Anigre Wood Uses

Anigre Wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Anigre (Pouteria spp.), also known as Anegre, Aniegre, or Aningré, is a 100-180 ft (30-55 m) tall tree that is widely distributed throughout Africa, mainly tropical East and West Africa. The wood name is Anigre wood which is a hardwood type.

It can be used for many things, including furniture, plywood, and others. Anigre is still in stock and isn’t on the CITES list.

However, according to the IUCN, some species are dependent on conservation. And if stopped, it may be put on the Red List (vulnerable or endangered).

What is anigre wood?

Anigre wood is a wood from West and East Africa that is known for its exotic. It has a golden brown with a unique straight grain and natural luster.

Anigre wood has a faint odor similar to cedar and also has standard health risks. Unfortunately, this wood is not durable against rot, insect attack and is considered easily damaged. However, this wood is easy to work with and is quite inexpensive.

Most anigre wood is sold as veneer. But several other things can also be made from Anigre, such as interior furniture, musical instruments, plywood, etc.

Anigre wood properties

Wood with a light yellowish-brown, and maybe golden-brown over time. It has a straight grain figured of brown and light brown, which may look white.

Anigre wood has poor resistance to rot and is easily damaged. This is a significant deficiency. Moreover, Anigre is also not resistant to insect attack and is susceptible to blue mold staining during early drying of the sapwood.

Good workability for both hand tools and machines, However, watch out for silica, which can directly affect your devices.

Anigre wood advantages and disadvantages


Moderately priced: Anigre is an imported hardwood that is sold at moderately priced. Maybe because the availability is still a lot, and the population is still abundant.

This wood is mainly sold as veneer, although some are sold in other shapes. Visit the seller directly for the buyer. Try to avoid making purchases online if you don’t fully trust the seller.

Check the quality of the wood you want to buy. Don’t forget to look at the grains and colors of the wood; choose the shape you need according to the purpose it was made.

Easy to work: Do the woodworking with your hand tools or a machine if you have one. Overall, both can perform smoothly.

Although it depends on the species, and some obstacles may occur. Don’t forget to check your equipment after the work is done. Because maybe the wood has a silica to give blunt effect to your equipment.

Anigre doesn’t have a strong unpleasant odor. It will make your work easier. But, don’t forget to pay attention to the health conditions that the wood can cause.


Not durable: Resistance to rot and insect attack is significant for wood. But Anigre doesn’t have both and is considered easily damaged.

However, you may overcome this with tricks such as soaking it in water and other preservation methods to extend its life. Choose better wood to make it easier, especially if you need to use long-term wood.

It’s recommended for use in light interior furniture, even though it makes boatbuilding, veneer, plywood, and musical instruments can make from anigre wood.

Anigre wood species

We found several sources of anigre wood. It seems that the wood is not produced from just one species. Pouteria altissima, Pouteria pierrei, and Pouteria Superba are some species we want to share with you.

But keep in mind that we are not entirely sure about this. We only get raw information from one source and haven’t dug into it yet.

However, we can be sure that Pouteria altissima is a source of anigre hardwood, several species of Pouteria sp. Maybe produce different wood qualities.

Anigre wood for plywood

Plywood must meet several conditions, one of which is hard. Anigre seemed to have qualified. However, we think it’s not quite as ideal as oak, birch, etc.

But you can use it as an alternative. Resistance to rot is a significant problem. You may not want the furniture damaged in a short time. Therefore, please think further before using it.

Moreover, insects will be happy with the wood. Don’t let them nest in your house because of Anigre. Because we thought it was a bad thing.

Anigre wood for interior furniture

There is something we want to emphasize in this matter. Anigre wood looks impressive with its color and straight grain figure. However, making anigre interior furniture doesn’t seem like the right choice.

The reason is not durable. Cabinets, tables, or chairs must be durable.

And we know that the Anigre is not qualified. However, light furniture may be okay, For example, a mini bookcase as decoration or a mini table for lay flowers.

Therefore, for interior furniture, you should only use wood that experts have recommended.

Anigre wood for veneer

As I said earlier, Anigre is primarily sold in veneer form. This proves that anigre wood is very suitable for this and is favored by the market. It seems anigre status as hardwood makes it relevant.

Veneers must also be able to thinly cut, not easily torn, and flexible when used. You may be able to find it in an anigre veneer. But, what about the durability? It would be best if you bought it.

The wood company might do something to make it last longer. You can also do it yourself if you are the know-how.

Anigre wood for boatbuilding

Some sources say that one of the functions of anigre wood is for boatbuilding. We include it here only as reference material, not a recommendation.

The fact that this wood is not durable is a problem for boatbuilding. Moreover, we can use better wood.

Accordingly, this wood is indeed suitable, but we don’t recommend it; use it as an alternative if other wood is too expensive, not available at the woodshop, or there is no suitable wood that you have.

Anigre wood for musical instruments

Anigre is an excellent choice for making musical instruments, especially guitars. Anigre sounds like mahogany that I can say.

You can try to make other musical instruments from Anigre, I only know for guitar. But, it seems to be good, especially for musical instruments that are not influenced by the type of wood.

So, please try it. However, the working process may not work well, one of which is because the tool becomes Blunted due to silica. Someone at a forum warned of it. Therefore, use a machine to simplify the process.

Anigre wood for light construction

Use anigre wood for some light construction. Some home construction can be categorized into this type. Other examples include ceiling and floor joists; Anigre is good at it. Maybe you can use it as the primary wood. However, we doubt its durability.

Rain that hits the anigre wood house is bad enough because it can accelerate decay. Moreover, holding heavy loads also makes them more susceptible to damage. But, it’s not absolute; please use it and see the results.


We have discovered many facts about this wood, some of which are reliable.

However, its fatal drawback is that it is not durable. It’s not very good for wooden construction.

People will choose better wood, as it has more advantages than Anigre.

But, the ideal price is reliable, and people like it.

After all, Anigre can be chosen as a guitar wood. People say it sounds like mahogany, and that sounds good.

So we thought this wood is good for some things, exceptionally light stuff.

However, you should avoid long-term use of furniture because of poor durability.