Dekton Countertops: The long lifespan kitchen worktops

Dekton Countertops: Properties, Pros, Cons & Maintenance

Like ceramics, a Dekton kitchen countertop is completely maintenance-free because it is heat, stain, and scratch-resistant! What makes Dekton attractive is its sleek appearance and exclusive colors. Dekton is also suitable as a washbasin top.

For those who want a unique kitchen, Dekton countertops are a must-have. Dekton is an ideal material for countertops. It has plenty of benefits and stays beautiful year after year.

Dekton is perfect for large surfaces (kitchen island) because it can be made in one piece. In addition, a Dekton countertop is also suitable for outdoor kitchens.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is one of the latest innovations in industrial stone types. Dekton consists of 100% natural materials, including glass, quartz, and porcelain.

These raw materials are compressed using a specially developed technique (Particle Sintering Technology).

This creates a very hard, non-porous, and ultra-compact material. These excellent properties and beautiful, natural appearance make Dekton the perfect raw material for countertops.

During production, a three-dimensional system is used that ensures that Dekton not only gets the desired finish but that, for example, veins also run through the mass of the product.

This creates a coating in three dimensions: the surface itself, the volume of the surface, and the mass.

This special integration determines the appearance, quality, and stability of Dekton and makes it a unique surface.

Why is Dekton ideal for a kitchen island or sink island?

Since Dekton is available in many colors and large sizes, this material is ideal for kitchen islands.

Your sink island or cooking island can be manufactured in one piece. This means you get fewer seams on your kitchen island.

Benefits of Dekton kitchen countertop

Dekton has a lot of beneficial properties. We have listed these advantages of a Dekton kitchen worktop for you below:

1. Heat resistant

You can easily place a hot pan on a Dekton kitchen countertop, which will prevent the countertop from cracking, damaging, or discoloring.

This makes Dekton a strong competitor for composite countertops. Also, this material has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

As a result, it will not work even with significant temperature changes. Because it can withstand even frost, Dekton is also used for all kinds of outdoor applications (such as facade cladding).

2. Stain resistant

The super compact and non-porous material ensures that it is resistant to the most annoying acids. Because a Dekton countertop is completely stain-resistant, you can spill wine or coffee on it without any problems.

Drops of chlorine, oven degreaser, or drain cleaner also do not damage the Dekton surface. This is due to the extremely low porosity of the material. Even the most stubborn stains can be easily removed from the countertop.

3. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Just like ceramics, Dekton has a super hard top layer where scratches do not get a chance.

No more cutting board needed! Because it is compressed using a specially developed technique, and you do not have to use a cutting board when preparing food.

However, with a cutting board, you prevent your knives from wearing out too much. For example, a Dekton worktop is more resistant to wear than granite.

4. UV resistant

It is easy to use for outdoor applications such as façade cladding. The sun will not affect the material. Not only is the expansion almost zero, but the material also remains colorfast.

The kitchen countertop in Dekton is very 100% resistant to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. As a result, these worktops will never discolor, even after ten years.

5. Water-resistant

Large amounts of water do not affect Dekton; also, it is insensitive to low temperatures. In this sense, Dekton serves excellently as a floor tile that is also used outside.

Due to the special technology used to realize a Dekton kitchen countertop is unnecessary to seal it. Naturally, it prevents liquids and gases from entering the blade.

6. Dimensions

Due to the larger dimensions, the material offers more application possibilities.

Deck box plates can be supplied up to a size of 3200 x 1440 MM. With thicknesses of 8MM, 12 MM, and 20 MM, you can go in many directions.

7. colors and designs

The material has a beautiful collection of colors and designs. With over 20 very up-to-date designs, it offers a high-level range.

The almost seamless connections offer the possibility of beautiful applications.

8. Applications

Due to its properties, it has many application possibilities. Of course, not just as a countertop in a kitchen, but also as tiles in a bathroom. Façade cladding and tiles for outdoor use.

9. Many designs.

Since the material is composed of glass, quartz, and porcelain, many natural designs are possible. With granite, you are stuck with the colors and designs that nature has to offer.

In the case of Dekton, the colors have been developed based on customer requirements.

Disadvantages of Dekton

Dekton has virtually no disadvantages.

