Amazique Wood Uses

Amazique Wood Uses, Properties, and Advantages/Disadvantages

Amazique is also known as ovangkol, Mozambique, or shedua. Its evergreen tree types living in Tropical West Africa like Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, etc.

Amazique trees can grow to 30–45 m tall, It has leafy foliage, and have a unique wood. The availability of amazique trees is abundant.

That is evidenced by the absence of this tree in CITES attachments. IUCN also reports that amazique is species of least concern. It’s a big chance to make a lot of furniture.

What is amazique wood?

Amazique wood is wood with brown and unique grains. You can see that the grains forming a group of lines are highly figured.

Amazique is good for furniture, like cabinets and chairs. The straight grains will make both look interesting. However, it doesn’t seem nice for dining tables.

It can make you lose your appetite. Amazique wood guitar is incredible, and the grains can make high artistic value for that musical instrument. You can see it on the internet.

Amazique wood properties

Be careful with wet amazique, because it will give off an unpleasant smell. But It will disappear when it’s dry. Amazique wood appearance is impressive.

The grain is straight is brown to black, with high value. Another advantage is long-lasting against rot. Moreover, the amazique is also had good resistance to insect attacks.

Easy to work is you can also get it. It glues and turns well. Although some obstacles may occur, we hope you can finish it.

Amazique wood advantages and disadvantages


Durable: Amazique wood is rated resistant to rot. Although not considered very durable. But It’s pretty good for furniture.

Because furniture such as cabinets, chairs, tables must be durable. Moreover, insect resistance is also advantageous.

Because sometimes, wood is damaged not because of rot but because of insects. They nest and eat wood there for a long time. Maybe you won’t notice it any time soon. But look at a few years later.

Interest appearance: For me, this wood is gorgeous. Its varied colors, such as yellowish-brown, give a good feel. Straight black and dark brown grains add artistic value to the wood.

Sometimes, it becomes a pyramid pattern if the wood is processed into something convex. But making it a guitar isn’t bad either. It seems to have an amazique wood guitar that is pretty good. The appearance will attract people’s attention during the show.

Workability: The wood is quite easy to work with. You can work it with hand tools and machines. Although there are some obstacles, such as silica content can blunt the cutter. And other things that might make the process more difficult.

But it’s okay because the wood is glued and turns well. You can try making something small, like curved. Or something else like turned objects if you think the wood is not good for it.

Useful: Amazique wood is valuable. The properties of this wood are also It also provides good benefits. You can make it furniture, veneer, or flooring. An amazique cabinets maybe look attractive, especially with their unique grain.

Moreover, It would look good if it was made into an incredible guitar. Would you mind looking at the internet (youtube) if you don’t believe me? Turned objects like bowls and teacups are another option to process this wood.

Health friendly: Some wood has troublesome health risks such as skin irritation, allergies, and even poisoning. It makes you have to be careful when interacting with it. But the pretty worrisome health risks do not exist in amazique wood.

It may only result in standard health risks. This makes it very suitable to use, especially for those with specific health problems, so they can’t interact with some wood.


Mid-range price: You don’t have to expect to get amazique wood at a low price. Moreover, figured and curly wood is priced more expensive. Be sure to do the election well before buying.

Note also the intended use of the wood. Look for that to look beautiful if it was for decoration. Be careful when making purchases. Avoid buying online. Come directly to the seller’s place to see and feel the goods for yourself.

Unpleasant odor: Maybe some people will have problems with the wood odor. You should know the fact of amazique scent. When wet, amazique wood emits a strong unpleasant smell.

You may not be able to hold it in if you are sensitive to unpleasant odors. But that’s okay, wait a few hours. After drying, the smell will disappear. However, you should avoid it if you have health problems with it. It’s best to choose wood that doesn’t cause odor.

Amazique wood for furniture

Make some furniture from this wood. It seems that would be good for Cabinets, tables, chairs, and other furniture. But, it doesn’t appear suitable for the dining table.

I think the look will take away the appetite. A medium-sized wardrobe will look attractive.

The grain it has can provide a higher artistic value. But, it seems to make it look more exciting bookcase. In addition to a place to save books, the shelf can also store ornamental plants, photos, and quotes picture.

Amazique wood for veneer

Wooden veneer needed wood with an exotic appearance. That is one of the conditions. It seems amazique wood is enough to fulfill this. Seeing how it looks, it has attractive, varied colors, decorated with black to dark brown stripes.

It looks suitable for veneer furniture, although, on the floor, it’s less attractive. Maybe you will start thinking about building a room with amazique veneer, for example, a Vintage-style room for playing music or painting.

Be careful when putting it together. Maybe you should learn a little about how to the right arrange wood veneer.

Amazique wood for turned objects

It seems pretty good if amazique wood becomes turned objects. Ease of processing both for machines and with hand tools is its advantage.

Making it a decorative item of high artistic value is something interesting. Moreover, it looks desirable.

The highly figured with straight lines looks very attractive. Making a bowl, decorative lights, or holiday ornaments seems pretty good.

It’s best to buy a few pieces right away, then make your own. You can use it or sell it at an online craft shop.

Amazique wood for musical instruments

You might be interested after seeing a guitar made of amazique wood. That’s incredible. It seems I also want to buy one. But, is it better to make it yourself? Yes, it’s a good choice.

Amazique wood is very suitable for making musical instruments, including guitars.

Not only will it give a beautiful sound, but also its charming appearance can provide an artistic value that attracts attention. Now it’s time to do your acoustic show with the amazique wood guitar.

Amazique wood for flooring

Amazique wood is also great for flooring, at least not just like a veneer. But I think it’s less attractive to be used as flooring. Her appearance was not suitable to be seen every time.

It seems to be a headache and a loss of appetite, as I said earlier. Maybe it just happened to me. If you think it’s interesting, please use it.

Don’t forget to choose high-quality ones. Although expensive, figured, and curly, it will surely make your guests impressed.


Amazique wood was incredible for several things. Examples include an attractive appearance, ease of workability, and usefulness. But the odor when wet may be a significant problem.

However, this is usually solved easily. Its durability can be the main advantage for making furniture.

Try making large, long-term furniture for your primary storage. Maybe you’ll be happy because it doesn’t need to be replaced for years.

Making a guitar is also a great choice if you like it.