what to put behind sofa in middle of room: 96 Ideas

Stuck on how to decorate the space behind your sofa in the middle of the room? Separating your sofa from the wall can create an island and resolve the distribution of a complicated living room.

Today, furniture organization has become more creative, and the sofa can be used as a key piece to divide rooms and define spaces.

Decorate the area with planters or sculptures or create a space to organize books. You have more decorating possibilities if you have a sofa not attached to the wall.

Don’t know how to distribute furniture with the sofa in the middle of the room? Keep reading for some tips.

Console table

A console table behind a sofa can provide a surface for decor items or storage for small items like books and remotes. Opt for a console table shorter than the sofa and has a depth of about 2/3 of the sofa’s depth. An open and clear console is preferable in smaller spaces, while a console with closed storage is ideal for larger rooms.

console table behind sofa in middle of room

A large console that spans the sofa’s width can serve as a space divider and extra storage if it includes storage space. Consider a sideboard that provides ample storage and can be placed behind the sofa to fulfill this purpose.

decorative console behind sofa

If you have extra space behind your sofa and feel something is missing, a decorative console can fill the gap and complete the scene as if it were a hallway behind the sofa. This is a great option even if you don’t need additional storage or functionality.

Desk or workstation

Place a desk behind your sofa to create a comfortable workspace, which can also serve as a reading nook. Decorate the area with plants, wall art, or a gallery wall to add color and texture. This setup is perfect for those who need a workspace at home or for children doing homework while others watch TV. Console tables may look nice, but they may not be as comfortable working as a regular desk.

metal table cabinet behind sofa

The living room and kitchen were combined by removing walls to maximize space in this home. A metal table behind the sofa serves a dual purpose as a custom desk, creating a functional office.

wooden table behind couch

Maximize your living space by adding a table behind your sofa for a practical and smart study or work environment. A wooden table at the same height as your sofa and an office chair can be a comfortable and efficient workspace, especially if you don’t have enough space for a separate home office.


Create a stylish divider in your open-plan living space by placing a low bookcase behind the sofa. This not only adds extra storage for books and decor items but also enhances the overall look of your room.

simple bookshelf behind sofa

It’s great to see how a simple bookshelf can add so much character to a room! It not only helps keep things organized but also provides an opportunity to display books and decorative objects visually appealingly. And the addition of candles is a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Behind sofa storage

A bench is a great space-saving option for filling the area behind a sofa in the middle of the room. It provides extra seating and storage with hidden space. Add some baskets or a floor lamp to maintain order. If the couch is by the entrance, the bench can serve as a place to sit or store things.

books storage behind sofa

If you’re short on storage space or love books, a shelf behind the sofa is a great solution. Not only will it allow you to display your favorite items, but it will also give the space behind the sofa a practical and useful purpose.

A charming little table

wood coffee table behind sofa

An aged wood coffee table can also make for a great decorative addition to the back of a sofa. This creates a great space to display special decorative objects.

folding table behind sofa

A simple folding table behind the sofa can create a table for six people without taking up much space. Plus, it serves as a decorative cover for the back of the sofa.

dining table behind sofa

The back of the sofa can also be used to separate a dining area in shared living and kitchen spaces. Just place the dining table behind the sofa for an instant room divider.

two table behind sofa

In this design, two tables are arranged to form an “L” shape, with one table placed behind the sofa and the other on one side. The tables create a frame that enhances the sofa, and the simple yet precise decoration adds to the space’s aesthetic appeal.

Another seating areaa

chaise lounge behind sofa

Placing a chaise longue or two armchairs behind the sofa can create a cozy reading nook or a more intimate seating area. This is a great option for “floating sofa” arrangements. You can also add movable pieces to easily accommodate guests when you need extra seating in the main area. This is especially ideal for parents who share a living room with small children.

Create a hall

a divider behind sofa

Another option is to use the back of the sofa as a divider to create a hallway. You can also add a piece of furniture and a mirror to create a complete entrance.

A masonry wall

wall behind sofa

A half-height wall behind the sofa can be a great way to separate the spaces if you have a combined kitchen and living room.

A magnificent decorative screen

decorative elements behind sofa

Look no further than decorative elements with serious style, which are on-trend. These bad boys are great for dividing up your space and are quick to pop on and off. And if you’re not feeling them anymore, no problem – swap them out for something else!

