Black Coffee Table Set

How to Make the Black Coffee Table Set with Wood Slabs Look Beautiful

Wood slabs for the black coffee table set can be a nice choice for your home. 

But, before you make or buy one, you need to know that not every slab can be perfect for your house. 

You need to make sure that the table set matches the theme of the room.

Also, there are many cases that the table set doesn’t go well with other furniture in the house because the wood slabs are too big or it has a bad cut. 

You need to choose carefully the nice slab for your coffee table.

Tips for Making the Black Coffee Table Set with Wood Slabs Look Pretty

1. Combine it with Epoxy Resin

Using epoxy resin can make sure elevate the look of your black coffee table set. 

You can put resin in the middle of the slabs or at end of it. Some slabs do not have the same size for the left and right end. 

You can fill the gap by putting resin on it.

2. Choose the Almost Perfect Slab

For a nice black coffee table set, the pattern of the slab needs to be balanced. 

At least, do not choose the strange slab because it will be hard to make it into a nice look for the coffee table set.

3. Choose the Round Slabs

The round slabs can be really perfect for the black coffee table set as you can easily make it beautiful. 

Whether the pattern is pretty or not, the shape remain round and you can easily make it into a nice table.

4. Keep the Bark

If you want to create a classic look, then you can try to keep the bark. 

The bark can still be there for the table and the cut at the top is used for the table. 

You can combine the table with metal or another acacia wood to make it strong and sturdy.

With the tips above, you can easily choose the perfect combination for your black coffee table set.