Wood Slab to Use for Table Top

12 Types of Wood You Should Consider as the Best Wood Slab to Use for Table Top

Are you looking for the best wood slab to use for table top? You’re reading the right article! Today we are going to give you some advice related to the type of solid wood that good for table top and create the most durability furniture at home. 

If you can choose the best kind of wood, you put an investment for long-term furniture for your family generations.

By knowing the types of wood, you can purchase furniture with confidence. You’ll find out each kind of wood’s characteristics, appearance, and advantages before finally deciding the best wood slab to use for table top.

Wallnut Wood Slab

The first type of solid wood that good for the tabletop is walnut. It has long-lasting durability. It is also strong and sturdy. 

It is not only perfect for a tabletop, but also for furniture that has complicated carves since it can make its shape lasts for a long time. 

Spending money for this type of wood is an investment because your furniture pieces won’t easily get broken.

We can find walnut in North America regions. It grows perfectly from the south along with Texas and Louisiana and the Great Plains to Vermont. 

There are many color variations include white and dark brown. The burls make this wood looks very distinctive from other types of wood.

Some of the familiar walnut types for furniture are North American walnut, Caribbean Walnut, Brazilian walnut, and black walnut wood. 

The grain usually looks straight even though it’s possible to see some ripples show near to the roots. 

There are a lot of craftsmen who use it for furniture that needs high-level detail.

Mapple Wood Slab – Hard and Durable

If you’re young families and look for a hard, durable, and a great type of wood for furniture, you should check out maple. One of the sturdiest wood types to make pieces of furniture is maple. 

Some large items of furniture include dining sets, as well as wardrobe, often uses maple. The price of maple wood is less pricey than other hardwood types.

Maple is easy to find in the region of the Great Lakes. There are some different colors of it like dark-brown and reddish-brown. 

One of the advantages of maple wood is its good resistance to stain. When it’s stain, it looks like mahogany wood. 

The grain of it is excellent and straight. Sometimes there are fiddleback spiders or eye of bird designs. 

To differentiate the hard and soft maple, you should take a look at the color. The hard one tends to have a brighter color, as well as the soft one, usually is a little bit darker.

Birch Wood Slab – long Lasting Durability

The next type of solid wood that good for the table top is birch. It has long-lasting durability and super sturdy. We can see the trees in North America. 

It’s a perfect type of woof for modern furniture since the blond color also the beautiful finish is hard to ignore. 

The grain has clean-lines. It looks elegant that can beautify every piece of interior furniture includes a tabletop.

The regions of Great Lakes and Northeast through the Appalachians are where birch grows abundantly. 

The colors of it include bright brown, light red, and cream with a splendid grain. The wood is strong that makes it the best wood slab to use for table top.

Oak Wood Slab – long lasting and Resistant

Are you looking for a long-lasting and resistant wood type? The answer is oak! The quality is unquestionable for such expensive wood. 

The reason is due to the long duration to make the tree grows that makes it thick.

The finishes of oak wood are adaptable. Either it is for conventional or modern, it still looks very charming. 

A lot of lumbers of oak is originally from the central and eastern U.S. A lot of craftsmen make vintage furniture from oak wood. 

If you want to make oak furniture lasts longer, you should treat it with proper care.

There are some variations of color. You can see pinkish-red to light brown along with the striped or spiral grain. 

Oakwood that usually is the base material for items furniture, it has good resistance from stain. It’s also stretch. It has a beautiful finished-look as well.

Cherry Wood Slab – Elegant And Well Polished

Constant and straight grain are what make cherry wood recognizable. The appearance of it is elegant as well as it has a well-polished finished look. 

With attentive care, your pieces of furniture can be long-lasting for centuries since it is famous as the primary material for vintage furniture.

Most artisans usually agree that this is one of the best types of wood for furniture. It’s an investment that is worth the money. 

In the eastern U.S, there a lot of cherry wood trees grow. As it becomes older, cherry makes the appearance of furniture looks more vintage and classier.

Pine Wood Slab – With Rustic Style

Farmhouse and rustic designs usually are identic with pine. It is the best wood slab to use for table top as well. 

The wood is light that makes it easier for families who move quite often. If you’re not ready to invest your money on wood, then pine is a great choice! The price is affordable with such an elegant design. 

You can paint the wood with colors you want since the characteristic of the wood is easy to paint on.

In the Northern Hemisphere, pine is easy to find. The colors available are including light brown and white as well as red and yellow tones. 

Some knots make the wood’s characteristic looks distinctive and beautiful. It adds a more rustic look. 

The wood of pine can hold the shape through the years since it resists lumping and decreasing.

Suar or Trembesi Wood Slab – Common Wood In Indonesia

In Indonesia, the name of the wood is Suar or Trembesi. Fine furniture like a tabletop is best to use this wood due to its alluring grain. 

The grain has an interlocking character that can protect the wood from breaking when it exposes to drier weather. 

A lot of furniture pieces use this type of timber across the countries.

Sono wood Slab – Fascinating Dark Colors

The next type of solid wood that good for table top is sonokeling or sono wood. It has an elegant look with some fascinating dark colors. 

They are dark purple and dark brown colors. Meanwhile, the color of the xylem layer is white. It usually cuts for making charming contrast. 

This type of wood is mostly the base material for a lot of musical instruments. The reason is because of the beautiful grain. 

Carpenters usually don’t use the white sapwood in the furniture. The finishing look is usually see-through that often slightly dark stain.

The height of the tree can reach more than 35 meters. Sadly, in the U.S, sonokeling wood is on the list of endangered species. 

Countries that want to export this wood has to cancel it. However, sono wood isn’t an endangered species in Indonesia. It has been making a lot of furniture pieces.

Teak wood Slab – Resistant to Termites With Good Durability

The density of teak wood is average that makes it perfect for interior furniture. If you want to make exterior furniture like your patio, this teak wood is also suitable. 

Teak wood’s resistance to termites and decay, as well as its good durability, make it famous as the base material for boat flooring and building as well as furniture for the garden. 

With so many advantages this wood has, can you think of it as the best wood slab to use for table top?

Black locust Wood Slab – Good Longevity

If you’re looking for a type of wood that is not easy to get rot, black locust is the answer. 

The cracking won’t happen if the process of drying slows down while the controlling of the moisture content is proper.

Black locust has good longevity and good structural strength. Back in the California Gold Rush, these trees planted a lot to support the poles in mines. 

Sometimes the lumbers of black locust are also for shoring up timbers in houses and old barns. They can also be the material for mantles, stairs, and floor.

Mahogany Wood Slab – Last For Long Time

One of the long-lasting wood is mahogany. We recommend you to buy this type of wood if you want to make a tabletop. 

You’ll invest your money for an item of furniture that can last for a long time. It is another type of solid wood that good for table top.

The grain is straight and superfine. It can produce a large board since the size of the tree is also huge. 

Focal point furniture sometimes uses this type of wood. It has a classic look that can beautify your room with a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

Mexico, South and Central America are some of the regions where the mahogany grows. 

However, it grows better and more abundantly in Africa since the climate is tropical.

Rubberwood Slab – Last For Many Years

You can think of rubberwood as the next best wood slab to use for table top. It has a famous name called Hevea. 

People get the wood from plantations of rubber when the trees don’t make the rubber. It is not as stretchy as the name represents.

Rubberwood is not the only type of solid wood that good for table top but also other furniture pieces. It is an eco-friendly wood. 

The reason is that people take the waste from rubber plantations and make it as rubberwood. It’s not easily rotten. It can last for many years to come.

These are the 12 types of wood that you should consider when you want to have a tabletop. Have you made up your mind?