Shoe Rack Designs

New Ideas for Wooden Shoe Rack Designs for Home!

Nowadays, many people have a lot of shoe collections. It is because there are so many styles of shoes, such as sneakers, high heels, flat shoes, boots, and others. 

Thus, people start to look for the best way to organize their shoes, for example by having a shoe rack.

Furthermore, a shoe rack is also needed for families who have many members, which means they have many feet too as well as shoes. 

If you have one of the conditions, then you absolutely need a shoe rack to keep your home organized.

However, there are a lot of considerations to determine which shoe rack design that suitable for your shoes. 

The shoe rack design depends on the number of your shoes, your space, and your home decor. 

If you have warm, rustic, or urban industrial home decor, then wooden shoe rack designs for home is a perfect idea for you.

1. Wooden Cabinets

The wooden cabinet is one of the stylish shoe rack designs for home. You can choose solid wood for your wooden cabinets to create a rustic and warm look for your home. 

However, you can choose any color that suits your home decor. Wooden cabinets also offer a naturally beautiful look, which makes your room elegant.

2. Open Wooden Racks

When you have wooden cabinets, it is recommended to have an open wooden rack too. An open wooden rack does not need a lot of space since it is not a huge organizer. 

However, you can maximize the space by putting hangers on the top of your wooden rack.

3. Wooden Crates

Want to do a DIY project for your shoe rack design for your home? A wooden crates shoe rack is an awesome idea.  

You can easily change the crates into a shoe rack by hanging them in the wall and put your shoes on it. A wooden crate is suitable for you who have a rustic home style.

Finally, those are new ideas for wooden shoe rack designs for home that you can try!