Useful and decorative

tall sideboard behind sofa

This rustic room features a tall sideboard behind the sofa, with a matching style and color scheme. The top of the sideboard is decorated with a lamp and candles, while the drawers provide storage. The piece adds both aesthetic and practical value to the room.

A custom bar that decorates the sofa and creates a desk

decorate the back of the sofa

It takes the hands of a professional to create it, but the result is a perfectly optimized room. What do you think of these ideas to decorate the back of the sofa?

A useful room

large book shelf behind sofa

The room maximizes space with a large bookshelf and mini workspace, utilizing every available area. An elongated gray table behind the sofa provides privacy and doubles as an additional workspace when needed.

A piece with character

storage behind sofa

This recovered console takes the spotlight in the living room by being positioned with its back facing the sand-colored sofa. It adds to the decoration and provides extra storage space for tablecloths and other items.

Simple lines

simple metallic console behind sofa

A simple metallic console was used to decorate the back of an “L” shaped armchair, matching the coffee table and separating it from the rest of the room. Decorative objects and stacked books were added to complete the look.

Double break

chaise lounge behind sofa

How about placing a chaise lounge at the back of your sofa for a unique look? It creates a cozy spot for reading or gazing out the window and can even help to settle disputes over who gets to lay down during nap time.

A bit of color behind

metal table behind sofa

A simple and effective way to decorate a living room is to use a metal table adorned with vases and flowers, as seen in this example. The flowers’ cheerful touch contrasts with the room’s neutral colors.

A library in the back

shelf behind sofa

A shelf from the wall is a great idea for creating an intimate atmosphere without the need for partitions or doors. It can also serve as a bookcase and become a key decoration piece.

Design and functionality

countertop behind sofa

Adding a countertop that matches the sofa’s design can create an amazing decoration solution, just like in this example. The bench not only adds charm to the room but can also be used for small meals or work. The stool design further enhances the overall look. In a quest for cute living room decor, matching your sofa with a complementary countertop can create a striking look. A multifunctional bench paired with this setup brings charm and practicality, offering a spot for quick bites or focused work. Adding a stool with a distinctive design not only completes the ensemble but also amplifies the room’s character, blending cuteness with utility.

Give your room more originality

placing sideboard behind sofa

Placing the sideboard behind the sofa creates a beautiful and functional focal point in the room. The mix of modern and rustic styles adds interest and personality to the space, while the sideboard provides extra storage and display space. It’s a great way to make a statement and show off your unique style.

Beautiful wooden sideboard

wooden sideboard behind sofa

Wooden sideboards are indeed versatile and can fit into any style of decoration. Adding boxes on wheels underneath is a practical storage solution, and the magazines on the sides add to the overall charm of the space.

A complete piece of furniture

shelf behind sofa

Having a shelf behind the sofa as part of a closet is an interesting idea that provides both a decorative and functional purpose. It helps to define the corner of the sofa and offers storage and display space for decorative items.

A touch of color

colorful furniture behind sofa

Using colorful furniture like this coral sideboard can give a vibrant touch to the space and create a striking contrast with more neutral elements like the sofa. Adding colorful decorative pieces like the yellow suitcase can further enhance the lively atmosphere.

All well divided

kitchen counter behind sofa

This creative project features a sofa that rests on the kitchen counter, separating the living room and kitchen areas. This is a great solution for smaller spaces, as it maximizes the use of the available area.

Attention to measurements

sideboard behind sofa

When customizing a sideboard to fit behind a sofa, it’s important to consider the measurements carefully to ensure the right height and depth for the space. A well-designed cabinetry project can ensure that the sideboard looks beautiful and functions well within the room.

Multifunctional furniture is even better

custom made sideboard behind sofa

This sideboard not only adds to the decoration but also creates an anteroom effect, custom-made to look like an extension of the sofa. The three niches at the bottom of the sideboard provide even more decoration opportunities.

Modular and versatile

custom sideboard behind sofa

This sideboard adds to the decoration and creates an anteroom effect, custom-made to look like an extension of the sofa. The three niches at the bottom of the sideboard provide even more decoration opportunities.

A corner for drinks

table behind sofa

Placing drinks behind the sofa is also a great use of the space. The bottles in this example were arranged on a tray with magazines and sculptures, and the addition of cups made it even more special and practical for a cozy moment for two.

