Storage Ideas for Living Rooms: 11 Ideas

Having adequate storage in your living room is crucial for organizing and decluttering. The living room accumulates items like books, blankets, toys, remotes, and media accessories that can quickly make the space messy and chaotic if not properly stored. Fortunately, numerous creative storage solutions for living rooms can help maximize every square inch while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Depending on your space, style and storage needs, many creative options exist for inconspicuous living room storage. Built-in cabinetry and shelving, ottomans, repurposed furniture, coffee tables, wall units, media centers, corner shelves, under furniture storage, entryway fixtures, baskets and more can allow you to organize living room items while maintaining your decor neatly.

When planning living room storage, consider which items need a home, regularly used vs. occasionally accessed objects, display vs. concealed storage, and striking the right balance between function and aesthetic. With a bit of creativity, you can implement living room storage solutions that are both practical and beautiful.

Built-in Shelving and Cabinetry

Installing customized built-ins is one of the most effective living room storage solutions. Built-in shelving, cabinetry, display cases, and closets can be designed to perfectly fit the space and provide plenty of storage capacity for everything from books and collectibles to TV components and extra linens.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Built-ins are highly versatile and can be personalized for your storage needs and style. For a living room with ample natural light, open shelving units are an attractive way to display treasured items while keeping them dust-free and organized. For a more concealed storage solution, cabinetry units with doors allow you to neatly tuck away clutter without sacrificing style.

Unlike freestanding furniture, built-ins use every inch of available space and are permanently anchored, providing durable and spacious storage. Custom built-ins can be designed around challenging living room layouts like small spaces, angled walls, fireplaces, media nooks, or staircases to provide creative storage solutions.

Built-in bookshelves provide abundant storage for your book collection and can double as display cases for art, photos, trophies, and curated objects. For media storage, customized built-in units with cabinets, shelves, and wire management create an organized home for all of your movies, video games, and tech accessories.

Built-ins allow you to creatively maximize every living room space with functional and well-organized storage tailored to your needs and style. The customized look provides a polished appearance and seamless functionality.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are a popular living room furniture piece that pull double duty as seating and hidden storage. Lift the lid on a storage ottoman to reveal a spacious interior that can be used to tuck away items like blankets, board games, books, or media accessories.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Storage ottomans come in various shapes, sizes, and styles for any living room aesthetic. Round or square shaped ottomans work well as coffee tables, providing surface area for drinks and remotes while offering generous concealed storage. Rectangular ottomans can provide extra seating at the end of sofas or chairs.

Look for ottomans made of durable, easy-to-clean materials like leather or sturdy woven fabrics. Tufted, pleated, or slipcovered ottoman styles have a classic, elegant look perfect for traditional living rooms. For contemporary spaces, sleek upholstered ottomans with metal or acrylic legs have a more modern flair. Storage ottomans upholstered in on-trend fabrics or fun prints inject playful personality into family-friendly living rooms.

Larger ottomans provide ample storage real estate and can support a removable wooden tray to create a stable surface for snacks, beverages, or tabletop decor. Look for ottomans on casters so they can easily be moved as needed. The right storage ottoman is a stylish seating option and storage solution.

Repurposed Furniture

Give dated, damaged, or mismatched furniture new life as practical living room storage solutions. From trunks and chests to cabinets and dressers, repurposed furniture adds vintage character while providing ample storage space for everything from throw blankets to toys.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Look for pieces with intact locks, handles, and hinges to transform into functional storage units. A wooden trunk covered in stickers from global travels makes a charming coffee table with storage space inside for cozy blankets. Give an old kitchen cabinet new purpose as a media center with the addition of cabinet handles and a fresh coat of paint.

Distressed dressers missing knobs or sporting chipped paint add a dash of shabby chic style while serving as practical storage for books, remotes, candles and more. Look for pieces with drawers or shelves to corral smaller objects. A vintage suitcase on its side makes an ideal catchall for magazines and the living room tech stash.

Adding repurposed furniture to your living room gives new life to cherished hand-me-downs or flea market finds. Beyond adding storage, reused vintage pieces add priceless character and nostalgia to your space. Let your storage pieces tell a story.

Multifunctional Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are living room staples that provide surface area for drinks, remotes, books and more while offering discreet storage solutions. The space inside and underneath coffee tables can be used to organize everything from coaster to coasters to gaming accessories.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Look for coffee tables with built-in shelf space under the tabletop to store items you use frequently like TV remotes. Lift-top coffee tables open to reveal interior storage compartments ideal for stashing board games, playing cards, or blankets.

Coffee tables with multiple drawers are great for hiding away cables, chargers and other tech accessories that clutter tabletops. Some coffee tables have built-in charging stations to power phones and other devices.

Opt for a trunk style coffee table with lockable storage inside to protect more valuable items like remote controls or clickers. Nesting coffee tables provide versatile multi-level surfaces while taking up minimal floor space.

Coffee tables with storage cubbies, shelves or drawers allow you to keep essential living room items close at hand but out of sight. The right multi-functional coffee table conceals living room clutter while providing accessible storage.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Often overlooked, walls provide prime real estate for practical storage able to be integrated seamlessly into living room design. Wall-mounted shelving, ledges, cabinets and pegboards utilize vertical space to prevent cluttering floors.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Floating shelves above sofas or media consoles provide display space for vases, framed photos, art, or green leafy plants. Staggered wall shelves allow you to store books, baskets and collectibles while creating an interesting asymmetric display.

Mounted wall cabinets with doors are great for concealing less attractive items like extra blankets or tech accessories. For a rustic touch, build open shelving using reclaimed wood planks. Paint the shelves and walls a matching hue for a cohesive built-in look.

