Black Locust Uses

Black Locust Uses for Multiple Purposes

Black locust is said to be native in the Appalachian Mountain area.

Then, it is naturalized throughout the USA, Southern Canada, and some regions of Asia and Europe.

Black locust is often underappreciated for their rapid growth as well as large thorns.

However, did you know that it also possesses a lot of benefits?

Here are some black locusts uses for different purposes.

Black Locust Uses in Livestock Needs

People who work at farms often use this tree in various ways.


As we mentioned before, black locust can grow fast and has robust thorns.

Some may find it a nuisance, but farmers make use of this condition.

They plant the trees around their farm and turn them into a living fence.

Livestock animals using a silvopasture grazing system can be protected from wild animals with this method.

Feeding Livestock Animals

Besides a living fence, farmers also use the leaves from the trees to feed the livestock (except for horses).

However, excessive consumption is not allowed since it could lead to toxicity.

That’s why they usually limit their intakes to prevent that happens.

Commercial Honey Production

The flowers from black locusts are vibrant with nectarines.

They have become a very crucial food source for the honeybee.

It is even considered that honey produced from nectar can be a top premium quality honey.

That’s why black locust is essential in Hungary since they use it for commercial honey production.

Outdoor Projects

Black locust wood has a high density. It also has a good rot resistance.

Due to this condition, they are an ideal option for any tool that requires weatherproof materials.

Fenceposts or outdoor furniture are a few examples of that.

Black Locust Uses in Medical Needs

The other black locust uses can be found primarily in the medical field.

Some parts of this tree are very poisonous.

However, with proper treatment, you can use them as medicines for specific situations.

black locust flower


The flowers themselves have a lot of different medical benefits. They are known for their diuretic and anti-spasmodic agents.

They also contain a chemical that can help to deal with tumors. Some people usually cook the flowers for consumption to relieve their eye issues.

Sometimes they crushed it into a paste to smear it on the skin for burn treatment.

Drinking a cup of water with a teaspoon of the flowers may help relieve burning in the stomach.

Drinking it as a hot tea can treat respiratory problems such as asthma, sore throat, cough, and bronchitis.


Chewing the inner or root bark occasionally may induce vomiting.

That helps to remove waste from the body.

Moreover, simply placing it in the mouth can cure a toothache.


The narcotic properties in the fruits, seedpods, and berries are only used for analgesia.


The leaves are known for improving the flow of bile.

The juice from the leaves may help to deal with the virus.

The dried ones can be used to heal wounds.

Black Locust Uses in Culinary

Black locust is hardly valuable for culinary since most parts of it are poisonous.

Only the flowers, seeds, and seedpods are edible. People usually cook the seed like peas.

The seedpods can be eaten since they taste sweet.

On the other hand, flowers are only used for fragrant purposes, like making jams or pancakes.

But they can be used to make a good drink as well.

Other Black Locust Uses

Here are some more black locust uses in other areas.

Soil Erosion Prevention and Reforestation

Due to its fast growth rate, this tree has been used to prevent soil erosion.

In addition, they are pretty helpful in reforestation. Planting them in a massive amount can help to fix nitrogen in the atmosphere.

Firewood, Fuel, and Paper

The BTU rating in black locust wood is the highest, making it perfect for firewood.

They are also efficient as fuel and charcoal. Besides its heat value, wood can be useful for its chemical pulping system to make papers.


The essential oil extracted from the flowers can become a top valued perfume.

Those are most of the black locust uses we can learn.

However, a precaution is needed when we want to use them for medical and culinary purposes.

One wrong move can be fatal when misusing this plant.