Driftwood Uses

What Is Driftwood Uses?

Driftwood decorates the place and creates stunning looks for those who prefer exotic looks indoors or outdoors.

Driftwood is floating wood found on the shore, along the riverbanks, and near lakes.

Most driftwoods are bleached by the sun because the wood can float for extended periods.  

Is Driftwood Good for Furniture?

The excellent and robust structure of driftwoods is sometimes used for indoor furniture and outdoor furniture.

Driftwood can be used as the best decoration idea for a home since it is not only stunning but also eco–friendly.

The more creative the designers, the more unique the driftwood furniture they produce.

1. Driftwood for Indoor Furniture

Driftwood as indoor furniture can bring coastal or beach touch to the room.

However, with an excellent spatial arrangement, the use of driftwood furniture can look very rustic.

Designers create many fantastic indoor driftwood items such as:

  • Lamps
  • coat and stools racks
  • candle holders
  • driftwood tables
  • and even wall shelf and jewelry hangers.

Driftwood items are the best choice for candle holders, coat racks, and jewelry hangers since most driftwoods have many branches that can be used as the holder or hanger.

Strong and sturdy driftwoods can be used to build:

  • some shelving units,
  • racks,
  • and even a base for benches and tables.

Driftwood as a base for coffee, dining, or console table will create rustic touch to the room.

If you want to DIY driftwood as indoor furniture, you can build from the simple one. For example, you can use driftwood as the lamp’s base or make a driftwood pendant lamp with rope and bulbs.

2. Driftwood for Outdoor Furniture

Besides being used to make indoor furniture, driftwood can also be used as outdoor furniture. There are tons of outdoor furniture ideas from driftwood to try.

Every driftwood ideas depend on how many crafting pieces are available.

Most outdoor furniture from driftwood is placed on the terrace to bring an instant seaside feel.

Driftwood can be made as a console table and chair to relax.

Driftwood for Aquarium

One of the most popular driftwood uses as aquascaping material.

Driftwood can create natural and stunning aquascapes within aquariums.

There are a wide variety of woods can be used as driftwood for aquarium.

All of those kinds of woods are available with unique shapes, textures, and colors.

Therefore, aquarists can choose driftwood freely to match their taste.

The application of driftwood for aquariums can create excellent decoration and supply food for certain fish species.

The existence of driftwood inside the aquarium also serves as pH regulation because of its tannins substance.

Tannins substance that leaches into the water over time will lower the pH.

There are several well–known types of driftwood, such as:

  • Sumatran driftwood
  • Bogwood
  • Marsh root
  • Mopani wood
  • Saba wood
  • Redmoor root wood
  • and many more

Driftwood for Art Pieces

Most driftwood is used as art pieces, such as sculptures, where large amounts of driftwood can be found.

Some artists will use driftwood as bases for sculptures by carving or cutting it or using the formerly remains of trees.

For example:

– At Kullaberg, Sweden, driftwoods were used to create a horse sculpture

– While at the edge of the San Francisco Bay, many driftwoods were utilized to create a locomotive sculpture.

Besides being used as bases for sculptures, several artists will also use the driftwood as bases for picture frames and a wide variety of crafts.

Driftwood for Exotic Fences

Driftwood can also be used to build exotic fences for your home.

It will bring a beautiful rustic touch surrounding your home.

If you want to DIY driftwood as a fence, you must prepare the driftwood first by cutting the pieces so the driftwoods can all have similar lengths.

There is a wide variety of driftwood uses that you can utilize depending on your needs and the driftwood structure.

For small size driftwood, people tend to use it as a decoration item for an aquarium or exotic wall hanger.

Though driftwood is just the remains of trees, most driftwoods are sold at a very high price because a small amount of driftwood is sold in the market.

In summary, what driftwood uses for:

  • For indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Driftwood for aquascaping
  • Create unique art and wall décor
  • Driftwood for exotic fences