Bench with sideboard front

a bench behind sofa

Strategically positioned behind the sofa, a bench can take on the look of a sideboard, helping to integrate the setting better and even providing additional seating options for entertaining friends. In addition, it can make a beautiful composition with other decorative elements, such as a wooden box, a patterned cushion, and a small orange stool.

A piece with a creative design

eccentric furniture behind sofa

Many authentic and eccentric furniture models are available if you enjoy taking risks and breaking away from tradition. Seize the opportunity to decorate even more and showcase your personality through accessories.

A mini-library

book shelf behind sofa

A reading routine is not only important and enjoyable but can also provide a great distraction. Books also make beautiful decorative elements. Why not consider organizing your collection on a shelf behind your sofa if you’re a book lover?

Integrate environments with style

furniture behind sofa

The furniture behind the sofa served as a divider between the living room and bedroom while also functioning as a work desk, effectively turning the area into a home office. The retractable table was an especially functional solution for the limited space of the room.

Sofa with integrated sideboard

unique sideboard behind sofa

This unique sideboard model is different from others as it does not cover the back of the sofa but rather fits onto it. The resulting effect is fascinating, although it is not used to define spaces in this case. Instead, it serves as another decorative element to enhance the beauty of the sofa’s back upholstery.

Wood and glass: a beautiful combination

solid wood sideboard behind sofa

This solid wood sideboard boasts not only exceptional quality but also exquisite beauty. The addition of a glass shelf separating niches created more space for decorative items, enhancing the sideboard’s appeal. Placing glass in this location is a practical choice as it is less exposed and less prone to breakage.

A beautiful composition

wooden sideboard behind sofa

The space behind the sofa has been transformed into a special corner with a creatively designed wooden sideboard as the decor highlight. A suitcase with a lion sculpture on one side and a vase of plants on the other added to the charm of the space.

A space for plants

table with plant behind sofa

Including plants in your decor is always a good idea – they add life and energy to any space! A light-designed sideboard with ornament and planter support surfaces can create a cozy living room atmosphere.

Contrasting colors are always welcome

furniture behind sofa

Adding a piece of furniture in a vibrant color for neutral spaces with light colours can be an excellent solution. In one example, a green piece complemented cream tones, wooden details, a painting on the wall, and a vase of plants. The result was a well-coordinated and lively decor.

Create a Bench and Shelving Set

countertop and shelves behind sofa

Using the same material for both the countertop and shelves resulted in a charming and streamlined effect for the decor. Even with the inclusion of drawers, the countertop still offers a custom office feel for the space behind the sofa.

The classic combination of black and white

white bookcase behind sofa

Pair a black sofa with a white bookcase filled with niches for a classic black-and-white contrast. Niche divisions are great for adding creativity to your decoration with various props and elements.

Decorate with your favorite objects

decorating sideboard behind sofa

When decorating the sideboards behind your sofa, choose carefully to reflect your personality and create a harmonious look. In one example, Buddha statues added a spiritual vibe to the space. Have fun and make it your own!

A more classic decoration

classical sideboard behind sofa

The design of the sideboard is classical, with its ornate details and elegant feet. It adds a touch of sophistication to the room, and the chandelier and crystal vase complements the overall classical feel. The combination of warm tones and plush textures further enhances the sense of comfort and luxury in the space.

An old chest

antique furniture behind sofa

Mixing antique pieces with modern decor can create a very interesting and unique effect in a room. It adds character and a sense of history to the space and provides a conversation piece. It’s about finding a balance and ensuring the elements work together to create a cohesive look.

Elegance and sophistication

modern sideboard behind sofa

Mixing different styles and creating unique and personal decorations is always interesting. This modern sideboard adds a touch of novelty to the classic decor of the room, creating a harmonious contrast. The handles are a creative detail that adds a fun touch to the piece.

Light tones make the environment brighter

colorful artwork behind sofa

Adding a touch of color to a neutral room can create a more lively and dynamic atmosphere. It’s also great to incorporate a personal touch into the decor. One idea is to use colorful accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, and artwork. Another option is to use plants and flowers to add natural pops of color to the space.

The retro-style shelf is super trendy

retro style shelf behind sofa

The retro-style shelf can be a great option for a sideboard behind the sofa, as it adds functionality and serves as a statement piece in the room. The vibrant colors and unique design can bring a playful and fun touch to the decor. Additionally, the shelf can display decorative objects, such as books, vases, or figurines, which can add personality and character to the space.

