Mahogany Bedroom Furniture

How to Properly Clean Your Mahogany Bedroom Furniture

Furniture is made of various types of wood which have different advantages and disadvantages. 

These types of woods have their own beautiful characteristics so that you have many choices in choosing the furniture. 

Besides that, each wood has long durability and different decay resistance.

One type of solid wood that is widely used as the main material for furniture is mahogany. 

Mahogany is used as living room, kitchen, and bedroom furniture. 

Especially for mahogany bedroom furniture, it is the type of furniture that is very susceptible to mold and brittle if you don’t do the right treatment. 

If you have mahogany bedroom furniture in your home and want the furniture to be durable, you can do some maintenance tips like below.

Do dust cleaning every day

Dust will always stick to your furniture when you keep using it regularly, therefore cleaning it every day regularly is also necessary.

Put your furniture in a dry place

Like other types of wood, mahogany will easily brittle and lose its original color if placed in a damp place. Therefore, always put your mahogany bedroom furniture in a dry place.

Use a base to support the furniture

The base will protect the legs of the furniture from direct contact with the floor, which if done, will scratch the furniture.

Move the furniture with care

If you want to rearrange the placement of your mahogany bedroom furniture, try to avoid collisions or scratches on your furniture.

Dry immediately if exposed to water

Furniture is very vulnerable to water. Therefore, if your furniture looks wet or damp, dry it immediately so spotting does not appear on the surface.

Clean the furniture details using a brush

Your furniture certainly has details that are difficult to reach to clean. However, you can clean it using a brush to keep your furniture completely clean.