Louro Preto Wood Uses, Properties, Pros, and Cons

Louro Preto Wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is Louro preto wood?

Louro Preto (Cordia spp.) is also known as Laurel Negro is a hardwood with distribution in Tropical Americas, southward to Brazil.

The tree is about 50-65 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of only 2-3 feet. This is a pretty good tree to use, although it has some pretty significant drawbacks.

The louro preto looks less attractive, but some of them are quite good and we think to deserve to be called quite exotic.

Some properties of louro preto wood also indicate that this wood is reliable in several ways, such as cabinetry, veneer, turned objects, and others.

The properties of louro preto wood

Louro Preto heartwood is a medium brown with a few other colors. In comparison, the sapwood is pale with clear boundaries with the heartwood.

Louro Preto wood has a fine to medium texture, irregular or straight grain, and natural luster. It is also a wood that is considered to be very durable in its resistance to rot.

However, we don’t have any information regarding its resistance to insect attack; let’s hope it is also durable. It’s also a wood that tends to be easy to work, although a few things can be a problem.

Louro preto wood advantages

Resistant to rot: You can choose louro preto if you need wood with high resistance to rot because this wood is considered very durable in that regard.

This is a pretty significant advantage and might make people interested in using it. We think it’s good enough for outdoor use, humid areas, and water contact use.

It fits perfectly with this wood, as it has a high resistance to decay. Unfortunately, we do not have information regarding its resistance to insect attacks, but we hope it is durable.

So, please look for the information and consider it carefully before using it.

Easy to work: It’s an overall easy wood to work, although you’ll run into a few problems while working.

For example, the silica content will make the cutter you use dull, and Louro Preto wood also has a fairly high amount of natural oil and maybe a problem in gluing.

But, we hope you can do well. Don’t forget to do early planning and careful preparation by choosing good-quality tools.

It’s also high-priced wood, so we hope you work well. Use the machine to make work faster and easier, so you have more time for other working.

Louro preto wood disadvantages

Health risk: Although it does not have a significant health risk, we hope you can pay close attention during the process.

Not only that, but further health reactions were also not found for louro preto, however, this seems to be strongly related to Bocote.

Bocote has been shown to cause something to watch out for, namely cross-reactivity after allergic sensitivities.

However, it is for certain woods that have been developed. We only hope that you take some precautions to minimize the health risks that may occur. Use clothing that meets the standards as well as other tools of good quality.

Pricing: Some things might be a disadvantage, and that could make it not chosen by people. However, we are surprised by the price of imported Louro Preto wood, which is in a relatively high range.

This wood is not vulnerable, endangered, or listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or CITES Appendices.

This indicates that the availability of louro preto wood is still good and may still be used in large quantities.

That’s why it seems there’s still a lot more we don’t know about this wood, including those that make the price tend to be high.

Appearance: We don’t think it’s wood that has a unique and beautiful look, but that’s not true either. The color and figure of louro preto grains look less attractive, including the combination of the two. We think it makes some pretty bad things if it’s made of this wood.

Fortunately, not all louro preto wood is like that because some louro preto has an attractive appearance.

We can say that it looks quite close to the exotic. However, it seems that it is not an easy thing to obtain, and we think it’s priced more highly.

Louro Preto for furniture

Even though it has an unattractive appearance, louro preto wood is still good to use as furniture. There are several reasons we can think of, including being extremely durable against decay.

This is a pretty good advantage if you want to make large furniture for long-term use.

But it would be best to make sure that the louro preto wood is also resistant to insect attack, although we hope for good news in this regard.

It’s also an overall easy wood to work with, so you can try working it yourself using all the tools at hand.

Louro preto for cabinetry

You can also use louro preto wood for cabinetry, and we think this is a great option. As we know, louro preto wood is considered very durable in its resistance to rot.

That’s why using this wood for places that tend to be damp, like the kitchen, is a good choice. You can make it into a good quality kitchen cabinetry, and we hope it will last for decades.

We recommend painting it a nice color if you think your louro preto looks less attractive. But making it shinier isn’t a bad choice either.

Louro preto for veneer

Louro Preto can be used as a veneer, but this is if you need it. Even so, we hope you will reconsider if you want to use it as a veneer.

Because we think veneer should be wood with an attractive appearance so that it can make whatever it’s coated with look beautiful.

That’s why louro preto is pretty bad for this unless the louro preto we have looks good. Apart from that, it remains a quality wood for veneers.

Some advantages such as resistance to rot and ease of work may be a good reason to use it.

Louro Preto for turned objects

It was making some things impossible or difficult to do manually using a cutter or knife. That’s why there are times when we have to use a better way, like turnings.

With this woodworking method, you can make beautiful and unique wooden items, and they may even have high artistic value.

You can try making turned objects out of louro preto wood, and we think it’s pretty good for this wood.

Some louro preto wood has a unique appearance, and it seems like the right use of it is to turn their objects. So, You can try it if you want.

Louro Preto for boat decking

If you’re looking for wood for boat decking, it looks like louro preto could be a good choice because our sources of information say that this wood can be used for that.

We think it’s also good because this wood is a hardwood considered very durable against decay. So you don’t have to worry if the louro preto you use is often exposed to water which might make it rot faster.

At least it can be an alternative to cedar, ash, and mahogany, although we hope you use one of the three types of wood.

Louro preto for guitar/bass building luthiers

The last use we will describe is the use of louro preto for guitar/bass building luthiers. It seems like this wood is a good choice for that, even if you have doubts about its status as the main wood, a substitute, or just as additional material.

But for sure you can still use it. It seems that some of the characteristics of louro preto are favorable for guitar/bass building luthiers.

Due to a lack of information, we can’t explain much here. So, please look for more reliable and reliable information so that you don’t hesitate to use it.

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