Pallet Wood Headboard

Ideas of Pallet Wood Headboard for Your Bed

A Pallet wood headboard can be a really good choice when you want to create a classic elegant look for your bed. 

You can combine the different colors of woods to create the headboard. Also, you can create more space by making some cabinets or bookshelves.

You can use only wood for the pallet wood headboard or mix it with other materials like resin epoxy, metal, or wood slabs.

Ideas of Pallet Wood Headboard

Here are some designs that you choose for your own pallet wood headboard:

1. Pallet Wood Headboard with Inner Shelf

You might want to put several books or aromatherapy candles on your headboard. 

Make the space by creating an inner shelf on the headboard. You can make the inner shelf in the middle part of the board. 

On both the top right and left of the headboard, you can put night lamps. This kind of design gives warm look to help you sleep better.

2. Pallet Wood Headboard with Inner Lamps

Try to create an artistic look with the help of night lamps inside the headboard. 

You can make a hollow headboard so the light of the lamps can be seen clearly from outside. 

You can also put some nails as a place to hang some decorations.

3. Shiny Pallet Wood Headboard

Even though basically you are making a pallet wood headboard, you can still make it shiny by pouring resin epoxy on top of it. 

You can choose a clear color and not add it with another color to make it look like glass. It will give you a beautiful end look for your headboard.

Try to put several materials if you like and to make the headboard more artistic and not plain; you can create some space to put some books, candles or even little decorations like pictures or paintings. 

With a little touch for your pallet wood headboard, you will get an extraordinary headboard for your bed.