The biggest drawback is the price, making it one of the most expensive materials for kitchen countertops. On the other hand, such a worktop requires no maintenance and lasts a lifetime.

The material is sensitive to point loads, and this means that if a sharp object, such as a knife, hits it hard, damage can occur.

Another drawback has more to do with your taste. Some customers prefer natural materials.

They think it’s nice that a countertop starts to weather somewhat over time, which will never happen with a Dekton kitchen worktop. The blade will always look the same.

Dekton worktop for outdoor kitchens

Cooking in the open air is a pleasant experience. Cooking in the open air usually provides relaxation and enjoyment.

Thanks to its ultra-compact structure, Dekton is a highly suitable material for outdoor kitchens and barbecues.

Enjoy the wonderful cooking experience in the open air and choose a Dekton countertop for your outdoor kitchen for even more convenience.

Dekton countertops maintenance

In principle, a worktop in Dekton requires no maintenance. Of course, it does not hurt to keep the top clean from, for example, soap residue and other chemical cleaning products; this applies especially to polished kitchen countertops.

Grease and wine stains can be removed with a liquid abrasive, and you can remove any limescale stains with a universal limescale cleaner.

How much does a Dekton kitchen countertop cost?

A Dekton kitchen countertop is known to be one of the more expensive materials. The long lifespan and the advanced technology make a Dekton kitchen worktop quite expensive.

Although the price is a bit higher on average, with a Dekton countertop, you can enjoy a beautiful, strong countertop in your kitchen for a long time, a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.

What does a Dekton countertop look like?

Dekton is available in two versions: a matt, brushed surface (satin) and an X-gloss high-gloss surface (polished).

Each surface gives an entirely different look to the kitchen. The color program is getting more and more extensive.

In addition to uniform colors, there are also many attractive look-a-likes for kitchen worktops made of natural stone and concrete.

A Dekton kitchen top has a combination of different raw materials and techniques. Together, these raw materials and methods have resulted in a sheet material that not only has advanced product properties but can also simulate any surface.

For example, you have Dekton kitchen countertops in a concrete look, wood look, and resemble kitchen countertops made of natural stone.

Do you want to know more options for the kitchen countertop material?

Dekton XGloss

Where Dekton already provides a polished look in your kitchen anyway, the Dekton XGloss goes a lot further.

Thanks to the revolutionary nanotechnological treatment, your kitchen gets a natural crystal clear look.

It comes down to a glossy, high-quality finish from Dekton. The result is a unique surface that combines the natural qualities of Dekton with a crystal clear shiny look.

Technological prodigy

The Dekton XGloss can rightly be called a technological prodigy. After months of research, the Consentino group developed a treatment that gave Dekton unique traits on top of everything it already was.

For example, the XGloss is hidrofugant (water-repellent), and the resistance to stains is also sharply increased.

Finally, the treatment developed by the Consentino group has also given an exceptional shine to the material that only enhances the desired Dekton color.

The colors of Dekton

The XGloss series also introduces five new colors and the already existing Dekton colors, making the shiny qualities of the XGloss come into their own.

The colors in question are:

Halo XGloss

This white color can best be compared to shiny crystals. If you want to make the room look bigger, the halo’s reflective qualities make it a good choice.

Splendor XGloss

Splendor is a subtle, gray color suitable for the kitchen that is already slightly darker. This is not to say that it is a gloomy color. The specular finish provides enough clarity on its own.

Blaze XGloss

Blaze is a dark gray, flat color. Intense and with a hard shine, this is a color that you really can’t place in every kind of kitchen, for people and kitchens with a clear character.

Lumina XGloss

Lumina is grey with earthy tones. This bright color is especially suitable if you plan to go for a natural look in your kitchen.

Spectra XGloss

Black. Spectra is black with a strong shine and a lot of elegance. This color is also not for everyone. But spectacular? That’s for sure.

In summary, Features of Dekton:

In many ways, Dekton seems to offer the ultimate solution. The only downside is the price. The price of Dekton will be 25 -50% higher than the composite-dependent version.

  • Good stain resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • Maximum fire and heat resistance
  • Very colorfast
  • Good resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Excellent frost and thaw resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • non-combustible
  • Good wear resistance
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