In the entryway, wall-mounted racks with pegs or hooks allow you to hang coats, hats, and scarves. Entryway wall cabinets can house mittens and leashes. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors by hanging over-the-door shoe bags or nail polish organizers.

Make use of awkward angled walls by having shelving custom-built to provide useful storage and display space. Proper lighting is key for wall shelving for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Media Storage Units

Media storage units like TV stands, entertainment centers, and media cabinets are designed to organize audiovisual equipment and movies in an attractive display. They bring together form and function.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Look for media units with adjustable shelving to accommodate different component sizes. Some feature back panels with built-in cord management to hide unsightly wires. Glass cabinet doors allow viewing movie collections while keeping them dust-free.

In addition to housing TV-related equipment, media center cabinets often have drawers, shelves and cabinets for storage. They can double as display cases for favorite books, collectibles or photos.

If media storage is a priority, choose units with ample shelving and cabinet space to organize Blu-rays, video game cases, streaming devices, and accessories. Opt for wider units with mutable space to adapt as your media collection evolves.

Modern designs in wood, metal and high-gloss finishes have an eye-catching yet minimalist look. Rustic media centers in reclaimed woods add a cozy, farmhouse vibe. Media components can be a functional focal point in your living room decor.

Corner Shelves

Corner shelves provide a practical storage solution for the often underutilized space where two walls meet. This out-of-the-way spot is ideal for tucking away items you want access to but not necessarily on display.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

For a living room with angled corners, have shelving custom-built into the apertures on either side of the fireplace to display decorative objects. Floating corner shelves mounted just below the ceiling provide space for greenery or other living room accessories.

Look for triangular corner shelves with staggered levels ideal for stacking books or displaying curated objects. Spinning corner shelves are great for pantries or spaces where accessibility from different angles is helpful.

In smaller living rooms, use awkward corner spaces by installing floor-to-ceiling shelving. This utilizes vertical real estate to store items out of the way.

Corner shelves use challenging living room spaces with a built-in look that feels intentionally designed. Use corner shelves to give displayed items or storage bins a designated home.

Under Furniture Storage

Lift furniture skirts and you’ll find an often overlooked storage option – the use of space underneath seating, tables, benches, and desks. This “dead space” can be transformed into functional storage.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Living rooms often have space under coffee tables perfect for stashing baskets of blankets, board games, or arts and crafts supplies. Storage cubes with casters easily roll under tables for accessing seasonal items or craft supplies.

Benches with storage drawers or cubbies under the seat provide convenient access to items like books, slippers, or chargers without cluttering seating. An office desk can conceal file storage bins on casters underneath.

Use lidded under-furniture boxes on rollers for hard-to-access space under chairs or sofas. These plastic bins provide dust-free storage you can easily pull out as needed.

Don’t forget to use the space under window seats by using fabric skirts or attached cushions to conceal baskets holding items like throw pillows or tech accessories.

Under-furniture storage solutions help harness the potential of the often-unused area underneath living room furnishings. It’s easy to roll, slide or pull out storage as needed.

Entryway Storage

The entryway sets the tone for the living room and entire home. Prevent clutter at the entry by incorporating storage solutions for organizing shoes, coats, bags, and other items that accumulate near the front door.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Console tables with shelves and drawers provide landing space for sorting mail, stashing keys, and dropping handbags when you enter. Below the console top, baskets neatly contain mittens, hats, and scarves.

Coat racks or coat trees free up closet space to hang outerwear visible and accessible. Cubbies built into or mounted near the wall store shoes, umbrellas, and bags out of the way. An entryway bench provides seating for removing shoes while also offering storage inside.

If space allows, build custom cabinetry around the door for storing items like leashes, gloves, and sunglasses. Wall-mounted racks and hooks allow you to hang bags, keys, and umbrellas.

A well-organized entryway with smart storage makes coming home an enjoyable experience while keeping the rest of the living room clutter-free. It also makes a great impression on guests.

Baskets and Boxes

Decorative baskets and boxes are a versatile storage solution that add style while corralling clutter. Natural woven baskets in materials like rattan or jute have an organic texture that works in any living room.

Storage Ideas for Living Rooms

Use lidded baskets to neatly stash remotes, coasters, napkins and other items that clutter coffee and side tables. Arrange different sized baskets in a staggered display for an artful look.

Patterned ceramic or metal boxes instantly elevate accessories like tissues, candles or electronic accessories into decorative objects. Keep toys organized in colorful fabric bins and baskets for family-friendly living rooms.

Storage boxes in faux leather, embossed metal, or woodgrain veneers look sophisticated. Letter-pressed and monogrammed options make for elegant guest gifts.

Nesting boxes and stacking baskets save space while keeping items neatly organized and sorted. Baskets and boxes allow you to corral clutter while adding an adorable accent to your living room decor.


There are endless options when it comes to creatively enhancing living room storage. Built-in cabinetry, ottomans, repurposed furniture, wall units, under-furniture storage, and more allow you to maximize every inch of space while showcasing your style.

When planning living room storage, consider the items needing a home, how often they are accessed, aesthetic appeal, and creating an organized system. The right storage solutions can make the living room more spacious, tidy, and inviting.

Storage furniture serves dual purposes: keeping items neat while providing surfaces and seating. Corner shelves, wall mounts, media units, and entryway storage utilize vertical space and hidden real estate. Baskets and boxes provide versatile, portable storage.

With a little creativity, any living room can incorporate functional and stylish storage to keep clutter at bay. Properly storing living room items enhances enjoyment of the space and keeps the heart of your home both beautiful and practical.