Castello Boxwood Uses, Properties, Pros, and Cons

Castello Boxwood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Castello boxwood?

Castello Boxwood (Calycophyllum multiflorum), also known as Ivorywood or Palo Blanco, is a widely distributed wood throughout South America.

This tree is only about 20-30 feet tall, with a 1-2 feet trunk diameter. It’s brightly colored wood, and we thought it looked casual. However, Castello Boxwood has some excellent properties that make it one of the woods to be reckoned with on the market.

Some of these properties are quite durable against decay and have good working properties. Castello Boxwood is commonly used for turned objects, archery bows, carvings, inlay, shipbuilding, etc.

The properties of Castello boxwood

Castello Boxwood heartwood is light brown to pale yellow, while the sapwood is lighter. Castello boxwood is also a wood that has a fine texture and looks a little shiny.

The grain of this wood tends to be straight to slightly intertwined, making it look more attractive. Castello Boxwood’s rot resistance is moderately durable, and it resists marine borers well.

Not only that, but this wood also has good workability and doesn’t seem too difficult to work; however, the price of Castello Boxwood tends to be quite high, and that might make you think again.

Castello boxwood advantages

Durability: Generally moderately durable, although the resistance to rot depends on the type of rotting fungus that attacks it. There doesn’t seem to be a significant problem with spoilage, and in this case, you should put it well.

However, we hope you don’t think about using it as a long-term wooden object, as we believe it’s not very good.

But, it’s good if you think of using it in direct contact with water, including the sea. Because the wood has excellent resistance to marine borers, that seems to make it less prone to damage in the sea.

Workability: Castello Boxwood has pretty good overall workability, although we don’t know yet if it’s easy to work with hand tools or machines.

Castello boxwood dry wood is also reported to have high cutting resistance, which seems to be quite a hassle. So, we think you should dry it moderately and not too dry to cut it easier.

Because hard-to-cut wood can waste too much time unless you use a sharp machine cutter, not only does it turn well, but Castello Boxwood also glues and finishes well.

So it seems quite easy to work for beginners.

Castello boxwood disadvantages

Moderately high: Castello Boxwood is a wood that is not commonly available in the United States, but you can still get it.

As for imported wood, the wood price tends to be moderately high, and it seems like it could be even higher.

However, it seems like getting Castello Boxwood at a lower price is not impossible, and we hope you can get it.

The sale of this wood is also only turning blanks, and we don’t know about other forms yet. Purchasing the better Castello Boxwood seems to have to import it directly to the buyer to negotiate the best price.

Castello boxwood for archery bows

As a hardwood, Castello boxwood can certainly be used as archery bows, although we don’t know more about its quality.

If we look at some of the things we already know, such as rot resistance, workability, then that’s pretty good.

However, before making attractive and high-quality archery bows, it’s a good idea to test first by making simple archery bows.

If you feel that the quality is good, then start to make it even better. That’s a great way to prevent wastage and avoid failure, And it’s also a great move if you want to make it a business.

Castello boxwood for carvings

Castello boxwood is also commonly used in carvings, and we also think this is a great choice.

Some carvings seem to require brightly colored wood with good workability. That’s why Castello boxwood can be an option for this.

There is no information that Castello boxwood has a high or very high density. We expect an average density because it can benefit the sculptor to make it easier and faster.

There seems to be no problem with outdoor sculpture, and in fact, we think it’s great for making the house look more beautiful.

Castello boxwood for inlay

Not only carvings but Castello Boxwood can also be used in inlay work. This is good enough for some parts that require brightly colored wood, and we hope you can combine them well.

Castello boxwood has good workability, so there doesn’t seem to be any problem cutting. Make sure to use quality equipment and plan well.

That way, the inlays you do can be better and produce something of high value. It is perfect for decorating the house, especially furniture or other objects, and it seems to make your home’s interior more attractive.

Castello boxwood for turned objects

After carving and inlay, then maybe you want to make wooden objects that are even more interesting. That’s why our suggestion is to create turned objects.

Although Castello boxwood does not have a charming, unique, or exotic appearance, it can be an option for several things. This is wood that turns well after all, and it seems that only ability finds the final result significantly.

Since it looks quite simple and bright, the right use is to turn plain and simple objects and make them sparkle to make them more exciting and suitable for decorative wooden items.

Castello boxwood for shipbuilding

Maybe you need good wood for shipbuilding, and we recommend using Castello boxwood. However, we can’t be sure about the quality, although we hope it’s close to Oak or Teak.

If not, then you can use Castello Boxwood as a substitute or just for additional material. A significant plus in this regard is the high resistance to marine borers, which can be reason enough for shipbuilding.

Castello boxwood is also quite durable in its resistance to rot, which might be a consideration for your decision.

Castello boxwood for shuttles

This is just a different use that can be made an option. Castello boxwood can be used as wood shuttles, and we don’t think that’s surprising.

Although we didn’t find much information about the type of wood for the shuttles, it seems that most of the wood can be used.

Castello boxwood’s status as hardwood is very supportive; in this case, it will be a sturdy shuttle, and we hope it will last. Use on land, humid areas, or water we think is no significant problem if needed. Try it yourself to see the quality.

Castello boxwood for engraving

If you like high-detail art, you probably already know to engrave; Castello woods be used for that, although we don’t know more about why.

But it seems that the cloudy properties, in this case, are sufficient density and good workability.

This reason may be made Castello boxwood easier to work in engraving than other types of wood.

But, it seems like most of the wood can be used for this, although the quality is different. Because we lack information in this regard, please comment if you have a better opinion.

Castello boxwood for spindles

The most recent use of Castello boxwood in this list is spindles. It is a hardwood that seems sturdy, durable, and doesn’t break easily.

That’s why using them as spindles is a pretty good option. While the quality may not be as great as the wood most commonly used for spindles, it’s still a good choice.

However, if we have more choices, we recommend using the most common wood as Castello boxwood prices tend to be high for less popular wood.

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