Painting Wooden Furniture

How to Restore Wood Slabs for Painting Wooden Furniture

Wood slabs are good materials for making wooden furniture. 

But some wood slabs might not be in a good shape or the quality might not be excellent. 

For this kind of wood slabs, you can make it into painting wooden furniture. 

It will improve the look of the wood and you can create nice furniture for the room.

How to Make Your Own Painting Wooden Furniture from Wood Slabs

Here is what you need to do to make your own painting wooden furniture from the wood slabs:

1. Soften the Surface of the Wood Slabs

Using your own tool, make sure to soften the surface of the wood slabs before making it into furniture. 

You might use it later for a table, chair, cabinet, etc.

2. Cut the Way You Want It

You might have a certain design in your mind about the furniture. Thus, you need to cut the wood slabs based on the shape that you need. 

To create an artistic look, you can keep some of the original parts of the wood slabs. 

Or, you can also make use of the original cut and turn it directly into the topper of the table.

3. Mix it with Another Material

You might want to mix it with other materials, like resin epoxy, or metal before making the final look. 

There is no limitation for your creation and you can be as creative as you want to be.

4. Soften the Edges

The edges of the furniture sometimes are too sharp and you need to make sure to soften it. 

Make it curve to make sure that people won’t get hurt when they bump into the furniture.

5. Paint the Furniture

The last part is painting the furniture. You can put the basic paint first before putting the chosen color for the paint. 

Or, you can also apply the paint directly to the furniture. You can also use several colors to paint the furniture to create a more artistic look.

Wood slabs can be made into wonderful painting wooden furniture in your good hands. 

Try to inform yourself with more designs to create more looks for the furniture that you make.