Send Furniture from Bali to US

How to Send Furniture from Bali to US and other Countries

Bali is just a paradise for those looking for items for their house. Bali has an amazing variety of furniture and homeware items that are available in a lot of online and offline shops. 

People might be familiar with wooden furniture from Jepara with its beautiful ornaments but Bali has its uniqueness when it comes to furniture. 

The Balinese feel in the furniture which provides fewer embellishments but focuses on comfort becomes the main attraction in the eye of tourists. Even the ornaments used in the furniture truly represent Bali traditional culture.

As many tourists are interested to shop for furniture when visiting Bali, they start to question its shipping to their country, especially if it is the first time shopping for furniture in Bali. 

Is it safe enough? How long it has been until it arrives in their country? Hence, they need to know how to send furniture from Bali to US or other countries so that they can get preferred furniture arrived safely at home.

How to order furniture from Bali

Ordering furniture from Bali can be done both offline and online. For the offline method, you can explore a lot of furniture or homeware shops in Bali. 

Make sure to search recommended shops that provide a wide variety of furniture options with high quality. If price also matters, you can sort out any shops that offer their products at affordable prices. 

Create a list of shops that you want to stop by during your visit to Bali so that you don’t waste time finding a piece of furniture you like. 

If you prefer Balinese furniture with specific models, you can ask the owners to make a piece based on your model but you commonly need to wait to process your order.

Without even visiting Bali, people from other countries even can order furniture from this place. 

They just need to make orders online through any furniture shop in Bali. To begin the order, buyers only have to select items already available on their website. 

Otherwise, they can send them an email with the furniture or type of homeware they want. Don’t forget to mention the number of items you want to order. 

Besides, you need to tell your address so they know where to send the furniture. They usually will send you a quote too.

When the quote is agreed, you have to sign a sales contract and after that, the ordered furniture will be manufactured. 

To start the productions usually have to pay Down Payment, the amount might be different from one shop to another. 

The rest of the payment likely has to be paid when the shop issues shipping documents. After your furniture is finished, it will be sent to your address with international cargo.

Buying furniture in Bali

If you plan to buy furniture in Bali, there are several things that you need to do. First, you have to decide what kind of furniture you want to purchase. This is basic preparation that will help your buying process runs smoothly. 

You had better know what you don’t have in your country and whether you need heavy furniture. This will help you to find the best piece of furniture and you can bargain at more affordable prices. 

This allows you to get what you require in your home country and save the budget on import fees.

It is also important to find the best cargo company especially if you want to know how to send furniture from Bali to US. There are hundreds of cargo companies in Bali and some of them are more trustworthy than others. 

However, what you need to do is choosing the one that suits the best your shipping needs. Make sure to select a cargo company that offering help to guide you through the whole shipping process, not to mention giving you a shopping agent. 

It is very useful especially if it is your first time buying furniture in Bali. This agent will give you recommendations of places in Bali to find furniture you prefer. 

Moreover, the agent will continue convincing the progress of items you have ordered from any company after you return to your country.

After relying on your furniture buying to the best cargo company, then you need to select the shipping method to export that furniture from Bali. 

There are several options such as sending the item through air or sea. Airfreight is the best for fast shipping but it also costs more expensive. However, furniture sent using sea freight is counted using cubic meters rather than weight. 

Sea freight is available in two options, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). For a big or heavy shipment, FCL is more suitable as it is safer with minimum manhandling on the goods as well as more affordable in price.

Shipping furniture from Bali to UK

Shipping furniture from Bali to UK basically is quite similar to shipping to other countries. 

However, the charge that you need to pay consists of fees on Indonesian sides, UK customs clearance, VAT, and import fees on furniture. 

Make sure to check if your furniture includes decorations from shell items or bone carved because it needs particular certification, sterilization, and extra duties.

Consider standard packing material used. If you require wood crates or custom boxes you commonly pay a separate charge. 

Very large or heavy furniture likely needs you to hire a forklift truck that includes a daily charge rate. Trucking from UK warehouse to your address in UK also requires an additional rate.

Bali furniture in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known to be a city with quite many showrooms offering Bali furniture. If you don’t know how to send furniture from Bali to US, shopping through these showrooms can be a good alternative. 

While exploring those showrooms, you can find traditional and eclectic furniture made from reclaimed woods imported from many parts in the world including Bali, Indonesia.

Most of those showrooms are premier designers so they provide services for customers who need custom designs of furniture for a specific project. 

Hence, if you live in Los Angeles and fancy Balinese furniture but haven’t enough time to shop in Bali, you can ask these designers to make your Balinese custom furniture.

Imported Balinese furniture

Balinese furniture is popular worldwide with its high quality of craftsmanship and solid timber used for the material. 

That furniture will give extra charm to any room with a sense of Balinese style. Not surprising if many tourists are craving for imported Balinese furniture, including those from Australia.

If you want to import furniture from Bali to Australia, there are specific documents required. 

The common documents include bill of lading, commercial invoice, fumigation and ISPM 15+ certificates, certificate of origin, storage declaration, and Australian packing declaration. 

Although not all Australia shipping needs them sometimes a V-legal document for wooden articles and a phytosanitary certificate is also required.

Send package from Bali to Europe

Many tourists including those from countries in Europe visit Bali and buy furniture here. 

Hence, it is not surprising if many shipping companies provide services to send a package from Bali to Europe. 

Numerous Bali cargos offers the best shipping service to Europe in competitive freight.

No matter through sea, air, or railway, all can be conducted based on customers’ orders. 

Some cargo services even work with trade companies to be importer finish custom clearance if their customers want to use personal shipment goods or FBA shipment goods. 

Special shipping rates even available for certain countries in Europe such as France, Germany, and Italy.

Where to buy Balinese furniture design in US

Finding specific furniture shops or showrooms that sell Balinese furniture perhaps can be difficult. You might find a city with those kinds of shops while in other cities you couldn’t find any. 

If so, then an online shop becomes the perfect way for you rather than looking for how to send furniture from Bali to US.

Wayfair as an example provides wide ranges of the best Balinese furniture and home accessories that are available at affordable prices. 

You can explore different types of furniture from Bali on the site and pick the one you prefer the most. 

The interesting thing about shopping Balinese furniture in Wayfair is you can enjoy free shipping in most items including the big-sized furniture.

Conclusion in Shipping furniture From Bali

Shipping furniture from Bali abroad requires you to consider many things. The preparation of knowing specific furniture you would like to buy is important. 

Then, you have to choose the right cargo company that suits with your shipping needs. You also require to select the best shipping method to send the furniture to your address.

The shipping charge might vary based on the services you choose as well as additional shipping fees included. Knowing your country’s regulation is also important since each country may need specific documentation. 

So, complete the requirements on how to send furniture from Bali to US or other countries to get the furniture into your doorstep.