Rocking Swivel Chairs for Your Living Room

Rocking swivel chairs have become increasingly popular additions to modern living rooms. With their soothing rocking motion and ability to swivel 360 degrees, these versatile chairs provide comfort and convenience for various living room activities.

Rocking Swivel Chairs for Your Living Room

This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of rocking swivel chairs, popular styles and brands to consider, key features that impact comfort, where to shop online and in stores, and important factors to weigh before purchasing. Read on to gain valuable insights to help find the perfect rocking swivel chair or set of chairs to enhance your living room.

Why Choose a Rocking Swivel Chair?

Rocking swivel chairs offer unique advantages that make them well-suited for living room seating:

Versatility in Motion

The combined rocking and swiveling allow users to gently rock back and forth while easily rotating the chair as needed. This dual functionality supports diverse living room activities:

  • Swivel to face any direction with ease.
  • Rock gently while reading, nursing, watching TV, or just relaxing.
  • Pivot to join in conversation with multiple seating areas.
  • Easily get in and out of the chair.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Rocking swivel chairs come in an array of styles to match any living room décor, from contemporary to farmhouse. Choices include:

  • Mid-century modern – Low profile with clean lines and tapered legs
  • Traditional – Classic wingback or barrel shapes with tufted upholstery
  • Industrial – Riveted leather, metal or wood elements, exposed hardware
  • Retro – Vintage inspired fabrics and flair
  • Modern farmhouse – Woven wicker or natural wood with distressed finishes

With so many options, finding a rocking swivel chair to complement your existing furnishings and interior design perfectly is easy.

Comfort Features

Quality rocking swivel chairs prioritize comfort with:

  • Padded cushions – Thick, soft foam cushions prevent fatigue from long periods in the chair. Look for at least 2 inches of padding.
  • Smooth swiveling – Ball bearings in the base allow effortless 360° rotation.
  • Lumbar support – Contoured backrests properly align the spine to avoid soreness.
  • Rocking mechanisms – Springs or structures under the base enable gentle, soothing rocking motion.

With the right construction, rocking swivel chairs should provide superior comfort for all-day lounge seating.

Where to Shop for Rocking Swivel Chairs

Rocking swivel chairs are widely available from major retailers, popular furniture brands, and online stores.

Major Retailers

Big box stores and home goods chains offer affordable, mass-market swivel rocker options:

  • Amazon – Extensive selection with rockers starting under $150. Brands include Best Choice, FDW, and Hampton Bay.
  • Target – Stylish rocking swivel chairs from $250-$500. Threshold and Opalhouse brands.
  • Wayfair – Hundreds of choices across contemporary, traditional and modern styles. Starts around $180.
  • Home Depot – More basic models geared for utility over style, starting at $159.
  • Overstock – Modern and accent chairs from $200. Brands include Christopher Knight Home and Inspire Q.

Online Selection Insights

Popular online furniture retailers like Wayfair provide rocking swivel chairs to suit any taste:

  • Barrel chairs – Compact rounded barrel backrests with lush upholstery, from $340
  • Patterned fabrics – Chairs featuring unique globally inspired patterns, around $400
  • Faux leather – Vegan leather chairs provide sophistication without costing a fortune, starting at $300
  • Extra plush – Select chairs with indulgent quilted cushions and pillow backs for added softness from $800
  • Linen blend upholstery – Light and airy linen or cotton fabric choices, starting around $500

Popular Brands

Reputable furniture brands offer premium rocking swivel chairs with superior quality and comfort:


The iconic La-Z-Boy brand provides exceptional comfort and durability:

  • James La-Z-Time® Swivel Rocker Recliner – Padded chaise seat and adjustable headrest, starting at $1,500
  • Morgan Swivel Rocker Recliner – Smaller profile with pillow top arms, starting around $1,000

Ashley Furniture

Ashley infuses their unique sense of style into every piece:

  • Volare Swivel Glider Accent Chair – Sleek barrel back swivel chair with vintage vibes, $480
  • Weese Swivel Glider Accent Chair – Modern swooping profile with flared arms, $270

Other Notable Brands

  • Pottery Barn – Well-made classic living room staples like the Hadley Swivel Chair, from $1,000
  • Room & Board – Modern and minimalist designs, quality craftsmanship, prices from $1,200-$2,500
  • Crate & Barrel – Trendy patterns and colorful fabrics, starting at $1,100
  • RH (Restoration Hardware) – Sophisticated vintage replicas with premium materials, around $2,000+

Key Features for Comfort

When evaluating rocking swivel chairs, look for these characteristics that enhance comfort and support:

Smooth Rocking Motion

The chair should rock gently and effortlessly. Quality chairs use spring or suspension systems to enable fluid, soothing movement. Avoid chairs that rock too quickly or feel jerky.

High Weight Capacity

Look for a weight capacity of at least 250 pounds, preferably 300+ pounds. Sturdy chairs can accommodate most users comfortably without feeling strained.

Generous Padding

Thick, high-density foam cushions prevent the seat from feeling too firm. Softer cushioning allows longer sitting periods without discomfort.

Adjustable Tilt Tension

Chairs with customizable tilt can tighten or loosen the rocking motion as desired. This accommodates personal preferences.

Contoured Lumbar Support

An S-shaped backrest properly cradles the lower spine. This minimizes soreness and slouching during longer lounging periods.

Swivel Base

A sturdy base with ball bearing swivel mechanism allows smooth, effortless rotation in either direction.

Prioritizing these comfort-enhancing features will ensure your rocking swivel chair offers superior support and relaxation.

