Beech Wood

10 Facts about Beech Wood You Have to Know!

Nowadays, wood furniture becomes very popular and trending, including beech wood furniture. 

People choose wood furniture because of the natural beauty of each type of wood that makes a different look for your home. 

Moreover, it is a perfect choice for you who want to make your home looks aesthetic. Furthermore, wood furniture is also suitable for almost all home designs, such as rustic, farmhouse, urban industrial, minimalism, and modern.

Especially, beechwood furniture has been increasingly popular for wood furniture. If you want to buy wood furniture made from beech wood, here are the 10 pieces of information about beech wood furniture that you have to know.

1. Common use of beech wood

Beechwood is commonly used for wood furniture such as bed frames, living room furniture, cabinetry, dining table, and many others. 

It is also used for cooking utensils, musical instruments (such as piano, drum, pin-blocks), sports equipment, railroad ties, flooring, and plywood.

The beechwood has high density and high burning quality.  Besides, it is also hard and has a straight type of wood grain perfect for furniture and other functions mentioned previously.

2. Beech wood identification

You can examine several factors to identify whether it is a beechwood or not. First, you can identify it from its bark. 

The young beech trees have a grey and smooth bark with some horizontal marks. When the trees become older, the bark has vertical and some cracked horizontal marks.

Secondly, you can identify from the leaves. In summer, the color of the leaves is dark green. Meanwhile, in autumn, the leaves have a vibrant copper color and lime green color in spring. 

In winter, the young beech trees have all they leave during the winter.

Thirdly, you can identify beech trees from the silhouette. The silhouette of beech trees is broad, straight, and tall. The trees have a lot of branches that reach up and out of the main trunk.

3. Is beech wood good for outdoor furniture?

The beechwood has some characteristics. One of them is naturally very absorbent. 

Thus, it absorbs any moisture, so that it is not recommended to use beech wood for outdoor furniture or the humid area. 

However, the beechwood furniture is good for bedroom furniture, chair set, dining table, or living room furniture.

4. Disadvantages of beech wood

Every type of wood certainly has disadvantages, such as price, durability, flexibility, and others. The disadvantage of beech wood is that it is not an ideal choice for permanent outdoor furniture because it is absorbent. 

Therefore, it is not durable for outdoor space since it absorbs a lot of moisture. Besides, the beechwood is heavy, so it might not be easy to work with.

5. Advantages of beech wood

Despite the disadvantages of beech wood, it has so many advantages as wood furniture. First, the beechwood furniture has good flexibility, which is good for curved furniture manufacture. 

Therefore, it is suitable for cooking utensils like spoons, cutting boards, and many others.

Secondly, it has a high-quality shock resistance. Besides,  it is hard, strong, and heavy wood. It is also used for flooring, and you do not have to worry about its strength toward weight and high pressure. 

Thirdly, regarding the price, the beechwood is affordable but has good quality, similar to hardwood, like mahogany, cherry, walnut, and maple.

The beechwood furniture is also odorless, which is great for you who do not want to smell in your room. Certainly, it offers you a great natural appeal that makes your room decor more beautiful.

6. What is beech wood good for?

In general, beechwood can be used for many multiple purposes. Especially, beechwood is good for living room furniture, dining table, indoor chairs, cabinetry, and bedroom furniture. 

Moreover, it is also a great choice for flooring, wooden toys, musical instruments, veneer, lumber, plywood, and kitchen utensils.

7. Beech wood texture

The beechwood has some different textures. It has a light texture and also a seamless texture. The texture is absolutely great for the wood furniture in your living space.

8. Beech wood facts

Beech tree has 11 different species that grow in North America, Asia, and Nothern Europe. They usually grow on limestone, chalk, or other fertile soil. 

The old beech trees must have direct sunlight to grow up well, while the young beech trees can survive in a shaded area. The beech trees can grow up to 80 to 100 feet.

It is important to note that the beech trees can not grow up in an area with high carbon monoxide. 

The beechwood has a high quality which is perfect for many purposes, such as wood furniture, flooring, veneer, wooden toys, and many others.

9. Beech wood color

The beechwood colors are various. Typically, the color is a pale cream combined with a brown hue or pink color. It also has a light orange color and salmon color. 

Meanwhile, the bark of beech wood is a greenish and light gray color. It has a smooth bark that can be found in both old and young beech trees. 

The natural color of the beechwood has a natural beauty that increases the beauty of your home decor.

10. Beech wood strength

Beechwood is well known for its high durability. It is hard and strong, so it is a perfect idea for wood furniture to handle high pressure. 

It has a strong surface and solid density, protecting against high pressure, gouging, and chipping. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for you to have durable wood furniture in your room.

Beechwood is a perfect idea for wood furniture since it has natural beauty, is strong, hard, durable, and affordable. 

It is also suitable for any home decor, such as rustic, farmhouse, and others. Finally, that’s all about the beechwood furniture that you need to know.