Ziricote Wood: Uses, Properties, Pros, and Cons

Ziricote Wood Uses, Properties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

What is ziricote wood?

Ziricote wood (Cordia dodecandra) is a hardwood species with a unique appearance and high artistic value. The tree is only 65 feet tall, trunk diameter of about 2-3 feet, distributed in Central America and Mexico.

When you see it for the first time, maybe you will immediately be attracted to this wood. That’s because it’s so unique and even has very little resemblance to it.

Ziricote wood is also wood with good qualities, such as resistance to rot, and is quite easy to work. Ziricote wood is commonly used as furniture, cabinetry, turned objects, and others.

The properties of ziricote wood

The color of Ziricote wood is a medium to dark brown, with mixtures of other colors also possible. In comparison, the sapwood is pale yellowish, which looks different.

It is a wood with a unique appearance, and sometimes sapwood is added to the design to make it more beautiful.

It is also a naturally rot-resistant wood, but we have no information on its resistance to insect attack.

Not only is it quite easy to work, but you will also smell a distinctive aroma while it’s being worked on. The price for this Ziricote wood may be quite high.

Ziricote wood advantages

Resistant to rot: In rot resistance, Ziricote wood is naturally resistant to rot. It becomes a significant advantage for Ziricote wood.

Unfortunately, we did not find any information regarding its resistance to insect attacks. That’s enough to make us worry because it may be vulnerable or even poor resistance.

On the other hand, we believe that Ziricote wood is also resistant to insect attacks. For more detailed information, please search for information on this matter.

You can also do experiments to find out the quality yourself. You can try to make several large and long-term wooden objects from Ziricote wood.

Fairly easy to work: Ziricote is a fairly easy wood to work. Be sure to dry the wood before working on it for better quality. It’s also a high-density wood, but we don’t think it’s a serious problem.

Ziricote can also turn and finishes nicely. Do not also forget that this wood can also be gules well. However, the wood’s natural oils can make gluing more difficult, although that’s rare.

This is a unique wood, and the price may be quite high. So, we hope you worked well. We don’t have any information about silica content, be careful about it.

Appearance: As I previously said, this is a wood with a unique appearance.

It may even be very rare for wood to have the same appearance as Ziricote. It is even sometimes referred to as a “landscape” or “spider-webbing” grain figure.

In appearance, you can find various colors with unique figures, including sapwood, to make it look more beautiful. With this wood, you can make some luxurious wooden objects with high artistic value.

We hope you do well. Because it looks like this unique wood must be worked by a professional for perfect results.

Availability: Although we can not confirm the truth completely, we will still mention it here. Because it seems the availability of Ziricote is still good.

This is because this wood is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or CITES Appendices. That’s why there doesn’t seem to be any indication of vulnerable, endangered, or even population reduction.

We think this is a significant advantage because most exotic woods with a unique appearance are endangered, vulnerable, or even restricted trade. At the same time, this wood can still be traded and used well by people.

Ziricote wood disadvantages

Pricing: This is not cheap wood that you can get for a low price because the price of Ziricote may be quite high.

The price is higher than some types of Rosewood. However, it seems that it is only close to the price of some types of Ebony. Sapwood may also be put on sale, either for beauty or others.

If you want to buy, you should do planning and work well. With prices close to or maybe higher than rare exotics, you can probably know the quality. However, hoping for a lower price is also doable.

Ziricote wood for furniture

This wood is quite perfect for furniture because of its resistance to rot and its unique appearance. This is also very good for those of you who want very beautiful luxury furniture.

In doing so, you don’t need to remove the sapwood because it can make some parts of the furniture more beautiful. Ziricote wood is also a fairly easy wood to work on.

That’s why it’s unlikely that you will have too many problems. However, make sure to do proper planning and use good quality tools. We hope it’s the perfect result.

Ziricote wood for veneer

It’s also a great wood to use as veneer, although we don’t recommend it.

This is an alternative for those who want furniture, doors, or walls with a luxurious look but only a few funds. That’s why you can cover it with Ziricote veneer.

If it’s available, you can buy it, although we hope you can make your own for the results you want. It looks like you don’t have to worry about the quality of the veneer because we think it’s good.

This will probably be a veneer that is durable and not easily damaged.

Ziricote wood for cabinetry

Apart from furniture and veneers, cabinetry is also a great choice for Ziricote use. We hope you can use it for cabinetry in the living room, bedroom, or family room, as a place to put decorations.

This would be great cabinetry, for that matter, especially since Ziricote also has a unique look. However, you can also use it for kitchen cabinets, and it looks pretty good too.

We hope you don’t paint it any other color than increase the brightness and make it shinier. Because we think maintaining uniqueness is very important.

Ziricote wood for gunstocks

Ziricote wood is commonly used as gunstocks, and this might be the perfect choice for those of you who want beauty in the weapons you have.

However, it seems like you will have to make your own if it is not available in the market. Even if there is, don’t expect to get it for a low price.

Their high density makes for good, sturdy gunstocks. Its resistance to decay is also good and nothing to worry about.

Not only that, you probably won’t find too many problems in the process because overall Ziricote wood is easy to work with.

Ziricote wood for musical instruments

If you want a beautiful guitar look, then Ziricote wood is a good choice. Not only does it produce a good sound, your electric or acoustic guitar also has a charming appearance.

It can be a plus for your show. Because maybe the audience is interested in looking at your guitar before paying attention to your performance.

However, you should not expect to get it at a low price, especially if you buy finished goods. If you can make it, we recommend doing it yourself.

That will probably make your guitar even more into what you want it to be.

Ziricote wood for turned objects

Turned objects are the last choice for common Ziricote wood use. It’s quite perfect for those of you who are interested in making decorative items or toys.

It seems to be turned objects that are unique and have high artistic value. Don’t also forget to use sapwood to make it look more beautiful.

Try to make some turned objects, after that you can try to make something big.

Since we thought it would be precious, it seems selling the turned objects you made from Ziricote wood wouldn’t be a wrong choice either.

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