Types of Storage Benches

Types of Storage Benches that Fit With Different Locations at Home

Storage benches are one of the most important elements at your home that will help you to arrange and store things neatly. 

There are several types of storage benches that you can employ in different locations at home. 

Generally, different things need to be stored in distinctive storage benches that have suitable sizes and styles.

The choice for storage benches is also different depending on the place you want to put that storage bench. 

For example, the storage bench in the bedroom typically has the shape of a low-cut couch and is placed on the floor next to the bed. 

Meanwhile, the storage bench that is used in the kitchen typically has natural and soft tones. It mostly has a large board as a place to sit.

Types of Storage Benches Based on the Location to Place It

1. Kitchen

storage furniture

Storage bench with natural tones and rustic style mostly used in the kitchen. 

This storage bench has double functions both as a seating place at the kitchen table, while beneath it used as a place to store items. This applies flip-top style with the lid used as a place to sit.

2. Entryway

type of storage bench

Most storage benches put in the entryway use hardwood material with sturdy and solid looks.  It combines cabinet style with a seating place on it. 

3. Bedroom

bedroom storage bench

The storage bench in the bedroom prefers a comfortable space that can be used both for taking a rest or storing things. 

You can choose a backless couch made from solid wood as the leg and soft foam on the surface.

Types of Storage Benches Based on Choice of Material

1. Metal Storage Benches

Despite metal is still an uncommon material choice for a storage bench, there are high growing demands for metal as furniture. 

Some metal will be used as a combination with wood or any other type of materials.

Metal has sturdy and solid characteristics which make them a popular choice for the leg of the storage bench. 

Most storage benches made from metal is used specifically for workshop and garage.

2. Wood Storage Benches

Wooden material is a very popular choice for furniture material. There are several choices for wood material such as hardwood and softwood. 

Most typical hardwood material has good durability which makes them the best choice for long–term furniture. 

The wood material is also very flexible, therefore you can find various styles of storage bench made from wood.

3. Plastic Storage Benches

Plastic is a perfect choice for outdoor furniture material. Compare to wood, plastic is weather resistant which makes them superior for outdoor use. 

This material is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme UV light. 

It is also durable and watertight. A storage bench made from plastic is perfect for keeping items dry.

4. Wicker Storage Benches

Compare to wood, both hardwood, and softwood, wicker is more lightweight which makes them very easy to move. Wicker style as storage bench can be used for indoor and outdoor use. 

One of the advantages of using wicker is this material very flexible so it can be modeled in various styles. Wicker can be also made weather-resistant for outdoor placement.

5. Leather Storage Benches

Storage bench made from leather is mostly being used in bedrooms, living rooms, and entryways. This material will bring a sense of luxury and elegance into the room. 

Unfortunately, a storage bench made from leather is very expensive compare to the other material. However, a storage bench made from leather is very durable and needs low maintenance.

Types of Storage Benches By Style Design

1. Cubby Style Storage Benches

Storage bench with cubby style is one of the most popular styles that has been used in many places nowadays. This type of storage bench has an open front as a place to put your belongings. 

A common type of cubby style for storage bench has a rectangular shape or individual square as storing space.

This type of storage bench can be used as furniture in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or family room. The surface on top of the storage bench is used to put artificial flower pots, books, cookies, and tea.

2. Flip Top Storage Bench

Flip-top is one of the oldest types of storage bench that has been used for hundreds of years ago. 

It has a wide surface on top of the storage bench that can be used as a place to sit or put several items. 

Most storage bench that uses flip-top style only has one lid on it despite some storage benches have double lids.

3. Drawer Style

A storage bench with drawer style is the common type of storage bench used in the office. You can store items in the drawer and close the drawer when the items are not in use. 

The advantage of using drawer style storage bench is you don’t need to arrange the items neatly inside since inside the drawer cannot be seen outside.

4. Shoe Storage Benches

If your storage bench is used as a place to store shoes, then you have to pick a particular style of storage bench with numerous small shoe-size cubbies. 

The shoe–size cubbies are put on the front surface to enable people to put and pick up their shoes whenever they want. 

Most people will put this type of storage bench in the entryways.

5. Cabinet Style Storage Benches

Cabinet-style storage bench combines contemporary and modern design. It has an almost similar style to the cubby storage bench. 

The front surface is used as a place for storing items. Almost the same with a drawer style, you can hide the items inside the storage bench since it has cupboard doors.

6. Industrial Style Storage Benches

Industrial style for storage bench will bring a sense of modernity into your home. Industrial style is the best storage bench design for a home that applies cottage or traditional style. 

This type of storage bench mostly used in the shop or garage to store items that have to be seen from the outside.

The type of storage bench you choose depends highly on its function and how the storage bench stores the items in it.