The Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture with Durability and Sustainability

Outdoor furniture must contain several properties such as durability, weather-resistant, low maintenance, and ease of installation. 

You will put in the furniture where the furniture will get many obstacles such as dust, wind, termites, fungi, sunlight, rain, snow, and insects. 

If you put it in the backyard, the chance of survival is low, but the material must be robust and solid.

Usually, you pick something like metal or plastic due to easy to find and relatively cheaper. On the other hand, using wood seems an interesting idea because most people think this one is out of option. 

The major issue related to wood as outdoor furniture is less durability, especially in high-risk locations. People will compare pros and cons to ensure their effort making furniture for outdoor is not wasting money and time. 

You need to pick the right material so that the result is strong, solid, low maintenance, and high durability. The following list shows the best wood for outdoor furniture you can use when making outdoor furniture.

• Teak

When asking about the best wood for outdoor furniture, the top answer is teak. It has been on the top list since ancient times. 

People utilized this kind of wood to build a ship, house, furniture, and many things. Today, some teak woods might not be as good as the best ones, but you still see the ultimate durability. 

The old furniture is mostly from this wood, and you can keep it decades later with less issue. This wood also contains a unique pattern that looks natural unless you cover it with extra paint. 

One issue is cost because you must pay more to get the best quality. The price you pay is worth the result, and the teak furniture will be in the garden several years later.

• Red cedar

Red cedar is softwood, a common material for many pieces of furniture, particularly the ones you have inside the house. 

People think this wood is less durable due to it can bend and cut easily. In fact, it is the most versatile wood that many carpenters recommend for beginners. 

It does not mean you cannot use this one for outdoor furniture. As long as you add extra paint and a protective layer, the surface will stay longer than you expect.

• White oak

You can use white oak as wood for furniture. This one is easy to find and relatively affordable. In fact, oak is the most common material that the carpenter uses when creating furniture. 

Mass production products are also using oak. It has a solid texture that you can shape, bend, and cut into anything. 

One issue is not good with sunlight or extreme exposure. The patter will dissolve, which makes the wood becomes fragile and severe. 

As a solution, you should add shades around the oak furniture in the garden.

• Ipe

Outdoor furniture has to be strong, dense, and solid. Usually, you will not move them into any spots or locations unless urgent. 

In that case, the best wood for outdoor furniture for such a purpose is Ipe. The professionals and experts consider this one as the densest wood with excellent durability. 

That’s the perfect attribute you can get as material for outdoor furniture, even building the house. 

One problem is too heavy that makes it difficult to move around to anywhere you want.

• Mahogany

You want the furniture to be not just functional and practical but also elegant. Some woods can deliver such a purpose but finding the one with high durability is not simple. 

One of the best you can get is mahogany with a beautiful pattern and highly decay-resistant. However, you may find this one easily, even at the nearest wood production site. 

For your information, mahogany is quite rare, and production is limited only to specific products. 

In this case, you must allocate enough money to obtain outdoor furniture with mahogany as material.

• Redwood

Redwood also belongs to the list of best wood for outdoor furniture. It has a solid structure and a high resistant surface with a distinct pattern. 

You can make furniture that looks exquisite. Moreover, the wood is lightweight and easy to shape into any form you like. 

One thing you consider is the supply because you pay more money. After all, the price is relatively higher than the other is. 

Redwood is available limited in the specific region or area, particularly California.

• Acacia

Acacia is also excellent wood when you want to make furniture in small size. The carpenters can shape this into anything you like, such as a chair, bench, stool, and table. 

Another good thing about acacia is scratch resistance because solid and hard surface. It is the right choice when your area has many insects, animals, and termites. 

The wood also looks elegant with a unique pattern on its surface. With the proper maintenance, you can keep the furniture for a longer period without much change.

• Cypress

You can use cypress as material for furniture, including the outdoor one. The texture is solid with a distinct pattern that brings a natural vibe when adding the right paint. 

Moreover, it is also relatively high in endurance and durability in extreme weather. You can find this kind of wood in North America.

More about wood furniture for outdoor

You already know some woods that are useful and reliable as materials for outdoor furniture. In general, any wood is eligible when the sole purpose is just regular furniture production. 

Today, you can add the chemical paint as an additional layer on the wood surface. It will produce from insects, fungi, wild animals, and termites.

Another thing to consider is cost or budget. The best wood is definitely the highest price everyone must pay. 

You may buy the cheapest one but adding extra maintenance if you intend to keep years. To avoid such a thing, the right choice is you pick the wood with a solid and robust structure. 

The furniture has to be high durability and capable of withstanding many external conditions. That’s what you must consider when using the best wood for outdoor furniture.

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