Acacia Wood Dining Table with Resin Epoxy

Create Your Magic Acacia Wood Dining Table with Resin Epoxy

You might have ever seen several tables with a combination of wood and resin epoxy. 

With a good combination, the end product will look amazing and pretty. 

You can also create your magic acacia wood dining table by combining the wood with the resin epoxy.

Resin Epoxy Placement in Acacia Wood Dining Table

There are many combinations on how to place the resin epoxy on your dining table. Here are several ideas for you:

1. River Flow in the Middle of the Table

You can make a design of river flow for the table using the resin epoxy. 

Try to sculpt the wood in a certain way to create the river flow look. After that, combine both blocks of wood and put resin epoxy in the middle of it. 

Try to add blue color to make it look like water. The end look will be really nice.

2. Round Mushroom Table

You can make a round table for your dining room by shaping the wood round. 

Try to shape it into a mushroom on top and put resin to create a solid round. 

The gap in the wood will be filled with resin and it will create a beautiful look like a mushroom.

3. Simple yet Elegant Look

If you want something simple, try to match the dining table with the bench or the chair. 

You can place the resin at the left and right end of the table or at the center of the table. 

Try to make the same design for the dining set to make it simple yet still elevate the elegance.

4. Adding Ornament

If you want to make something different, you can put the resin in the middle of the table with any design that you want. 

You can make it straight, curve, look like a stream, etc. But, try to add some ornaments like colorful rocks or other stuff to make it more beautiful.

Try to use your imagination to combine the acacia wood with the resin epoxy to make your dining table. 

With great imagination and your hard work, you can make your own beautiful acacia wood dining table.

Finishing Coffee Table by Using Epoxy Resin

Coffee table needs a special care, so before you use it you need to finish the table. 

It is important to finish a coffee table since it can protect the solid wood and make it shine. 

One of the best ways for coating coffee table is using epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is durable and high gloss. 

Epoxy resin does not only protect if from stains and spills, but also strengthens the surface of wood.

The first step is clean the top of table. It is important to do to make sure the table is cleaned properly. 

If the table is carved, it should get extra care. The carving should be cleaned. 

You can use a brush to clean it. You need to properly clean the top of table before use epoxy resin to coat it.

The second step is dry the table. You need to leave the table under the sun so it can be dry. Don’t finish it with wet surface condition. 

It is recommended to make the furniture piece changing and rotating its slides while it is drying.

Step three is to make the boundaries in the table. You can apply tape of solution at the corner of the top of the table. 

You need to ensure the tape applied in 4 layers with a strong boundary. You also need to ensure that the slides are properly sealed.

Step four is epoxy resin preparation. You can find it at plastic stores and wood showroom. 

Usually, it comes in the form of powder. Preparation of epoxy resin is necessary to get a finish coat smoother.

The fifth step is pouring the epoxy resin. It should be steadily and slowly on the surface of the table with a circular movement. 

The slow pouring can ensure application of equal thickness. Then, you need to leave it dry.