Afrormosia Wood Uses

Afrormosia Wood Uses, Types, Properties, ( Advantages & Disadvantages)

Afrormosia/Afromosia or also known as African Teak is an exotic wood with West African distribution. The tree’s height is around 100-150 feet, and the leaves look good with a shape that tends to be oval.

The scientific name of Afrormosia wood is pericopsis elata, And has a relationship with pericopsis. The wood looks beautiful, and it would be nice if you made furniture.

Maybe we want medium-sized bookshelves as decorations. It will look good if it is placed in the living room.

What is afrormosia wood?

Afrormosia wood is the hardwood of an afrormosia tree that lives in Africa. Some people may refer to it as African teak. This wood has unique, very exotic, especially from the view outside.

Patterns and colors that appear very look beautiful. The tree reaches 100-150 ft (30-46 m) tall. It is likely to take a long time until the wood can be taken.

Wikipedia says that Afrormosia trees can live to be over 400 years old. Moreover, the afrormosia furniture some are also decades old.

Afrormosia wood properties

Wood is usually brown with a texture that tends to be straight, with its natural luster.

It will look browner if it’s sealed.

Afrormosia is very durable against decay, resistant to termites and insects, making it suitable for long-term furniture, such as large cabinets.

The smell of this wood will be different while it’s being worked on. Although it’s referred to as African teak, Afrormosia is not closely related to teak, probably because they are similar. Maybe you can use it instead of teak.

Afrormosia wood advantages

Durable: Afrormosia wood is the right choice to make a long-term wood object. Its resistance to rot is a very excellent point.

It looks like you don’t need to replace a large cupboard at home for a long time. Besides, there’s no need to worry about the countryside.

If the furniture uses this wood, it will be resistant to insects or termites. It looks like they have to find another place to live.

Easy to work: Afrormosia is easy to work with. Either work with hand tools or use machines. Some things may be an obstacle when the process is underway.

For example, some things on the board surface can cause tearing. Moreover, its weakness is the lack of a dulling effect on sharp edges and the appearance of dark stains in contact with iron. But hopefully, you can handle it well.

Work in the form of turns, glue, and others can be completed well. Instead of handling tools, try to save time by using machines.

Afrormosia wood disadvantages

Relatively expensive: You don’t need to expect to get Afrormosia at a low price like alder or some other softwoods on the market.

In reality, Afrormosia prices are medium to high, and This is because the trade is restricted. Therefore, if you get a chance to get it, use it as well as possible into valuable goods.

You can use or even sell it for a relatively high price. We also find info that most trade afrormosia is illegal. It looks like you have to be careful when buying it. These plants must continue to be preserved.

Endangered: If you love nature, it seems to avoid selecting this wood as the right choice because Afrormosia is included in Appendix II of CITES and the IUCN Red List.

Afrormosia is endangered due to exploitation and a decline in the natural range, which reduced the population to more than 50% in just the last three generations.

Participating in reforestation is the right choice if you want to use this wood. One tree was replaced with ten new Afrormosia.

Afrormosia wood for furniture


Afrormosia is very nice if made into a chair. Its durable nature makes it able to create classic chairs with decades of age. We found information about a lounge chair made in the 1950s.

It means that that chair is more than 50 years old. Therefore, it seems that you must have at least an afrormosia wooden chair.

Either for use or as an investment for antique materials. If the afrormosia population continues to decline, there will likely be a significant price spike for the chair.


Dinner at the afrormosia dining table looks like it’s going to be fun. Especially if it’s decades old, a vintage-style dinner will be felt. Afrormosia dining tables made in the 1960s still exist today. Afrormosia wood is also good for garden furniture.

You can look it up. Or make it if you want to feel a deeper impression. Afrormosia is impressive.

Having it today probably is an investment for the future. In addition, the table must also look attractive, whether its shape or exotic carvings.


It would be best if you had a cabinet to store many important items safely. It seems afrormosia cabinets are the right choice.

Impressive durability makes you not need to bother to change and move items in it for a long time. Its resistance to termites and other insects may be useful for securing items inside.

Wardrobes, doc, functional, shoe, bookcase, and others are suitably made from afrormosia wood.


A sturdy structure is a must for a sleeping bed. In addition, resistance to insects and rot must also be considered, and it Looks like afrormosia qualify. Regular timber may only last a few years and must be replaced afterward.

It seems that this does not apply to beds with afrormosia wood, which can last decades. It looks like you should check your parents’ or grandma’s bed. Maybe it’s made from Afrormosia.

Also, ask the age and why she bought it. You might get a good answer about the greatness afrormosia.

Afrormosia wood for boatbuilding

Wooden boatbuilding is still very popular today. However, metal has proven to have several advantages over wood. But, it looks like something that looks vintage is still popular, including wooden boatbuilding and Usually for small fishing boats.

But it is not impossible to use it to make large ships. Maybe you can see it in the port of a small vessel.

The long-lasting durability of Afrormosia is the best advantage of this wood. Water can make things perishable, including this wood But it probably will not happen any time soon.

Afrormosia wood for veneer

The wood veneer that can be used as a floor seems to be the right choice if it’s from afrormosia wood, and Although only as a coating.

We talk about afrormosia wood very good in durability and Things like that we’re the right choice and will not be made quickly broken.

It seems to remain robust although very thin. The whole house decorated with afrormosia wood will feel more vintage. But it would help if you had it in large quantities. Plant it now, so it doesn’t become extinct.

Afrormosia wood for flooring

It would be best if you had timber that is strong and durable to the floor. It seems that using afrormosia wood is the right choice. Its charming appearance with its straight texture and natural luster will make the floor of the house look beautiful.

If your house is large, it requires a large amount of afrormosia wood. It might be not easy to get it because trade is in tight control. In addition, you also have to participate in reforestation.

So that the population is growing and other parts of the house you may also want to decorate with afrormosia wood.


Although quality and very useful for making some things, it seems we must reduce the users. Buy classic afrormosia furniture in a suitable alternative.

But, used for small furniture seems still feasible. Moreover, we also see pretty much sold on the internet. It’s pretty good and looks brand new even though it’s decades old.

Let’s start reforesting the afrormosia tree from now. So that people in the future can enjoy exotic Afrormosia.