Mango Wood Table

Mango Wood Table Using Solid Wood and Red Resin Epoxy

Having a mango wood table can be really nice to be put in your dining room or study room. You can mix solid wood with resin epoxy to create a natural pattern like a river or others. 

If you are bored with blue resin, try to have it red to create a bold look. It can also make the table look classic and artistic.

Mango Wood Table with Red Resin

There are many designs that you can choose for your mango wood table by combining the solid wood and the red resin epoxy. They are:

1. Red River Dining Room

Having a river pattern in the middle of the solid wood will be great. You can color the resin red and mix it with the wood. 

Try to have a rectangular shape for the dining table to make more space for the food. You can be creative with the edge of the table. 

You can make it straight or not straight to elevate the wood pattern of the table.

2. Red Lava on the Table

If you want to create an outstanding look for your mango wood table, try to make a red lava pattern on the table. You can use red resin for half of the table and the other half is using solid wood. 

To make it look real, you can burn the wood in the middle part before mixing it with the red resin.

3. Round Red Table with Wood

Try to mix red resin and wood slices to make the pattern of the table. You can use the small circle cut of the wood to be mixed with the red resin to create a round table for the dining room. 

You do not have to make a certain patterns by yourself because the combination of wood slices in many sizes can deliver a good final look.

With your imagination, you can create a nice mango wood table by combining solid wood and red resin epoxy. 

Make your dining table stand out and artistic with the red color of the resin and with the certain pattern that you choose.