Considerations Before Buying

Keep these important factors in mind when shopping for the perfect rocking swivel chair:

Size and Space

Consider the chair’s dimensions and measure your room to ensure it will fit the space well. Oversized recliner styles may overwhelm a small room, while compact barrel chairs maximize cozy seating for tight spaces.

Assembly Required

Most rocking swivel chairs arrive unassembled in a box. Prepare for some assembly – you may need assistance for large or heavy chairs. Allen wrenches and step-by-step instructions are usually included.

Intended Use

How will the chair be used most – reading, watching TV, casual lounging? Prioritize key features that align with your needs, like smooth rocking, lumbar support, or easy swiveling.

Number of Chairs

Will this be a lone accent chair or part of a matching set? Buying two identical chairs can create a cohesive look.

Care and Maintenance

Consider how easily the chair’s upholstery can be cleaned. Fabrics like leather and vinyl are durable and wipeable, while delicate fabrics require professional care.

Warranty Protection

Review warranty coverage for defects, preferably at least 1 year. Extended protection plans may also be available.

Best Swivel Rockers for Small Spaces

For intimate living rooms, small-scale swivel chairs maximize seating without overwhelming:

  • Alwyn Home Eyre Swivel Barrel Chair – Just 27″ wide x 29″ deep but packs plush comfort into a petite frame, starting at $339 on Wayfair
  • Gracie Oaks Leon Swivel Lounge Chair – Another compact barrel chair, only 26″ wide yet supportive, starting at $389.99 at Wayfair
  • Rhythm Swivel Chair – Tiny 25″ round profile from Article, starts at $199
  • Smartrike SMART2GO Twist Swivel Chair – Fun retro papasan style perfect for kids, affordable at $49.99

Prioritize compact dimensions, cushy padding, and smooth swiveling when selecting rockers for smaller living rooms.

Best Brands for Traditional Style Swivel Rockers

These noteworthy brands offer elegantly styled swivel rockers with timeless appeal:


La-Z-Boy is renowned for exceptionally comfortable rocker recliners that swivel:

  • James Swivel Rocker Recliner – Tufted back, pillow top arms, and chaise seat provide luxurious comfort. Starts at $1,500.
  • Morgan Swivel Rocker Recliner – Streamlined silhouette with attached pillow top arms. Priced around $1,000.

Ashley Furniture

Ashley puts a modern twist on their traditionally styled swivel chairs:

  • Ludden Rocker Swivel Recliner – Rolled arms and antique bronze nailheads give a classic feel. Starts at $519.
  • Dolce Rocker Swivel Recliner – Tufted back design and decorative welting trim offer sophistication. It is priced around $599.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s swivel chairs feature timeless shapes and luxe fabrics:

  • Hadley Swivel Chair – Rounded barrel chair form with nailhead trim. From $999.
  • Comfort Swivel Chair – Generously padded recliner with plush loose back pillow. Starts at $1,499.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel puts a trendy spin on traditional living room seating:

  • Livonia Swivel Chair – Vintage-inspired wingback chair with modern aqua velvet. Priced around $1,199.
  • Cyrus Leather Swivel Chair – Classic leather recliner updated in cool grey. Starts at $2,299.

For elegance that transcends trends, these brands craft swivel rockers with enduring sophistication and charm. The quality materials and workmanship ensure they will remain comfortable focal points in your living room for years of enjoyment.

Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Follow these tips to get the lowest prices on quality rocking swivel chairs:

Shop the Sales

Retailers like Wayfair, Amazon, and Walmart often discount rocking chairs significantly during holiday sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales.

Buy Floor Models

Brick-and-mortar stores frequently sell discounted floor model displays. Inspect carefully for flaws, but you can score big savings on last year’s models.

Look for Free Shipping

Online retailers sometimes offer free shipping on oversized items like chairs. This saves a chunk on delivery fees which can run $100+ for large chairs.

Finance with 0% Interest

Major brands like La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture often offer deferred interest financing so you can purchase now and make payments over time interest-free.

Sign Up for Email Alerts

Subscribe to retailer newsletters for exclusive discount codes and advance notice of sales. Quickly shopping can snag you the best deals before prices increase again.

With the right timing and savvy shopping strategies, you can land outstanding deals on premium rocking swivel chairs to create your dream living room seating.

FAQs About Rocking Swivel Chairs

Are rocking swivel chairs comfortable for long periods?

Quality rocking swivel chairs with ample padding, lumbar support, and smooth motions allow sitting comfortably for prolonged reading, relaxing, or chatting. Prioritize generous cushions at least 2 inches thick.

What is the best rocking chair for a living room?

The La-Z-Boy James Swivel Rocker Recliner stands out thanks to its indulgent chaise seat and padded comfort. For a more affordable option, the Ashley Yandel Power Swivel Recliner provides smooth rocking and power recline under $500.

How much does a good rocking chair cost?

You can find basic rocking chairs for $150-$200, while better-quality chairs run $300 to $500. High-end designer swivel rockers cost over $1,000 but provide superior materials and construction.

Should living room chairs swivel?

Swivel chairs offer great versatility for living rooms, allowing easy repositioning to face any direction. This enables conversing across multiple seating areas or swiveling to face the TV comfortably.


With their soothing motions and swiveling convenience, today’s rocking swivel chairs provide exceptional comfort and versatility for living room seating. Take the time to consider your style preferences, space constraints, intended usage, and key comfort features when selecting the ideal chair to complement your décor. Investing in a quality rocker designed for longevity will ensure you enjoy the benefits for years of relaxation and conversation in your living room.