Maple Woods

The Advantages of Maple Woods and Their Best Uses

What is Maple Woods?

Maple woods come from maple trees, and they are a type of hardwood cut from maple trees. Maple woods are used to make high-quality woodworking products.

The maple trees are very tall. The grain patterns that maple woods have are great to make furniture. The maple woods have grains that are typically straight and smooth.

It gives a clean and simple look to the finished pieces. However, you can find other grains that are more textured in curly and tiger maple.

Maple woods are different than other hardwood types such as Oak and cherry. Furniture makers usually choose Sapwood in preference to heartwood when they want to use maple lumber.

The maple tree has Sapwood on the outer part of the log, and it is creamy and light in color. The lightness it has is suitable to stain in various colors.

Indeed, maple woods are suitable for a dark stain so well that it is often utilized to imitate more expensive hardwoods like mahogany or cherry.

Because the maple tree has versatility and ultra-durability, they are frequently used to make various applications.

Maple wood uses are suitable for cabinets, hardwood floors, solid wood furniture, kitchen accessories, cabinetry, and many more.

Maple Wood as Furniture

Maple wood uses as furniture may not be the hardest wood out there, but it can certainly be used as hardwood furniture because it is pretty strong.

If you are looking to buy furniture with real wood that is durable from generation to generation, maple wood is an excellent option to choose.

Maple Wood for Indoor Furniture

Maple woods are good to make indoor furniture, and they serve multipurpose use in the home.

If you are looking for furniture to furnish your living room, you can purchase a wood media console for your video game system and television.

In addition, maple wood uses as furniture are great for your bedroom equipment, such as a solid wood dresser. For your dining room area, it can be your dining table.

Maple Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Some wood types can resist insects and decay well; thus, they can be used in outdoor places such as a patio.

However, maple wood furniture is not the type with natural resistance enough to be placed outdoors. For this reason, it is best to leave the maple furniture inside and choose more fitting woods for your outdoor furniture.

Maple Solid Wood Cabinets

Maple wood is an outstanding option for kitchen cabinets. The reason is that maple can handle humidity and temperature so well. It can also add beauty to your kitchen.

Due to its sturdiness, you can expect your maple wood cabinets to last for 30 years or more with easy and minimal maintenance.

Using Maple Wood for Flooring

Maple wood is a pretty strong word, and it is number two in strength rank after hickory wood. This makes the wood becomes an acceptable choice for many types of flooring.

In the United States, maple floor is the second most popular option for hardwood floors after Oak.

The floor maintenance is pretty easy with regular vacuuming or sweeping and light water, and mild soap.

Maple Wood Uses as Butcher Block

Butcher block in butcher shops is also built from maple wood. Butcher Block is an excellent surface for food preparation and knife work.

Maple Wood for Musical Instruments

It requires more than a few woods to make fine musical instruments. The back of the violin is made with maple wood because it affects the sound resonance.

Some drums are made using maple woods to produce a warmer tone and a higher sound. Maple is also used to make some piano parts like pin blocks and bridges.

Maple Wood for Cutting Boards

A cutting board made from maple is a good choice for your kitchen tools. Maple usually is cheaper than walnut cutting boards, and they have the same superiority that makes it so popular.

Maple Molding

Maple moldings are popular maple wood uses in addition to most interior decoration plans. Maple moldings are also used for indoor moldings and baseboard molds.

Maple moldings enhance the look of your room interiors. Moreover, maple lumber is pretty sturdy and can last for years to come.