produce many beautiful suar wood slabs with resin epoxy tables in our own manufactures to bring a natural feel to any space at your home. All of our suar wood furniture comes in various kinds of natural colors and textures. Every single piece of the natural wood slab may contain grains or cracks on its nature, not a defect that makes it look unique.
The surface character brought by each suar wood slab through its grains and color is actually unparalleled. Among suar wood slabs with resin epoxy products offered, dark suar wood slab paired with blue river epoxy resin in the middle and metal legs suit well to any industrial home design.

Teak Wood Slab With Resin Epoxy

Not only suar wood slabs, but our teak wood slab products are also highly demanded. We create various styles of a teak wood slab with resin epoxy that look appealing and match any home decors. 

The combination of high-durability teak and smooth resin epoxy worth having. There are various teak wood slab products available in our place.
Even your kitchen deserves to get our teak products. 

Either it is a teak slab with a blue epoxy resin bar console or a teak coffee table with epoxy resin, it will never fail to bring a natural ambiance when you enjoy a meal at home.

Suar Wood Slab Shelves

The natural beauty of suar wood slabs also can be obtained from our various options of a shelf. 

Our shelving products stick tight to the natural lines of rain trees which is effective to present natural atmosphere as well as making any room feel warmer.

Our suar wood slab shelf provides plenty of storage for different kinds of use. You are able to keep your collection of books here. 

Besides, all your decorating accessories look appealing to be displayed inside. 

You even can put this suar wood shelf into your kitchen. Placing cooking tools and spices into this shelf will make your cooking area more organized.

Custom Table legs From Iron

The accent of table works well to make any room more interesting. That’s why we offer custom table legs from iron to insert industrial look and feel to our home. 

The industrial look is identical with iron material. We will help you to get a natural-looking table with iron table legs that match with your style.

Scroll through industrial design tables to find table options with forged iron legs to wrought iron legs. 

If you want to get your own style, just tell us the design because we can visualize it to you as we provide services to create custom table legs from iron for any industrial space.

Custom Table Tops

The industrial design tables have become one of our best products. Besides of wide variety of solid wood industrial tables we provide, customers’ satisfaction is our priority. Hence, we help them to get type of table based on their needs. 

With Adinata Furniture, we can discuss the design you prefer, and we will make the perfect custom table tops for you. 

Either it is a great table for dining or smaller coffee tables for any corner of your home, you will get your dream one. 

Any industrial table like the one preserving its natural look from the original slab to the one that has been paired with resin epoxy beautifully can be obtained here.

Art & Craft

Want to add industrial charm to your home, we provide countless options for industrial art and craft. Starting from various displays to functional items that give unique look, it’s all available for you. 

For instance, there are numerous industrial lamps including, industrial pipe floor lamps and custom string lamps. There are also metal industrial monograms if you want to make words display as a focal point in any room. 

Geometric wood wall art or wall hanging gear can be great items to displays if you want to bring both a modern and rustic feel to any room. Concrete candleholders are even effective to add dimness to your home in a special way.

Furniture By style

We come with a range of furniture that matches any style, from traditional to contemporary. Furniture made from solid wood is completely versatile so that it goes along well with any style of home. 

Even industrial furniture here is available in different industrial trends. Our solid wood slab tables with their natural texture as an example best represent a vintage industrial style that highlights rawness and roughness.

Meanwhile, shelf products that combine solid wood and old pipes can be a great addition to any space applied to urban industrial style. If you want to get a more modern look, you can hang light wire globes so that your high ceiling looks more dramatic.

Furniture By Room Type

Room, where it will be placed, becomes the main consideration when someone looks for furniture. Still use solid wood as the main material, we provide a huge number of furniture that matches well with every room at your house. 

Solid wood dining table sets are perfect to create a warm atmosphere in the dining area. You even can discover many seats from solid wood for your living room or family room.

A Wrought iron bed is great if you want to design a unique bedroom. It is not only durable but also gives rustic and industrial appeal. Not to mention if you add metal chairs and lamps in the bedroom as complements.

Wood Floor Parquet & Decking

Not only furniture, but you also can relay your flooring needs to us. We offer various choices of wood floor parquet and decking that help to add a classic and contemporary look to traditional or modern design homes. 

Even when you want to present an industrial atmosphere, our solid wood parquet can do that. 

Our wood floor parquet and decking which expose its natural textures and knots add a warm feeling wherever they are installed as well as provide significant contrast to metallic elements in the room. 

Moreover, if you use rugs to complement the floor parquet, you will obtain a bold statement about your industrial home.

Furniture Design Inspiration

Adinata Furniture is not only the top furniture manufacture in Bali, Indonesia but you also can get myriad furniture design inspiration here. 

Either you want to look for furniture that suits any interior design to a single piece of furniture that can be placed in every room at your house, it is the right place to stop by.

The unique design of furniture in this place that combines traditional material and clean lines frames is worth placing in any home to improve its charm. 

Your inspiration for furniture design even can be realized as we also make custom furniture based on customers’ orders.

Worldwide Online Furniture Stores

We offer customers a comfortable shopping experience through our worldwide online furniture stores. Our furniture is widely known for its quality and unique design both domestically and abroad. 

More satisfyingly, all furniture in our store is available at affordable prices. Even the ones that are made according to customers’ needs and preferences.
You not only can find various pieces of furniture, a wide range of home decorations that complement any space are provided too. 

With the combination of high-quality furniture and satisfying prices, not surprising if people relay their furniture choices to us. We also guarantee furniture your purchase will be shipped properly so that it arrives at your doorsteps safely.

More Furniture Option to choose

If you get stuck to find your preferred furniture, then try to visit our online store for more furniture options to choose. Find various furniture with classic design to contemporary design to improve your home indoor appearance.

No worries about facing limited choices because you can get any single furniture you crave anytime you want with us. 

Get ideas from our available furniture, then develop a furniture design based on your preference and needs. Discuss with us and we will make it comes true.