Solid Wood Bed Frames

The Right Types Of Solid Wood Bed Frames And The Relevant Bedroom Design Ideas

The wooden materials are so versatile that they can be applied nearly to every type of furniture. 

Bed frames are no exception, with solid woods as the most popular material to be used as frames for beds, regardless of the lighter or darker hues they have.

Darker-colored woods, such as mahogany, hawthorn, or black walnut woods, are usually applied to thicker bed frames. 

These dark and solid-colored woods, along with the overall thick bed frames, give out strong, sturdy, and durable appearances.

Indeed, some darker-colored woods are stronger and more durable than their lighter wood counterparts. As a result, solid wood bed frames that are darker in their colors tend to come with more expensive prices.

They are either more suitable for those of you who have no budgeting problems in designing our rooms or for some exclusive types of room designs. 

Since darker-colored woods are closely tied to old-aged woods, these wooden materials are best used for vintage-styled or traditional European-styled bedrooms.

Solid wood bed frames with darker wood colors also look best when paired with curved ornaments to accentuate the vintage or European vibes of the bedrooms. 

The uses of bed curtains also help strengthen these vibes, especially when the beds’ colors are dark red or come in other dark colors.

Unlike their darker-colored counterparts, lighter-colored woods, such as apple, maple, or English ivy woods are cheaper and far more versatile to be applied to various bedroom design ideas. 

These wooden materials can even come into wood slab forms that are more common and economical in terms of prices.

For example, lighter-colored woods can be applied to classic or casual chic-themed bedrooms. There is also no need for adding bed curtains to the beds unless you’re designing the nursery rooms. 

You can even add various soft colors, such as soft blue or yellow, as the beds and beds’ covers for the lighter-colored solid wood bed frames.