Modern Wood Dining Table Design

5 Modern Wood Dining Table Design to Complete Your Minimalist Kitchen

If you have a minimalist house, you will certainly need to adjust your household furniture to fit the space in any room.  

Having a minimalist kitchen or dining room means that you will also need a simple dining table design.  

Therefore, a modern wood dining table design should be an option.  There are dining tables specifically designed for a small space in a minimalist house.  

The following are 5 modern wood dining table design recommendations just for you:

Resin Epoxy Wood Dining Table

Resin epoxy can produce a modern wood dining table design with a very unique appearance.  

Resin epoxy is a very good material to use as a protective on metal, glass, solid wood, or steel that are used as paint or coating by forming a very hard and strong layer, suitable for a minimalist dining table design. 

Foldable Wood Dining Table

Foldable dining tables can be an alternative design of dining tables for small spaces.  This wooden dining table design can be adjusted to your minimalist kitchen and dining area. 

White Wood Dining Table

White paint blends perfectly with wood for an impression of a larger space.  The dining table design creates a modern look as you wish for a sweet accent to your kitchen space. 

Clear Wood Finishing Dining Table

For a natural look, you can use wood elements with a clear finishing to expose the wood fibers for the table.  Hence, choose furniture that will give a back-to-nature impression that you wish to expose.

Wooden Counter Dining Table

The design of a modern wooden dining table in the form of a counter has a simple and attractive design.  

Since it is installed directly to the wall of the house, this table is perfect for a minimalist-style house.

Therefore, wood is a material that is very suitable for a minimalist kitchen.  Of course, a modern wood dining table design will add warmth and art to your dining or kitchen space.