Basic Woodworking Tools for Beginners

Basic Woodworking Tools for Beginners That You Must Know and Have

Woodworking is one of the oldest professions. In ancient time, people used more wood due to easy to find and available anywhere. Since that time, they created and produced many things. 

In modern era, this work has significant development especially tools and techniques. You want to learn more about this skill. In that case, you must know basic woodworking tools for beginners.

The problem is people will withdraw immediately after seeing how many tool they must prepare. In fact, the best ones will be significantly useful to sharp your skill and product. 

In general, the tools for woodworking can be categorized into five sections. They are cutting, finishing, assemble, measuring, and additional. 

To know more about them, check the following section.

Cutting Tools

The first thing you must have is cutting tools. It is still vague term because you will think about saw.

At the store, you want to but saw but find the various types. Some of them are useful for basic woodworking tools for beginners. The list will be at the following section.

Table Saw

You need to invest more on table saw. It is fixed tool that can cut almost anything. You buy alongside the table if choose the fixed layout. 

On the other hand, some variations are available where you can move around even only bring the blade.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Woodworking uses small saw that can cut in tight angle. You place the wood and push the blade directly. As alternative, you let the blade to make certain cut. 

It is practical tool called miter saw with various design but main functions are relative similar.

Scroll Saw

With scroll saw, you may cut the lumber into curve. The function is quite similar with miter saw but specific. 

If the work requires particular cut, make sure the scroll saw is ready. You can invest more with the best product.

Circular Saw

Circular saw is the tool to make cutting with straight line. This one is necessary when you have several long lumbers but want short and small pieces. 

The tool requires hand to push and cut. You can replace the blade with several sizes.

Jig Saw

Miter saw utilizes rotary movement to cut. It is similar with circular saw when the blade resembles gear machine. 

On the contrary, jib saw is the tool that cut through wood with vertical movement. It is up and down until you cut into certain line.

Band Saw

You see the table with clean cut with smooth curve. The carpenter has band saw. It uses long blade that will strike and cut with vertical movement. 

You place a piece of wood with your design. After that, you move the wood alongside the design and let the saw statically do the cutting directly.

Hand saw

You may have limited budget to buy all saws that have been listed above. However, you cannot forget the most important one. 

It is the handsaw. You use hand to grasp and grip the handle then push forward and backward to do the cutting. It is manual saw that is capable to replace some machinery.

Finishing Tools

After you have tools to handle cutting jobs, the next basic woodworking tools for beginners are for finishing. You have lumber and cut into small pieces based on your needs. 

Even though they are already processed wood, you still require tool to smoothen the surface. With the proper ones, your product or furniture will look excellent and high quality.

Random Orbital Sander

The orbital sander is common tool that most carpenters have. It can smoothed the lumber with high precision. 

It has compact size that you can grasp and put into the surface directly. Choose the one with more flexibility so that you only use one for various jobs.

Handheld Belt Sander

The next tool for finishing is handheld belt sander. You can smoothen the tight spot with this one. Moreover, it is easy to use because easy to push and pull. Moreover, you can use this one to smoothen your carving.

Thickness Planer

You need to adjust the surface with the same thickness. For such work, the tool is called thickness planer. As usual, you get the best due to it is useful in almost woodworking job.

Plunge router with router table attachments/accessories

While cutting, you must put the lumber in the right firm. The tool to maintain the position is plunge router. This one is optional but a beginner should have if the task is specific.


You use chisel to do carving. This one is tool with long metal and sharpens side on the top edge. It can carve through the wood with hammer or millet.

Assemble Tools

You already cut all pieces. It is time to assemble. Finishing or smoothing the wood can be done before, after, and while you assemble. The next list show basic woodworking tools for beginners you must have for assembling task.


Drill or power drill is device to create a hole for nails. This one uses handheld design so that you can drilling the wood easily. You can use corded or cordless mode. The most recommended is corded drill due to voltage stability.


The jointer will create flat surface. It can be tool for finishing and assembling. You need the board or wood with the right edge before joining with the rest. This one will do the task properly.


Clamps have several designs and modes. The basic function is to hold certain edge or side so that you can do the work on the other side. When you need the board to be static and firm, you lock into the clamp.


Drill creates a hole for nails and screw. To make sure screw is installed properly, you need the screwdriver. This one is manual tool, but you should try screw gun. Usually, power drill and screw gun is the single tool. You only replace the pointer.


The tool that you always see in woodworking workshop is hammer. This one has various size depending on how much power you need. For wood, you just buy the regular or standard one. 

All-purpose hammer is more flexible to handle many tasks. After you have experience, buying others.

Rubber Mallet

Mallet is the tool that looks like hammer but less rigid. It has rubber head so that you do not receive extreme shock. With this one, you can control the force specially when using chisel. 

Moreover, it is useful when you must put nails slowly before firming with the hammer.

Utility Knives

While assembling, you can carry utility knives. This one is available as set when you buying at the store. They can cut and slice small thing that saw cannot do. The tool is very practical.

Measuring Tools

Woodworking job requires precision. You measure and calculate everything before cutting. You need more that tape measures. Some tools will be listed at the following section.

Layout Square

Layout square is the tool you must have as carpenter. The price is affordable even cheaper with less maintenance. It is triangle-shape tool with perpendicular angle on the corner and measurement in each side.

Combination Square

You need ruler with fixed head. This tool is combination square. Carpenter and stonemason use this one for their job. The tool is very practical that can be applied directly on the surface.

Digital Caliper

You need the most precision tool to measure the wood. The right one is digital caliper. It has the smallest digit you can get after you put the wood between two holders. 

Beside woodworking and engineering, this caliper is necessary for work that requires precision edge.


Regular ruler is also useful when you need quick measurement. This one is easy to find and definitely cheap. You use it to create simple line drawing.

Tape Measurer

Every carpenter must bring tape measurer. You already know this tool even using daily basis. At store, you find several options and pick one or two with different length.

Level Tool

To make sure you have the flat surface on the wood, you need the level. This one is necessary to apply before smoothing with the sander.

Additional Tools

The next section will enlist basic woodworking tools for beginners to support the main work.

Air Compressor

You need the right push when drilling, adding nails, and installing the screw. For such purposes, you use air compressor.


You invest buying workbench as place where you do all the works. Cutting and finishing should be easy when you use this one. It can hold the lumber and the tools.


Sawhorse is extra tool to old your wood while cutting. It will keep your work steady from both edges. The first task in woodworking is you create sawhorse that is useful to support the next project.

Paint and Finish Sprayer

You use paint and finish sprayer after the woodworking already turns into the furniture such as cabinet, chair, and table. This one has various brands. 

Make sure you buy the paint that is specifically for wood surface.

The Tool Storage System

All tools must be in the right place so that you can find easily. You need storage system to each tools. Each storages are for specific purpose and work. For example, you put all tapes, square, and rulers in the same place.  

The Safety Equipment

The safety is top priority in the woodworking job. It has high risk especially you work with sharp object. To avoid accident and injury, you must have the safety equipment such as protective gear, gloves, mask, and hearing protector.

From above explanation, you know basic woodworking tools for beginners. Adjust the budget and choose the ones with priority list. Each sections provide the basic things you should have.