Mango Wood Console Tables

Surround Your Mango Wood Console Tables These Ways So Your Living Room Will Look “Industrial”

The console tables’ presence in the living rooms might not be as visible as sofas and coffee tables. 

Yet, with the huge and tall-sized mirror on top of it, the console tables become crucial in terms of the aesthetical values of the living rooms.

Classic and minimalistic designs are two of the most frequently used themes when involving the mango wood console tables in many possible rooms in houses, including living rooms. 

Even so, some classic and minimalistic designs have been overused.

Industrial designs, on the other hand, not only unique on their own due to the few people using them. 

Instead, they are also capable of giving unusual modern and progressive touches in living rooms. 

So, in this article, we’re going to look at what to surround your mango wood console tables, so your living rooms will look more “industrial”.

The single mirror on top of the console tables is not enough on being huge, tall-sized, and rectangular in shape. 

It should be as thin as possible with minimal stickers and other accessories. 

If thin-sized borders should be within the mirror, then, small-sized slants on top of the mirror are possible.

Pictures with simple black or gold-colored borders are great alternatives to the single mirror. 

If you choose to have pictures on top of your console tables, be sure to have at least one picture. 

A maximum of two smaller pictures surrounding them is possible, as long as your walls are not too crowded with pictures.

The console tables themselves are great when paired with plants in thick wooden vases. 

The plants need not too green, and the sizes don’t matter as long as the plants don’t cover at least a quarter portion of the single mirror or the pictures. 

You’ll need at least two plants surrounding your console tables made from mango wood materials.