Details that make the difference

glass sideboards behind sofa

It’s a great example of how glass sideboards can add elegance and refinement to any room. The combination of silver legs with the glass top gives a modern touch to the piece. The blue pots and the yellow garden seat add a touch of color to the decoration, making it more vibrant and alive. The brown chest also complements the composition and brings a natural touch to the setting.

Maze Sideboard

sideboard behind sofa

A sideboard with a design like that can certainly add a lot of character and visual interest to a space. And it’s great to see how the decorative elements have been carefully selected and arranged to enhance the area’s overall look.

Large rustic room

sideboard behind sofa

The use of wood in this room creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, and the sideboard behind the sofa helps to define the living room area and provide additional storage space. The combination of the rustic sideboard and the elegant sofa adds an interesting contrast to the room.

Wooden furniture is used a lot

putting furniture behind sofa

Yes, wooden furniture is a classic and versatile choice that can suit various decor styles, from rustic to modern. It adds warmth and texture to a space and can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Ideal for small spaces

narrower sideboards behind sofa

For small spaces, it is recommended to choose narrower sideboards like the one in the photo, which have a modern and compact design. The decoration, in this case, follows a minimalist style to avoid overloading the environment.

Set up a mini bar

sideboard behind sofa

This integrated environment project uses a sideboard behind the sofa to create a small bar while separating the television area and social space. The black resin material contrasts with the classic style chair, creating a modern and interesting decor.

Sophisticated and useful

decor behind sofa

Using decor behind the sofa is a great way to define different spaces within a room, as exemplified by this wooden sideboard that divides the living and dining areas. The combination of wood and black sofa creates a sophisticated atmosphere.

A beautiful desk

beautiful desk behind sofa

A beautiful desk was nicely placed behind the sofa, and the addition of a statue gives the piece even more charm. This room’s composition is particularly interesting because the desk separates the living room from another, more individual rest environment, which includes a backless sofa that functions like a chaise longue.

Simplicity and beauty

functional sideboard behind sofa

This simple yet charming and functional sideboard helps to delimit spaces and divide environments in this integrated living room and American kitchen. Despite its smaller size, it still adds character to the space.

Follow the same style pattern as the environment

sideboard behind sofa

In this example, a sideboard serves as a cup holder on a beautiful decorative tray, and it can be mixed with other decorative elements for added interest. This modern and personality-filled furniture model fits perfectly with the rest of the environment.

Overlooking the sofa

sideboard behind sofa

Sideboards and contour niches are great finishing touches that add decoration to any space. This black lacquer model is particularly stunning. Lacquered finishes, whether glossy or matte, are versatile and often used in wooden furniture, standing out beautifully in any setting.

Make a composition of objects of the same material

wooden sideboard behind sofa

This small wooden sideboard is a pure charm! But what’s truly captivating about this decor is the arrangement of other decorative objects, such as the mini stool and the wheelbarrow used to support flower pots. Together, they create a beautiful and eye-catching composition.

Various niche options

bookcase behind sofa

A bookcase surrounding one side of the sofa, filled with niches for decoration, creates an interesting effect and divides the TV area from the social space. Together with the carpet, it also enhances the overall look. The outdoor table helps with the distribution of the spaces.

The authenticity of the industrial style

industrial decor behind sofa

Wow, this space looks like a creative studio! The authentic organization and separation of elements and the mix of wood and concrete give the decor an industrial feel.

Countertops with doors are very useful

bench behind sofa

This slightly taller model resembles a bench with pocket doors and is a buffet perfect for storing delicate crockery, cutlery, bowls, glasses, and other utensils that shouldn’t be mixed with everyday kitchenware.

Houses with large outdoor areas

large sideboard behind sofa

Moving the sofa away from the wall is a modern and daring option, and a sideboard can help define the interior and exterior spaces of the house. A tree-like lamp adds to the ambiance in this case.

Small and cozy

sideboard behind sofa

Do you have ideas for what to put behind a sofa in the middle of a small room? Try a sideboard! It not only adds decoration but also saves space. And it complements the room’s beige and white tones. Give it a shot!

Glass also protects furniture

furniture behind sofa

For those looking to protect their furniture, glass is an excellent option. In this case, a glass cover was used to complement the design of the wooden sideboard, with the material even being used for the feet. However, it’s important to note that a glass cover only protects against external damage while also adding a shiny effect to the piece.

