Burl Wood

Types of Burl Wood, Functional Exotic Wood in the World

Have you seen the wood with a unique, highly figured? Take a look if you haven’t already. You will see a rare beauty in wood. Uniquely, this beauty does not happen because of a good thing or made by humans.

But it happened because of a defect. Now we will talk about burl wood. With its high-value appearance, it can make many people look for it. Illegal taking is also not uncommon. It also seems like you have to work hard if you want to get it.

What is burl wood?

Burl wood does not come from the tree of the same name, like other woods. But this is from the burl, which is usually seen stuck to the side of the tree.

The cause of the deformed can occur due to insects, viruses, bacteria, or accidents. Most burls grow underground.

It may not be found until the tree dies. Burl produces unique wood with highly figured. That’s why many furniture makers are looking for it.

Some burl wood furniture may be highly valued in the market. Unfortunately, it can lead to burl poaching.

Burl wood appearance

Burl grows on the side of a tree as a leather-covered bulge. Burl that grows underground may not be realized.

It may look less attractive when attached to the tree. But you will most likely be amazed after the cut.

Its unique and high-value wood grain will make you fall in love. It looks like having a burl wood table is pretty good. Serving warm tea on it can provide a calm atmosphere.

Burl wood uses

An artist, furniture maker, or woodcarver would undoubtedly be happy if you get burl wood. It will add beauty to the product.

Using wood burl to make the table seem to be very interesting. Keeping the shape looking natural will add artistic value. Chairs, chests, and other home furnishings also seem to be good.

How about wood carving? It looks like burl wood carving would be good if it became a decoration in the living room. But it seems that the price will be high.

Briar burl

Briar Burl (erica Arborea) is the root burl like a tumor located between the roots and stems of the shrub. It measures about 10-13 feet with a diameter of 8 to 16 inches.

Briar burl distribution area is the Mediterranean region. There are about 2 types of briar burls, plateaux, and ebauchon.

Choose plateaux for the most expensive with high grade. Because it has good heat-resistance properties, the briar burl is good for making tobacco pipe. You can also make knife handles with this.

Brown malle burl

The brown malle burl is an incredible wood species of Southeastern Australia. The wood is brown and dense. With light sanding, it will give a smooth and durable finish.

This beautiful wood grain with an artistic appearance can attract the attention of many people. It seems that rarely is also a factor that makes it expensive.

Artisans will be interested in making it beautiful art. You can also buy finished goods such as boxes, pens, knives (handles), and other objects.

Afzelia burl

Afzelia burl is a tropical hardwood species from Southeast Asia. Also known as the Makamong burl. This beautiful burl is rare. Maybe it will be hard to get it. Especially if you have a highly figured, more irregular, and it seems to be more expensive.

Afzelia Burl tends to be reddish-brown, with black grains that are quite a lot. It looks pretty like burnt wood but has a shimmer. Think carefully about what item to make it. It’s better to choose decorative items.

Amboyna burl

Amboyna burl comes from Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Burma, Kalimantan. But it can also be found in New Guinea. Amboyna is now rare.

But it was available in large quantities in the empire period 1804-1815. Amboyna burl is difficult to work and finish, as it is dense and coarse.

Despite its shortcomings, this burl has high artistic value. The highly figured that has looks beautiful, with black grains in some parts. Some Amboyna looks like they are naturally engraved.

Asian tiger eye burl

Asian tiger eye burl is an exotic wood with natural color. It tends to be red and orange with charming black grains. Asian tiger eye burl good in workability.

Moreover, this burl also glues well. You can also process it by turns. We think this exotic wood is perfect for furniture. But making it a decorative item seems even better because it can last longer.

Buckeye burl

Exotic wood with highly figured, buckeye burl. The mix of blue/grey, black, and gold looks very beautiful. Although it is hardwood, the buckeye burl is relatively light and soft. Workability in milling may be a problem.

The presence of dirt, stones, bullets, sand, and rattlesnakes is the reason. It seems pretty good if used as a knife handle. But making it a guitar is the right choice. The display is simply stunning with its high of art and prices.

Camphor burl

Champor trees (Cinnamomum camphora) grow to about 60-100 feet and produce quality, rare burls with an attractive appearance. It tends to be reddish-brown, even to deep scarlet. Champor burls are available in veneers, squares, and blocks.

Make valuable items from this burl, such as furniture, acoustic guitars, and jewelry boxes. You can also make pens and knife handles from this champor burl. We recommend using it well because it is a rare burl.

Goldfield burl

Goldfield burl from Australia is very beautiful and exotic. Use them creatively to create high-value items. Electric guitar and woodturning can be an option. Or use it to make the knife handle to make it look attractive.

The highly figured displayed is very charming with its natural carvings. Several colors are available such as red and gold. It looks like natural paint that stands out. Should select a goldfield burl with a mixture of several colors.

Gold mallee burl

Gold mallee burl is another Australian wood with a great look. The highly figured displayed by some woods is a mix of several colors, especially gold and red.

It seems Gold mallee burl is the right, artistic material for creating high-value art. Make a light and soft item out of this burl. The bowls and knife handle look good. Spindles and turned boxes are also good choices.

Mappa burl

Mappa burl comes from European poplar has an attractive appearance. Beautiful colors, such as brown and gold with a black eye in it. Mappa burls do not have a highly figured and unique like some other burls. But it seems pretty good for some things.

Workability easily with a variety of tools is an advantage. Nice to furniture and cabinets. Her charming looks will make her look good. It seems that decorative furniture is also pretty good.

Red mallee burl

Wood with red is likely to look attractive. The red mallee burl (Eucalyptus oleosa) is a must-have. Its unique grains with multiple color blends make this burl great for a somethings. You must set up enough money to get it.

It seems to make some objects such as turned box, bowls, spindle, and a pretty good knife handle. The characteristic of the wood is solid. Make a light sanding to make it easier to produce the durable final result and softness.

Sycamore burl

The sycamore burl has a unique artistic pattern. The complexity of the pattern with the mixture of several colors with black grains looks very interesting.

The growth of this wood is in Southeast Europe to West Asia, with a height that can reach 100 feet. The wood has good workability, medium density, and glues well.

Make furniture for use or other decorative items. The unique, highly figured is likely to provide more value, including a high price.

Thuya burl

Thuya burls are very rare nowadays. High demand over a long period is the reason.

The uniqueness of the black grains includes many dots of different sizes, and This burl comes from the Thuya tree (Tetraclinis articulata) in Morocco.

The Greeks and Romans praised thuya wood very much. Moreover, the wood is also used in rituals and religious ceremonies. Make a high-value item if you have this wood, then sell it to the highest bidder.


The rarely of burl wood makes its value soared. It seems more appropriate for decorative use is very rare. Or make it static furniture is also the right choice.

If you have the chance, don’t forget to buy a high-patterned one. It might be an investment. Because some collectors maybe like it.