Versace Furniture Review

Versace Furniture Review for Your Living Room

Having Versace furniture can be a really good choice for your living room. The furniture, especially the sofa is made of fine Italian leather and it has many different colors and designs. 

Also, based on the review, the furniture has an ultimate quality for the customers.

If you want to choose one, it is better to see several options. It will be great if you match the theme of the living room with the design of the sofa. 

With the premium materials from the Versace, you will get the best shape and comfort for your sofa. Your guests will be glad to have a comfortable seat while having a chat with you.

Versace 3 Seater Sofa Settee Genuine Italian Black White Leather

This is a perfect sofa to match the masculine theme of your living room. There is a combination of black and white color and it has 3 seaters. 

The sofa is made of Italian black and white leather which offers 100% best quality.

Versace Black Elegant Sofa Set

For this sofa set, you can easily choose from three, two, or even one-seater. The materials are made of kikar wood and Italian fine leather. If you do not like the color, you can also request to have another color.

Versace Hash tag Greek

The design is luxurious with materials from wood and polyurethane foam wrap. 

If you want to change the fabric and leather, you can easily do so. This collection is one of a kind and it will be suitable for an elegant living room.

Versace 3 Seater Signature Sofa

White color is nice as a sofa for a glamorous living room. It is made of wood and full white grain leather from Italy. 

The ornaments are gold medal signature medallion on shiny leather stripes. This collection can give comfort to people who sit on it.

Versace 3 Seater via Gesu Sofa

This collection has 3 seats and it is made of wood and leather. 

It has drawers in the arms with shelves and you can find sculptural 3D gold metal medusa for the ornaments. It is made of Italy with ultimate fine quality.

Versace Sofa Furniture with Rich Ebony

This collection has 3 seaters and black color is chosen to elevate the masculine look. Four legs below are painted with gold to give the rich look. 

The sofa is really comfortable with an armchair and you can easily put this sofa in your living room. You can match the sofa with the table from glass or from wood with black or white color.

Versace Deco Vanitas Sofa

This sofa is made of wood with polyurethane foam wrap to the frame and seats. It is also completed with gold metal Vanitas arms to give more comfort to the customers. 

The best thing about this collection is the continuous silk fabric for the seat cushions and plain leather for the upholstered frame. 

You can also choose your own leather, fabrics, metal, and wood to create your best sofa.

Versace Duyal Sofa

This sofa is the best of a kind for animal lovers. The combination of gold and black color makes the sofa look stunning. 

Also, there is a puma picture on the cushion of the sofa to create a bold look. The sofa is made of wood, silk fabric, and leather to create the best sofa for the customers.

Versace La Coup Sofa

This is a 3 seater sofa made of wood with polyurethane foam wrap to the frame and seats. Thus, the structure is strong enough to hold a heavyweight. 

Also, you can choose the fabrics and leather as you wish. The main color for the sofa is black and there is a small metal gold metal band to give nice detail to the sofa. 

It creates an elegant and luxurious look for the sofa.

Versace Les Etoiles de La Mer

This sofa is made of wood for the structure and it is completed with the wooden band’s mercury finis on the arms with 3D sculptural Medusa on tone. 

You can also choose your own fabrics and leather-based on your preference. 

The main color is soft pink and it will be suitable for the living room with an elegant and girly look.

All of Versace furniture is made in Italy and it always uses fine leather with the best quality. 

There are plenty of designs to see and you will get the best sofa for your living room.