Another Beautiful and Functional Shelf Option

storage behind sofa

This rack is not only stunning but also highly practical. It doubles as a minibar and includes a dedicated wine cellar, perfect for creating a cozy drinks corner. The doors provide a discreet storage space for utensils and other items you may not want on display, such as in a buffet.

Well-defined environments

sideboard behind sofa

The sideboard behind the sofa is mainly used to separate the living and dining areas, creating clear boundaries while maintaining a spacious flow between them.

End up on the back of the sofa

sideboard behind sofa

Sideboards can hide the back of sofas, eliminating the need to push them against a wall. This allows for more flexible furniture placement while maintaining style and elegance.

The beauty of the classic

sideboard behind sofa

This sideboard follows the classical decoration style, inspired by France and England’s nobility, and features refined details. The silver color adds to the piece’s elegance.

Enjoy the spaces

simple sideboards behind sofa

Even small and simple sideboards can be used to decorate a home and make the most of available space. In this example, a pair of garden seats and lanterns were placed underneath the sideboard to add a special touch to the environment.

Mirrored model

furniture model behind sofa

This furniture model offers well-defined sections, including a dedicated area for electronic devices such as a home theater and sound equipment. It also has a unique side mirror that adds an interesting decorative touch to the space. As with the previous examples, this furniture is positioned behind the sofa.

Decoration without exaggerations

white furniture behind sofa

In this case, the white furniture was left minimally decorated, resulting in a clean and uncluttered environment. The color matched the sofa perfectly, created an interesting effect, and successfully concealed the back of the upholstery.

Beauty and practicality

sideboard behind sofa

This delicate and lovely sideboard is made of glass, which is easy to clean and versatile in matching various types of decor. Its wheeled feet provide practicality, making it easy to move the furniture around as needed.

Decorating and finishing without mistakes

wooden niches behind sofa

This room has a clean and bright atmosphere with almond wood accents for contrast and warmth. The standout feature is the wooden niches on the back of the L-shaped sofa, providing a finishing touch and support for decorative objects.

Beautiful integrated room

sideboard behind sofa

A sideboard can also be used to separate the living and dining areas, with the addition of a rug to define the space. The wooden sideboard was adorned with small glass accents and a set of black vases, creating a beautiful focal point.

Sideboard and matching table

sideboard behind sofa

Another alternative to the sideboard is shorter than the sofa. In this case, the space was decorated with picture frames, vases, glass pots, books, and a lovely lamp. The white color of the sideboard matches the table and helps separate the room’s different areas.

Rack with iron door

filling cabinets behind sofa

This coat rack boasts a unique and bold combination of retro design, wood, and iron doors reminiscent of old office filing cabinets. The aged and stained appearance of the doors adds a special touch to the piece.

Room and office together

home office chair and lamp behind sofa

In this example, the space behind the sofa was transformed into a customized home office with chairs and a lamp. The resulting cozy corner provided the perfect place to unwind after a long day’s work.

Comfort and good taste

wooden sideboard behind sofa

A wooden sideboard is another great option and can complement the dining table and chairs with matching wood tones. Placing it behind the sofa creates both a functional space and an attractive flow in the room.

Attention to very large sideboards

glass sideboard behind sofa

The glass sideboard is slightly bigger than the sofa, which is a less common but feasible option. However, if the room is small, it’s best to avoid a sideboard that’s too large to prevent obstructing movement.

A contemporary sideboard

contemporary sideboard behind sofa

The contemporary sofa sideboard in this example includes basement storage and neutral beige tones with a subtle pearly sheen. Sophistication and elegance are added with green, gold, and copper accents.

Decorate according to your needs

placing furniture appropriately behind sofa

When decorating a space, it’s important to consider the residents’ needs and utilize the available space effectively. Placing furniture appropriately is crucial, and sideboards are great as they take up minimal space.

Final Thought

If you have a sofa in the middle of a room and are unsure what to put behind it, consider the advantages that interior designers have found with floating sofas.

Not only does it improve traffic flow, but it can also be an efficient solution to divide a room and create a cozy conversation space.

Additionally, it can serve as a focal point in the room and be a practical solution when no wall is available.

Ultimately, when trying to figure out what to put behind a sofa in the middle of a room, consider how a floating sofa can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living space.