Light Wood Dining Table

The Top List of Light Wood Dining Table Made of High Quality Materials

Are you looking for a good light wood dining table with high-quality materials that promote durability? We have a top list of various dining tables that suit your taste. 

The list of dining tables below is both modern and robust. They also create a modern look and are made to be durable.

The Industrial Country Lumber Dining Table Extended

This Industrial country lumber dining table extended is going to build an implausible atmosphere in your dining room or kitchen. 

The wood table which is solid in nature offers a natural country feels of cut table top of pine as well as an eye-catching powder covered steel to provide an astounding feels of industrial craftsmanship.

As soon as you touch the rough feels on the top of a table, you will be able to sense the stunning natural tagging that is improved with an extension leaves option that is perfect for entertainment value. 

Moreover, the table wood is finished by hands. Thus each table has variations of unique marks and tone to ensure its distinctiveness.

Ivy 50″ Solid Wood Dining Table

This solid wood dining table is combined with traditional Chinese woodworking in the Ivy dining table. 

The table shows the astonishing craftsmanship with legs and tabletop which are constructed with wood-on-wood carpentry without using nails and screws. 

The Ivy dining table can handle up to six seats.

Magnum Dining Table By Wharfside

Magnum wooden dining table is a magnificent rectangular table made by Austria’s TEAM 7. 

This striking dining table has won 2 design awards. The table integrates the 2soft innovative extension machinery. The pull-out instrument enables the Magnum table to extend by 100cm in length easily. 

This handcrafted characteristic guarantee stability as well as emphasize the advantages of natural wood materials in a dining table.

Nox Wood Dining Table

This wood dining table is extendable and has a length of 90cm wide with a height of 75cm. 

The materials used to construct Nox Wood are oak, walnut, wild oak, and wild walnut. The tabletop is 39mm thick and it is built with 3 plies of the solid wood board.