Rustic Kitchen Table

How to Modern Your Kitchen with Rustic Kitchen Table

Furniture with a rustic style seems to be timeless furniture. 

The rustic style that really relies on the beauty of wood with no additional materials like metal or steel is not only about the simple style. 

You can make something different with your rustic furniture.

In fact, furniture with a pure rustic design alone will make your room look‘ different’, but have you ever imagined a combination of furniture with a rustic style combined with several other furniture design styles? 

Let’s just say you have a rustic kitchen table, this combination will modern it. 

But don’t worry, you don’t need to imagine anymore, today’s article will discuss what designs you can combine with your rustic kitchen table.

Provence Style

Provence style is when you design your kitchen to look like a typical European rural kitchen. 

Even though it has a rustic style, your rustic kitchen table will still look more modern when combined with this style. 

The use of wooden beams and stone floors is the hallmark of this style. The color used tends to be olive green. 

Don’t forget to add another rustic impression by displaying several paintings on the wall.

Kitchen with high ceiling style

Your rustic kitchen table as a kitchen interior can be a prominent aesthetic tool. 

The trick is to build a kitchen that has a high plaster ceiling and walls, this will make your kitchen look more spacious and modern. You can also add some beige interiors to keep the rustic style visible.

Style with bright-colored tiles

The next decoration combination is when you combine your rustic kitchen table with bright-colored tiles. 

The color contrast between the warm-colored countertops and the light-colored tiles will be the difference that makes your kitchen not out of date. 

One-color option that you can try is green and the tiles are formed rectangles with gaps between the white tiles.