Carved Wood Coffee Table

Several Designs of Carved Wood Coffee Table from Solid Wood

By using solid wood for your coffee table, you can try many different designs. 

Having a carved wood coffee table can be perfect if you want to have a beautiful classic look for the table. 

Also, it can go well with any chairs. Try to choose several designs for the carved wood before deciding on one.

Designs for the Carved Wood Coffee Table

Several designs that you can choose for your carved wood coffee table:

1. Rosettes for the Round Table

Having a round table for the coffee table can be really nice because it shows the delicacy and you can feel the aesthetic of the table when you are using it for your cup of coffee. 

The rosettes are carved on the body under the top of the table. 

It looks like a cloth covering the table. The small rosettes will make sure make the table more beautiful.

2. Vintage Carved Wood Coffee Table with Thailand scenery

Using several plants and elephants for the design of the carved wood coffee table, you can create a Thailand look. 

The carved part can be put on top of the table and you can leaver around 10 centimeters on as the edges of the table.

No need to use cloth for the table and you can easily put glass on top of the table to cover the carved part. 

People can see the carved easily and you can still put your cup of coffee on it.

3. Moroccan Coffee Table

This kind of design is different from other designs. Usually, it comes in a square shape. 

Some parts of the table are carved but some others are not. The intricate detail and geometric pattern make the table really beautiful.

Besides choosing from the existing designs, you can also make your design for the carved wood coffee table. 

But, you need to make sure that the material is from solid wood and it has to be strong enough. 

You can easily carve it and your table can bear the heavyweight on the top.