Oval Wood Coffee Table

Ideas of Oval Wood Coffee Table with Resin Epoxy

Using resin epoxy is still in trend in terms of making an oval wood coffee table. 

People can easily use any color for the resin and mix it with the solid wood for the table. 

The oval shape creates an elegant look for the coffee table.

Ideas of Oval Wood Coffee Table

Here are some ideas that you might like for your oval wood coffee table:

1. Red River Oval Wood Coffee Table

The oval wood can be combined with red resin epoxy to create the table. 

Make the resin looks like a river flowing in the middle of the table. It will give you a natural look as well as a nice finish design. 

As for the legs, you can use 3 long metals to bear the weight. You can bend the metal on the bottom part to make two lines for each leg. 

Using this kind of method, the table can bear more weight.

2. Ocean Wave Oval Wood Coffee Table

Ocean waves can be created by mixing white and blue colors for the resin. 

You need to make sure that the color doesn’t mix too well and there is a certain white part and certain blue part to make it look like ocean water for real.

The resin part can be put on most parts of the topper and you can choose a light color for the wood to make it look brighter. For the legs, you can use metal.

3. Transparent Oval Wood Coffee Table

If you want to have something different for your oval wood coffee table, you can try to make the resin part transparent. 

You might choose a clear or blue color for the resin and make it look like a mirror.

Do not limit your creativity and use your imagination to create more designs for the oval wood coffee table. 

There are plenty of materials that can be used for this kind of table, such as resin epoxy, steel, metal, wood slabs, etc.