Teak Coffee Tables

The Most Excellent Teak Coffee Tables You Should Have

Teak wood is the name of a wood tree in the species of “Tectona Grandis”. 

This wood can be found in Indonesia, India, Burma, and Malaysia. This tree is known for its superb wood quality. 

Below we will give you the best selections of teak coffee tables to help you choose the best coffee table to decorate your room.

Rowan Teak Coffee Table

The rowan teak coffee table is made of natural materials and has variations of color. 

This coffee table is constructed using teak solid wood. This coffee table is made of tropical hardwood and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 

Rowan teak coffee table has a weight of 121 Pounds. The tabletop thickness is 16 Inches. You don’t need to assemble this wood because the table is ready to use upon purchase. 

With a rowan teak coffee table, you can enjoy eye-catching furniture that becomes the focal point of your room. This coffee table is also sturdy and offers enough storage to store your magazines or remotes.

Adrianna Gray Teak Coffee Table

Give a new paint to your room with Adrianna’s gray teak coffee table. This table is made of natural solid wood grain and it has an irregular organic shape which is unique and the shape is based on the tree where it came from. 

The frame is made of steel whilst the tabletop material is designed from teak solid wood. The weight of this coffee table is 29.04 pounds and the tabletop color is available in brown color. 

Because this coffee table is made of teak hardwood you can rest assured that Adrianna gray coffee table will be a durable choice that can last long. 

Moreover, this coffee table is ready to use without having to assemble it beforehand. If you are one of those natural wood products lovers this coffee table will surely satisfy your collection.