Mirrors and Feng Shui: where to place them to activate positive energy

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, uses the art of placement to improve the energy flow in a space. Mirrors are key in neutralizing negative aspects and enhancing positive energy by being strategically placed.

It’s not just about arranging furniture logically but also about achieving balance through the 5 elements. Feng Shui offers many tools to counteract or enhance specific situations in space, and mirrors are among the most powerful.

So, if you want to make problems disappear and boost positive vibes in your home, put some mirrors in the right spots!

How to place and enhance Feng Shui with mirrors

Mirrors are associated with the water element in Feng Shui, which represents fluidity, clarity, inspiration, and communication. Mirrors can provide depth and light, making them excellent tools for activating energy, or Chi, in a space.

To attract good luck and promote positive energy in our living space, we can utilize the ancient art of Feng Shui. One important aspect of Feng Shui is mirror placement, which can significantly impact the energy flow in our home.

Creating a comfortable, calm, and healthy living space, ensuring happy employees in their workplace, and making leisure places pleasant are crucial for our overall well-being, according to the expert.

Feng Shui with mirrors in irregular spaces

Do you know those weird L or U-shaped areas missing something? Well, mirrors are the go-to solution for those “absences.” When you stick a mirror in there, it’s like magic – suddenly, the space looks twice as big! It’s all symbolic, of course, but the mirror tricks your brain into thinking there’s more there than there is. So if you’ve got a wonky space in your home or office, consider adding a mirror to the mix. It might just do the trick!

mirror and feng shui in bathroom

Mirrors in the bathroom

You don’t want that mirror to be facing the door. It can cause energy to leak out through the mirror, and we don’t want that! If you have no other option than to have the mirror facing the door, keep it closed when you’re not using it. That way, you’ll be able to preserve that precious energy and keep it flowing where it needs to go.

A full-length mirror

If you’re going through a rough patch and feeling a bit down, there’s something you can do to help yourself out. Apparently, having a full-length mirror in your space’s Knowledge & Culture area is a really good idea.

Now, to be more precise about where that is, you’ll need to draw a Bagua Map. But basically, we’re talking about the northeast section of your space. Having a mirror in this area can help you get to know yourself better and improve your emotional state.

And who wouldn’t want that, right? So go ahead and try it – it might just be the thing you need to turn your luck around!

Feng Shui and the corridor effect

So, if you’ve got a long, skinny hallway in your place, there’s something you should know. The energy in that space can move way too fast, which isn’t great for the Feng Shui of your space.

But don’t worry – there’s an easy fix! All you have to do is fill up that hallway with pictures, furniture, or even mirrors.

Adding some stuff to the space can slow down the energy and keep it flowing in a more positive direction. So if you’ve got a corridor that’s feeling a little too fast-paced, go ahead and spruce it up a bit! Your energy levels will thank you.

Mirrors in small doses

So, have you been dealing with some issues lately that won’t seem to go away? Maybe you’ve got a pesky neighbor or an unsightly view bugging you. Well, guess what? You can try a little trick to help deal with those problems.

If you hang a few small mirrors in the direction of the problem, it can help protect you and even send the issue back to its source! Sounds pretty cool, right? This trick works by using mirrors to reflect the problem where it came from.

So if you’re dealing with something that’s been giving you grief, go ahead and give it a shot! You might just be surprised at how effective it can be.

mirror and feng shui where to place them

Feng Shui and mirrors in common spaces

According to the most ancient Feng Shui beliefs, there’s a little trick you can use to help boost your creativity and fertility.

All you’ve got to do is put a round or oval mirror at the head of your bed. Now, we’re not talking just physical fertility here, but also in a more creative sense.

This works because the mirror is a water element, which can help facilitate communication and inspire you.

In common spaces

Did you know that mirrors can help improve your home’s energy flow? Yup, that’s right! Putting a mirror in a common space like your living room or dining room can be a great way to facilitate communication and make family time more enjoyable.

Mirrors are often linked with the water element, which can help invigorate a living space and promote positive energy flow. If you’re seeking to create a more harmonious and welcoming environment in your home, adding one or two mirrors in communal areas like the living room may be a good idea.

However, it’s important to avoid using too many mirrors, particularly two mirrors in the living room, which can cause an overwhelming energy flow. With the right placement, mirrors can help create a serene and balanced atmosphere in your home.

mirror and feng shui

Empowering the beautiful

Before putting up a mirror, look at what it will reflect. It’s super important that everything in its reflection is beautiful and inspiring, both in terms of the space itself and the activities that go on there.

After all, a mirror is a powerful tool that can help energize and uplift your surroundings, so you want to ensure it reflects all the good stuff!

So go ahead and look around, make any necessary tweaks or adjustments, and then sit back and enjoy the empowering effects of your beautiful new mirror.

A big mirror in the hall

having a big mirror at the entrance of your house is a great way to activate the Chi. But be careful where you put it! Don’t place it in front of the door because it’ll reflect the outside, which will mix up the energies from inside and outside, which is a big no-no. Remember that energy leaks through the door, so you don’t want to mess with that. The best spot for the mirror would be on the side walls of the front door.

To dress better

if you’ve got a dressing room, chances are you’ve got a mirror too! And you know what? It’s a win-win situation because it will help you keep things organized. Plus, everything reflected in it looks even better, so if you’ve got your clothes all nicely put away, it’ll be super inspiring. But here’s a tip – be careful where you place that mirror. Avoid having it reflect the doors or the bed because that could mess up the energy flow.

Go towards the light

If you’ve got a dark and gloomy space in your house, a mirror might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Not only do they help brighten things up, but they can also make small spaces feel bigger and more open. It’s like they activate the energy and make everything more harmonious! So if you’re looking to give your place a little lift, hang up a mirror.

Avoid these mistakes with mirrors according to feng shui

Want to learn some tips to use mirrors correctly according to Feng Shui? Discover the locations to avoid when placing a mirror in your home according to Feng Shui principles.

Here’s what you need to know:

mirror and feng shui in bedroom

Tips for Optimal Energy Balance with Mirrors

Ensure your mirrors are not very old or broken to achieve an optimal energy balance. Such mirrors can blur and distort your reflection, negatively affecting the energy balance.

Enhance the walls with mirrors, but refrain from hanging multiple mirrors together or on each other to avoid energetic disorientation.

 It’s also recommended to avoid placing a mirror in front of the bed as it can stimulate the flow of Chi, leading to restless sleep due to an excess of awakened energy in the bedroom.

Never put a mirror in front of a door or window, as it causes energy to escape outside. And don’t place mirrors that reflect messy areas, as they enhance everything reflected in them.

Pakua mirrors: the best for feng shui

If you want to use mirrors to protect your home from external aggression, you can consider using Pakua mirrors. These octagonal-shaped mirrors are typically used in Chinese decoration and were also used by emperors to benefit from Feng Shui. They come in convex, concave, or flat shapes and can be placed outdoors only.

Place Pakua mirrors over the door or to the side but always above eye level, as they should not be seen with the naked eye. They can be used if your home is at the end of the street, you have conflicting neighbours, or you live near a hospital, cemetery, or garbage container.

Remember, mirrors can be powerful tools to help you achieve an optimal energy balance, but it’s important to use them correctly.