Rustic Farmhouse Table

Best Wood for Your Rustic Farmhouse Table

Wood is an important component in the manufacture of furniture, it is because each type of wood has a component that defines the strength of the wood. This component is wood fiber. 

Wood fiber is a reference for people in choosing whether the wood is suitable for use as the main material for making furniture or not.

Like rustic farmhouse-style furniture, for example, the rustic farmhouse table, it is famous for its warm color choices which makes it looks ‘old’. 

That’s why not all wood can be used to make a rustic farmhouse table. Here is a list of the best wood choices used to make your rustic farmhouse table.

White Oak

The first wood choice for a rustic farmhouse table is white oak. This wood has a white color that matches the characteristics of farmhouse furniture. 

Moreover, white oak is hard and durable, so it is the best choice for the main material for the table.


The young walnut tree is white, but it will turn brown as the tree ages. Wood with this color is suitable for making a rustic farmhouse table. 

Currently, a lot of people combine walnut wood with resin epoxy to produce a different and unique rustic farmhouse table.


Cherry is a type of wood that has a beautiful reddish-brown color. 

This is the reason why many people use cherry wood as the main material in making their dream rustic farmhouse table. 

They don’t need to add other colors to repaint the table anymore.


This wood is included in the hard and stiff wood type of wood. Hickory is found a lot in the United States. 

The durable characteristic of this wood makes it able to withstand dents and damage, such a perfect wood for table main material.