Scandinavian Design Furniture

About Scandinavian Design Furniture: Origin and Key Style

These days, Scandinavian design furniture becomes so popular for homes or apartments. 

It is because Scandinavian design furniture has a warm and soft color that creates warmth and comfort feeling in your space. 

Besides, it makes a small space feels bigger due to the use of soft and bright color such as white.

The origin of Scandinavian design furniture

Scandinavian design is originated in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway. It is characterized by the seasons in the north that have short days during the winter. 

Therefore, people in the north need home decor that gives comfort and warmth feeling during the winter. 

So that, the Scandinavian design is dominated by furniture with soft colors and wood to create those feelings within the interior.

The key style of Scandinavian design furniture

Furthermore, wood also plays a significant role in this design. The wood is typically used for the walls, floors, and furniture as well. 

In specific, Scandinavian design furniture is mostly made from natural wood, such as pine, birch, and spruce, with simple shapes and without unnecessary details. 

The wood functions as a way to create a warm feeling for the house.

Besides, the light also plays important role in Scandinavian design. Therefore, the furniture mostly used colors such as wool-white or beige. 

It is often mixed with pastel colors, such as mint, rosé, soft pink, or light blue. The furniture offers simplicity and light from its colors.

In general, a home with the Scandinavian design will have large windows, white walls, lamps, to maximize the lighting in the house, since it has little lighting during the winter. Thus, lighting becomes so crucial.

In conclusion, Scandinavian design furniture has some key characteristics, which are clean, simple, bright, comfortable, and warm. 

Besides, the solid wood furniture also gives natural beauty to the home interior. The design is really suitable for you who want a warm and comfortable house that also creates a connection with nature.