Rustic Furniture Design

Understanding, Characteristics, How to Care and Advantages Of Rustic Furniture Design

In order for your home to feel at home, then you have to choose the type of design of the house so that you do not feel bored. In addition, the design of the house also determines the model and type of furniture to be used.

One of the unique and classic-looking types of home designs is rustic house design. To do so, you can use rustic or rustic furniture as your home furnishings. Rustic furniture designs is now in demand by people.

Because, in this modern era more and more people use rustic style house models. Yes, many people think that this rustic house is a modern house but still retains the classic style typical of country houses.

What is Rustic Furniture Design?

The design of this rustic or rustic house is indeed one of the designs that is in demand. To make the house look like country houses in ancient times, then you can use this type of rustic furniture.

What is rustic furniture? This rustic furniture is an equipment made of teak wood or clay. So this rustic furniture can emit a classic aura typical of houses in the countryside.

Is There a Difference Between Vintage Furniture Design and Rustic?

The two types of furniture design do have similarities, namely the classic style typical of the 60s to 70s.

It’s just that there is a difference in the selection of color motifs between vintage and rustic furniture designs. For vintage design, this furniture colors motif used looks striking like navy blue, maroon, to dark green.

Meanwhile, for rustic design, the color motif of furniture used is softer and similar to people’s homes in the countryside such as red brick, clay brown, and teak wood brown. So, this rustic furniture retains the natural color of the equipment used.

Here Are The Characteristics of Rustic Furniture

It is quite difficult to distinguish between vintage and rustic furniture design. Because, both give a classic impression.

In order for you to easily distinguish it, then you need to know the characteristics of rustic furniture. 

To do so, here are the characteristics of rustic furniture that you need to know. Among them are the following:

1. Using Old-Looking Wood Materials

Indeed, this rustic furniture design uses teak wood as the main material of furniture. It’s just that this rustic style furniture chooses to use old teak wood material.

Because, the use of this old wood material can bring out the aura typical of the countryside.

2. Use of Natural and Warm-Looking Colors

The use of color from rustic furniture does seem more natural and warm compared to vintage furniture.

This vintage furniture design uses a fairly striking color selection. So, you don’t get me wrong choosing furniture designs for your home.

3. Utilizing Natural Wealth as An Accessory

In addition to putting furniture in a rustic style house, then you can add some natural richness as accessories such as natural rocks to put flowers in one of the rooms.

Thus, the impression of a typical country house is increasingly visible from the placement of natural objects in the corner of the room.

4. Using Used Goods As Accessories

In addition to using materials from nature, you can also use used goods as additional accessories. It’s just that you need to pay attention to the type of secondhand goods that will be used.

To make the used goods look attractive, you’ll need to recycle the used goods and place them in the corner of your home.

How to Take Care of Rustic Furniture

In order for this rustic furniture not to be easily damaged, then you have to understand how to provide care to the furniture.

Because, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of rustic furniture, it can be ensured that the furniture will be easily damaged and broken.

To do so, here are some ways to take care of rustic furniture that you need to understand. Among them are the following:

1. Place Furniture in an Enclosed Room

In order for rustic furniture not to be easily damaged and the color fades, then you are advised to placing it in an enclosed room. The goal is to prevent the furniture from being exposed to direct sunlight.

This sunlight can lead to the fad of the skin and the color of rustic furniture. Therefore, you should be good at placing furniture in the corners of the room.

2. Clean Rustic Furniture Regularly

To prevent furniture from being dirty and dusty, it is mandatory to clean the furniture regularly at least once a week. You can use a cloth and cleaning liquid so that dust and dirt no longer stick to the furniture.

3. Use Anti-Termite and Anti-Fungal Liquid

One of the causes of rustic furniture design is the appearance of termites and fungi. These termites and fungi cause furniture made of wood to appear damaged and easily broken.

Therefore, you are advised to using and apply anti-termite and anti-fungal drugs on furniture legs such as tables, wood, or door.

4. Make Use of Tea Leaves

This tea leaf becomes one of the natural ingredients to maintain the durability of furniture color from wood material. So, so that the color of this rustic furniture is not easily fad.

Then, please apply tea leaf dips water on the furniture. Then wait until the water is mongering. After that, wash the furniture with clean water.

Advantages of Using Rustic Furniture Design

Using rustic style furniture does have its own advantages compared to other types of furniture such as minimalist and vintage. This rustic furniture has advantages such as not easily damaged.

Yes, this rustic furniture is made of solid teak wood and not easily break. It’s just that you need to give anti-termite and fungal liquids so that furniture is not easily damaged. In addition, the color of car furniture rustic is also more durable than other furniture.

This is because the color of this rustic furniture paint follows from the original color of the furniture materials used. Then, the paint color of this rustic style furniture looks smoother because it does not use striking colors. Thus, this rustic furniture is more in demand for lovers of classic furniture.

Rustic furniture design is one of the furniture designs suitable for typical country style house. Some of this rustic furniture has similarities with vintage-style furniture.

It’s just that the color of this rustic furniture is more soft and smooth compared to vintage style furniture. In addition, the way of maintenance of rustic furniture designs is also easier than vintage furniture furniture.