Mahogany Wood Uses

The Versatile Mahogany Wood Uses

Mahogany is one of the popular woods used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Being a popular hardwood, Mahogany is unfortunately obtained an endangered status and make harvesting illegal in some countries.

However, that doesn’t stop people from trying to obtain new mahogany timber. And at the same time, many people are trying to push their luck and selling knock-off mahogany and passes it as a real one. 

Why Is It Popular

Mahogany is a popular wood due to its rich color and durability. It can last for decades.

Being generally weather and insect-resistant gave the wood another plus that makes it worth the price.

Compared to other hardwood, Mahogany can be considered the be a versatile one. However, it doesn’t mean that any Mahogany can be used for many things.

You need to know and understand the wood before you’re able to fit in with what you need.

Choosing Mahogany

There are many types of Mahogany. Including some other woods such as Sapele that are often marketed as one.

Therefore, it’s important to know which hardwood that you are getting. Make sure that you are paying for what it is worth. 

Also, keep in mind that Mahogany used for flooring is often priced differently at a higher price.

This is because Mahogany for flooring had a specific treatment to ensure durability and resistance. Also, to preserve the

coloring to boost the deep red that wood naturally has.

Mahogany Uses in Furniture

Mahogany is a popular option for furniture, but its popularity is not limited to home appliances and furniture. It’s also popular for sports equipment, outdoor furniture, as well as a musical instrument.

Mahogany For Indoor

For The Furniture

There are a lot of furniture pieces that use Mahogany. Coffee tables, writing tables, china cabinets, and bookshelves are, to name some, popular ones.

Interior decoration

You also need to know that other home decorations such as grandfather’s clock and jewelry boxes are often made from Mahogany.

Many Mahogany pieces that keep indoor could last for decades and often passed from the previous generations to the next one. Most of them have their value rises every year due to its rarity.

Mahogany for the floor

Another popular usage for indoor is for the floor.

Whether using veneer plywood or an actual Mahogany flooring, having the wood guaranteed that space would have an elegant look that works with various themes. 

Mahogany for Outdoor space

Outdoor Floor

Even though many people choose to flaunt the color and prefer to have Mahogany as indoor flooring.

It shouldn’t stop you from having a Mahogany deck or patio. That’s because this wood works great for both indoor and outdoor floors. 

Outdoor furniture

The durability and other qualities make Mahogany an excellent choice for doors and windows. It’s also great as outdoor furniture such as a garden bench and a swing. 

Mahogany for Sports

Mahogany is also a popular material for sports equipment. Here are a few examples of sports that use Mahogany as either the main material or a component for the equipment.


A good billiard table uses Mahogany as the frame and foot. The wood is chosen mainly for its strength and durability.

As you know, the table must be able to hold the player’s weight on top of the table’s weight.

The wood also makes a good cue. A lot of professional players choose to have a custom-made cue with Mahogany as its main material.


For the yacht, Mahogany is used for both indoor and outdoor parts. It’s used indoors as part of the decoration. But for the outdoor, it’s more versatile.

The yacht’s outdoor floor and poles are often made from Mahogany because of their water-resistant quality.

Other Uses

Mahogany is often used to make the piano and guitar frame. It is because it gives a warm acoustic that people enjoy. A drum set also often has a mahogany material. And this includes the drum sticks. 

While Mahogany might be one of the most expensive timber, but it’s also highly sought-after.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the wood comes in a rich deep red-brown color and have many qualities such as high durability and water-resistant.

Some mahoganies are even insect and weather-resistant with minimum care required.