best places to buy industrial furniture online

The 15 Best Online Stores You Can Visit To Buy Industrial Furniture

If you want to buy furniture for your house décor online you can visit the 15 best places to buy industrial furniture online. In today’s day and time, the Covid 19 pandemic is still spreading among us. 

It is advised to keep human interactions as little as possible. Online cyberspace has made it possible for us to do so.

Shopping using the internet is easy and convenient but it can be hard sometimes since you have to pay attention to the product dimensions that you are going to purchase and you also need to calculate your room to make sure your furniture can fits inside. There are also other problems you may face. 

For instance, you might not always know what you will get just by browsing and looking at a picture alone, the furniture you purchase might have no right color or size, or even worse, you receive the products in a defective form from the delivery.

Despite the problems you may face, it is much more handy and convenient to look through an online store rather than wandering through an offline showroom. This is one of many reasons why online shopping is so interesting. 

You can order your desired furniture and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep. But still, even after it arrives, you need to build and assemble it by yourself later.

Below are the lists of the 15 best places to buy industrial furniture online. You can browse a wide range of furniture that you wish to have in your house. 

The online shopping listed below also allows you to browse furniture based on the materials such as metal, steel, solid wood, wood slabs, and resin epoxy.

The carefully curated lists of online shops below have a wide range of furniture with an array of the price that suits your budget. The shops also have good customer service as well as return policies. 

The shops below also allow you to see products review and ratings that can greatly help you to learn about the products that you are going to purchase.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair online shop has more than hundreds of options of furniture to choose from. It has barstools, patio chairs, and also home décor. 

You can browse and find practically whatever furniture you are looking for that can suit your budget. 

Wayfair also has product sales every day as well. If you keep checking the website regularly, you can buy even cheaper furniture and save your money.

From my personal experience, the quality of products on Wayfair can be unpredictable every so often. 

However, they offer outstanding customer service and not hesitated to give you a refund if somehow the product you buy arrives damaged, has missing parts or it is just not like what you expect.

2. Houzz

This store is only available online. You can browse through wide categories of furniture, from beach, modern, or farmhouse. You can also find discounts on various furniture categories as well as get free product shipping. 

Before you can shop at Houzz, you have to create an account beforehand, but worry not, it is free of charge.

3. AllModern

This online furniture store is connected with Wayfair Company. You will find a lot of furniture products to choose from such as living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. 

The materials are also available in varying selections such as solid wood, metal, and more.

4. FROY Online Store

As an online furniture shop, FROY offers myriad collections of furniture that are ideal for an industrial house. 

If you are looking for an urban combined with a rustic vibe, this store is suitable for you. This store also offers you free standard shipping if you order products with a price greater than $75!

5. Amish Furniture Factory

Amish Online Shop offers a wide selection of furniture that is very durable. 

Unlike any other furniture made today, the furniture made by Amish furniture is designed to last long because it is made of solid wood materials. This store also offers discounts from time to time.

6. Anthropologie

The wide selection of this online store has a quirky and luxury vibe. However, the furniture sold here is a little bit more costly.


The fun thing to do in IKEA is going to the offline store and pretends you are living in that model room. 

However, if you can’t visit the store and prefer to shop online, you can still order their furniture via its official web store. Soon you will have your furniture shipped in front of your door.

8. West Elm

This online store has more expensive furniture collections, but it has high quality. 

The majority of the furniture here has a modern vibe and the quality is incredible. Your furniture will surely last for a long time.

9. Hayneedle

This store is part of Walmart Company. This online furniture shop has the biggest collection of outdoor furniture. 

You can also browse the carefully selected catalogs of furniture for your dining room, bedrooms, and more.

10. Overstock Online Store

Overstock online store is notorious for its affordable product with great quality as they sell an assortment of extra merchandise and new items.

11. One Kings Lane

If you want to purchase luxury furniture, just browse the One Kings Lane store. The price may be costly, but they do give you a free shipping service. 

If you don’t know what to decide, you can use the online service for consultation.

12. Burrow

In Burrow online store you can shop for affordable and customizable modern furniture with a mid-century vibe. 

Burrow claimed that upon purchasing furniture, it will deliver in 1 week and you can assemble it in 10 minutes only. This is easier than having to assemble using IKEA instructions.

13. Apt2B

This online store has a huge collection of sofas and couches and some furniture is unexpectedly reasonably priced. You can get up to 50% discount if you search on its outlet section.

14. Joss & Main

Joss & Main is an online furniture store that becomes a member of Wayfair Company. You can find cheap everyday furniture here. 

You can also find slots of industrial-inspired decoration such as iron bar stools, charcoal armchairs,s and more.

15. Etsy

Etsy is a place for artisans as well as small businesses that made custom home décor and furniture. 

You can discover a lot of vintage, rustic and modern furniture with industrial touch as well as décor on this website.