Rustic Bed Frame

Rustic Bed Frame

The rustic bed frames are a very popular choice made by customers. 

Below are the lists of rustic bed frames with various styles and designs for you to choose from.

Classic Wood Platform Bed

The classic wood platform bed has a headboard that is equipped with legs and floor rails. It has a slat roll which is 14 pieces. 

The slat roll has a center support bar and six extra legs as well as all essential hardware. 

The classic wood platform bed is made of robust medium-density fiberboard that resembles wood but it is durable and can withstand wear and tear better. 

It has 88 pounds of weight and available in various choices of wood tones.

Mojave Rustic Queen Bed

This queen-sized bed is constructed from a natural-looking texture of wood grain to add a vibe of rustic appeal to your bedroom. 

This rustic bed frame has four additional support bed legs to make sure the bed stays steady all night long. 

The Mojave rustic queen bed is available in natural brown color with a weight of 96.80 pounds (43.9 kg)

Calistoga Rustic Wood Platform Bed

The Calistoga Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed is designed with a Moroccan style headboard to make a stunning look and feel for your bedroom. 

The headboard is crafted from solid wood of mahogany to add an elegant look as well as harmonize your bedroom space. 

The Calistoga rustic solid wood platform bed is 100% crafted by hand. It is made of solid wood of mahogany.

Hartsville Sleigh Back Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

This frame is available in 4 types: 

Full, Queen, King, and California King. This rustic bed has a stain and finish that is applied by hand. 

The bed also stands off the floor. The Hartsville sleigh back solid wood platform bed frame is not sold with the bedside table included.