How to Properly Clean Your Cherry Wood Dining Table

When owning furniture, you need to know that you will spend a lot of time maintaining it. 

Especially if the furniture you have can be said to be antique, of course, those furniture have different treatment. The furniture you have is made of different basic materials.

There are many types of wood which are used to make the furniture. The way we treat the furniture is also based on the type of the wood. 

Cherry wood is one basic material for furniture. This article will discuss about how to clean your cherry wood dining table so that it lasts for a long time.

Step 1

Use oil soap mixed with water using a bucket. Use distilled water as it will work better.

Step 2

Pour a little of the soap oil and water mixture onto a soft textured cloth, try to make sure the cloth you are using is not jagged and has a flat surface. 

Never pour the mixture directly into your cherry wood dining table since wood furniture absorbs liquid faster than metal or steel furniture. 

Rub gently into the dusty area, rub it in accordance with the wood grain pattern.

Step 3

After the cleaning steps are done properly, let your cherry wood dining table dry for about 35 minutes. If it still looks dirty, then repeat the process.

Step 4

If there are scratches on your cherry wood dining table, you can disguise them using iodine. 

Rub iodine into the scratches with a cotton ball for a dark-colored cherry wood dining table. 

As for the light-colored cherry wood dining table, you can use a mixture of iodine and denatured alcohol then rub it on the scratched part of the dining table. 

Do not use too much iodine.