Dark Oak Dining Table

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Dark Oak Dining Table

There are various types of solid wood we can choose to build our home furniture. One of the most popular wood choices for home furniture is oak. 

For thousands of years, people have used oak to build furniture, mostly in the UK. Nowadays, the dark oak dining table is gaining more popularity all over the world to create a minimalist home style.

Oak as basic material for the dining table is not only able to bring calmness and a sense of nature into the house, but also has many advantages from the physical strength and durability. 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a dark oak dining table.

The Advantages of Using Dark Oak Dining Table

1. High Durability

Naturally, oak wood slabs have good physical strength and longevity which makes this hardwood a good choice for home furniture. 

Oak hardwood will not leave even a single trace on it when the furniture has been pressed and knocked. 

Therefore, oak wood is one of the best choices for furniture material especially if it is used in family areas which will be used continually.

2. Appealing Appearance

Oakwood has a very appealing appearance with a glamorous golden color that will bring a natural and calmer environment to your family areas. You can pair a dark oak dining table with different modern design types of furniture in the living room.

The Disadvantages of Using Dark Oak Dining Table

1. Difficult and Taking More Time to Work With

As oak wood has a hard structure and naturally dense, furniture makers will need more time with extra effort to turn it into usable furniture.

2. Expensive

Oak wood is typically more expensive compare to the other common woods used for home furniture. 

Since oak is growing slowly, it makes the supply for oak relatively rare in the market as the oak needs more time to reach maturity and can be utilized for timber.